The New Way to Buy Gourmet Meat

gourmet meat

For foodies who enjoy digging into a juicy steak or a classic beef tartar, nothing is more important than making sure the meat is the highest possible quality. And increasingly, the best way to get the best meat is through specialized online shops and delivery services.

While you may not immediately think of the Internet as your best source for high quality cuts, the truth is that when you buy meat online you have access to some of the best products currently available.

Here are just a few reasons why.

Buying Meat Online Lets You Connect to Local Producers

As any twenty-first century foodie knows, if you want quality the best thing you can do is buy local. Not only is local food better for you and better for the environment, it also tends to be fresher, less processed, and tastier.

When you buy at a supermarket, you don’t always know whether it comes from your region or whether it has been shipped from thousands of miles away. But when you shop for meat online, you can find producers in your own area who are raising beef, pork, chicken, fish, and even buffalo in artisanal and sustainable ways.

Online Meat Delivery Offers a Wide Range of Products

One of the big problems with a lot of traditional meat delivery services is that they tend to offer a pretty limit range of options.

They’re great if you want to buy ground beef or chicken breasts on a budget, but if you’re passionate about food and like to experiment with different recipes that require exotic cuts of meat, these delivery programs usually come up short.

Ordering meat online is different, because you have access to a variety of products from lots of different producers. And many of the newer services provide a constantly-rotating menu of meats, so you can order something different every month.

Bespoke Delivery Options Means Your Meat Stays Fresh

If you’re a busy person who loves gourmet meat, all of this probably sounds great so far. But isn’t having meat delivered to your house a bit risky? What if you aren’t home when it arrives — won’t it go bad?

While it’s always important to keep food safety in mind when dealing with meat, modern delivery services are the perfect marriage of safety and convenience. All cuts are usually delivered in refrigerated boxes that keep your meat cold all day long.

This means that you can have your order delivered to your house or apartment during the day, and it will stay fresh until you get home. And because most of these services use dry ice, you don’t even need to worry about having a mess to clean up!

When it comes to cooking the perfect steak, roast, or rack of ribs, high quality meat makes all the difference. If you want to buy the best but you don’t have any gourmet butcher shops in your area, ordering meat online is the most convenient way to ensure you are getting the highest quality cuts delivered straight to your door.