10 Best Alternative & Similar Apps like TikTok 2024


List of best alternative apps like TikTok, so you can discover short videos and enjoy funny clips on your devices.

Social media serves as a big cheese for every update in the busy world. People worldwide surf on the internet just like that so they could get benefitted in any way. Most of the brand owners try to reach their products with proper descriptions.

Earning money through social platforms isn’t a big deal with some innovative approaches. When the techniques are applied, the content creates a revolution among the community of people. With some strategic ways, social media are booming in day-to-day life. Due to the covid pandemic, most people reside home and have the only hope of mobile phones.

The Best TikTok Alternative 2024

Necessarily, the work from home has brought more connectivity towards the phones. TikTok has spoken about its uniqueness from its existence. However, Many countries have banned Tiktok. Let’s dive in and know what are the best alternative or similar apps like TikTok:


Instagram is one of the best circulating apps. Instagram is free which shares trending reels and images online. Facebook acquired this platform in 2021. It allows users to create their way from the existing content. Everyone can add a caption to the video which is about to post. Instagram stories are concise enough, which delivers explicit content.

Reels feature the way of making lip-syncing videos just like TikTok. Instagram feeds drive through the contents with which you interacted in the past. Also, they act as a tool for business. More brands drop their products where more audiences buy products online. Saving features in Instagram can be utilized for later use. Share, comment and download videos through the copy links.

A transparent bio and profile is the basement to Instagram. Follow requests can be accepted or rejected based on people’s perspectives.


YouTube is free to use and serves as a space for the younger audience to surf their favorite things. Through YouTube, you can surf the contents through the search box on top. As the profile is essential for every app, YouTube also can be optimized with a profile. Nowadays, people create YouTube channels and gain more subscribers for the content they created.

Due to the pandemic, more celebrities have started creating YouTube channels apart from other ones. Also, you can earn money through YouTube by creating unique videos. In YouTube, most of the trending videos are on the cooking niche. YouTube can provide a simple description under the profile, which tells people why you are here. People can react to videos by liking, sharing, and commenting on them.

YouTube helps teens with disclaimer options for violent videos to ignore them. 2.3 billion people have access to YouTube in a month. Usage of YouTube has been rising day by day as people reside home for work.

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Likee is a short video app that can create and share new content. Android and IOS have the capability of holding the Like app. This app is owned by BIGO technology. Originally it was called LIKE, and later it was rebranded as Likee. On September 25, 2019, the Indian political party created an official account on Likee.

Likee app allows users to make and edit videos with their content. It uses a variety of augmented reality effects. These are the effects that are solely created for interactive purposes. Likee’s monthly active users are about 80.7 million.

The capacity of the apps includes visual effects, 4D magic, and dynamic stickers. Video shooting and editing are done along with this Likee app.


Snapchat is an American multimedia app developed by Snap Inc., One of the best features of Snapchat includes pictures and messages. Constantly update Snapchat so that you can get used to new editing options. Snapchat can take photos of its own and deliver them to a close friend’s circle. It is private, and only the accepted requested people can see the stories you add on Snapchat.

Stories can last up to 24 hours. Snapchat incorporates the use of end-to-end encryption with some plans. Snapchat’s active users are about 293 million in a day. It creates multimedia messages which are often referred to as snaps. The app featured the ability to send video snaps in the year 2012.

After the single view of the snap, the video disappears. Snapchat attracts users through their new updates and effects.


Byte is an American social networking short-form video hosting service. Users can create 16 seconds videos that tend to loop in a day. In the beginning, it was named V2, later which was rebranded as a byte in 2018. In the year 2021, another app(clash) took over the byte. Byte has been referred to as a direct competitor of TikTok. Above all, the byte was launched on IOS and android in over 40 countries.

Byte allows users to create two to sixteen seconds videos. Also, users can follow the accounts they wish. As a service, new accounts automatically follow the byte’s official statement. The main home screen page has a scrollable feed of content from accounts. Byte also supports the ability to like and re-byte videos. The app features a search screen with popular and trending content.

Byte websites invited users to make updates through the sign-up options. Also, it initialized content creators to join its creator program by providing opportunities.


Like dubsmash, it serves more lip-syncing videos. However, the website isn’t worthier, but it is a relevant one to TikTok. Mustard has more songs in comparison with TikTok. Video effects are similar to TikTok. It offers a user experience that helps in finding new videos across several contents. They also have implemented the app with new cool features with some contests.

Mustard is an auto-renewal subscription where you are charged $2.99/week after the free trial. When you upload a video for the first time, you get notified that you are using the service on a public account. Change the privacy terms if you want it to be private. When it is personal, you only can choose the specific ones to watch your videos. Add #MuStar and get new likes and subscribers for the profile.

MuStar can tempt viewers to make their videos with their favorite songs. To gain followers and likes, change the format of producing the same content.

7Vigo Video

Vigo video app lets users create and share the 15 seconds videos on the platforms. This app is available both on google play store and apple play store. Vigo app allows you to add special effects, music, and stickers to short videos. When your videos are engaging and entertaining it gains a massive reach among the community of people. Users can chat directly or through the groups in the apps.

Vigo videos show one’s talent through videos or music. Like all other media, the Vigo app can also edit and share the videos it is about to create. Only the worth of videos is showcased when you show them publicly. Vigo videos can also make daily stories. It is also called Flipagram in 2018. Vigo is a Chinese app launched by the company Bytedance.

Another business took down the Vigo video app on October 31, 2020. Also, the company left a note on their website to export user’s videos on TikTok.


Through Funimate, you can edit videos after creating them. With Funimate, you can create loops and explore the music you love. Users can access an uncountable number of trending songs and their effects. Children can even make their videos in a massive public forum. Here, every user can set a profile for their app. You can make them private and periodically check the friend’s list.

Like TikTok, it is a video editing app. They are also a live streaming app that TikTok users favor. After a seven-day free trial, which in term charges $6.99/month. Users create short videos and add them with the music, text, and filters they love. However, the video has background music. Select a theme of your choices and apply them.

Funimate is the best alternative app for TikTok. When you need access to advanced features, you need to pay for them.


Dubsmash, simple connectivity of TikTok can create a video to yourself through the existing vocals. The video creation can be of any form, like songs, movies, and trends. Sit and discuss the app’s feature, which is superb to get started on the app. Features are a little similar to TikTok. Choose a great creator and film the first videos of yours. The existing vocal of your favorites can work well.

Make sure you don’t share personal information like names, emails, phone numbers, and others. Links to join other platforms which are essential in all apps. You can start the first video by connecting the content with the existing ones. Reddit has acquired dubsmash, where you make short-form videos. It consists of several videos where you can share videos publicly.

Users can generate their voice sounds and upload them, which is funny enough. Many of the apps are designed for the safety of kids.


Kwai is a Chinese app that is quite similar app like TikTok. KWAI was launched in the year of 2011. KWAI has arrived in Mexico, offering more services reaching a community of people. Like TikTok, they are short videos that benefit people with creating and sharing. They allow content creators and users to celebrate the fun part of life. Also, it enables instant fashion and incentives for real moments.

People of Brazil got used to the functionalities offered by the platform. Their technology and usage have allowed the app to expand across Latin America. This application is brought to existence to provide fair participation among the users. Like other apps, it uses unique algorithms that do not discriminate between profiles. The app is positioned with a social tool, where people authentically express themselves.

Just like performing some tasks, look for recording a new video. Invite new friends, share stories like Instagram. The completed tasks gain an amount of ten thousand kwai golds. That is 10,000 kwai golds=R$1.


As more and more social apps are continuously emerging, some has heightened. TikTok was one of the apps which created a revolution. Even Though the app has been banned in some countries for some reason, it still speaks for its feature.

The above apps can be used as a new alternative for TikTok. Above all, the ten apps are the similar apps like TikTok. The proper usage of the above apps can comfort you, as TikTok did. I hope you will love the replacements of TikTok.