Best Kimberley Holidays Tips For 2020


The Kimberleys are one of the world’s most remote wilderness frontiers. The Kimberley region is twice the size of the state of Victoria, with a population of just under 40,000. You will discover amazing landscapes, an abundance of wildlife, spectacular gorges and breathtaking waterfalls while on a Kimberley holiday.

How do I get to the Kimberleys?

The main gateway to the Kimberley region is the beautiful beach town of Broome, which also boasts its own attractions. Broome is probably most famous for its 22km long Cable Beach, with daily sunset camel rides and crystal-clear waters. Direct flights to Broome from Perth are available all year round, while flights from Sydney and Melbourne are available during the high season (April to October).

Why is it called the Kimberleys?

The Kimberley was named after the Earl of Kimberley, a British colonial secretary in 1880. John Wodehouse was the first Earl of Kimberley from 1870 to 1874 and 1880 to 1882.

Why are Kimberley tours famous?

The Kimberley region is a dramatic place featuring gorges, waterfalls, beaches and rugged outback adventures. Although the Kimberley is remote, it’s popularity as a holiday destination is growing rapidly. Kimberley holidays allows visitors to immerse themselves into the culture, history and amazing landscapes in the region. Some of the main reasons that the Kimberley is a famous tourist destination include:


The Kimberley has some of the most spectacular gorges in the world. With some being part of a 350 million-year-old reef system from the Devonian period, such as Windjana Gorge, Geikie Gorge and Tunnel Creek. Each of these parks began as a reef system around 350 million years ago and are now towering rocky landscapes, rich gorges and home to an abundance of wildlife.


Although there are numerous spectacular waterfalls to see in the Kimberley, one of the most popular, and strange, is the Horizontal Falls of Talbot Bay. These falls are caused by powerful tidal currents passing through narrow gorges. Other must-see waterfalls include: King George Falls, King Cascades and the Mitchell Falls.


The Kimberley beaches are amazing and unique to this area. Most tourists visit one of the most popular beaches, Cable Beach with pristine white sands and sunset camel rides. Or enjoy the Dampier Peninsula with its striking red cliffs contrasting against pure white sand and clear turquoise water. You can also discover the Buccaneer Archipelago’s thousand rocky islands and breathtaking coral reefs.


Kimberley wildlife is diverse and plentiful, although it may not always be obvious if you’re only looking for large mammals. Some of the marine life to see include humpback whales, dolphins and numerous fish species. The Kimberley also has a massive variety of birdlife with over 300 different species.  Crocodiles are another common occurrence in the Kimberley, both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. Although not all crocodiles are dangerous, you should always be careful when they are nearby. You may also be lucky enough to spot reptiles and amphibians such as goannas or monitor lizards.


This region has a diverse culture to explore on a Kimberley holiday. Visitors can immerse themselves into the local Aboriginal culture, discover the rich pearling history along with the mix of Asian culture, and experience traditional bush tucker. One unforgettable experience on a Kimberley holiday is the ancient Aboriginal rock art. The rock art in the Kimberley is unique for its quantity and quality, it shows a story of what life was like.

When is the best time to visit the Kimberleys?

The Kimberley has two distinct seasons, the wet season (November to April) and the dry season (May to October). The wet season is hot and humid. There is also a lot of torrential rainfall during the wet season. Many of the attractions and roads close during this time, and is a lot quieter in regards to tourism. The dry season is the most popular time to visit the Kimberley, particularly around July and August; this is the peak tourist season. During the dry season the weather is very predictable with clear blue skies and pleasant temperatures both during the day and during the night.

The Kimberley region is a popular holiday spot for many who are looking for a unique adventure. With an abundance of wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls, amazing gorges and rugged outback adventures. The Kimberley region is a truly unique and exciting place to visit for the entire family. Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Broome Kimberley and Beyond  to find out more information for your Kimberley holiday.