How To Get Published After Writing Your Book


You may have always dreamed of writing a book, and now that you finally have, you must take the next step – getting it published. Although it may seem like an easy thing to do, there are several things that can make or break a publishing deal. Here are some helpful tips about what you should know, expect, and do to get your work published.

Write What You Love

It takes about two years for a book to move from literary agent to the shelf, so don’t write a book about whatever the popular genre is at the moment unless that is what you love. The problem is, consumers are fickle and quickly move on from one popular category to another, sometimes holding on to one theme for a couple of years, or sometimes changing between two topics in a single year. If you love space cowboys fighting a planet filled with flying bunnies, go for it.

Know Who You Are

Before you get published, create an online footprint that publishes your image. By establishing a blog or actively participating in writer’s forums, agents may be able to recognize your name and then the agent can associate it with what he or she knows about you already. As you raise your online profile, you will also create an audience for your book.

Create Short Stories First

Short stories are more than entries in a writing competition. In fact, they can help create a profile for you before you even begin your novel. As you gain writing credits and consumers become familiar with your works, you will be building your writing CV.

Publish Your Own Works

Publishers look for successful first-time authors that have self-published as a way to hire already popular talent. So, if you want to draw attention to yourself, publish your own book and let the literary agents come to you. You may also find yourself with quite an online following if you publish your book on the popular digital media platform.

Are you planning to publish a children’s book?

You can find effective ways to publish a children’s books on various platforms. It is highly recommended to choose the best options as per your requirements.

You can get a book published if you understand the steps necessary to pitch your plan, sell yourself, create an audience, and establish a place for yourself in the genre you love. It may sound complicated, but if you love writing and you do your research, you can get your book out into the world. Remember to relish the moment as you sign your first deal – you are now a recognized author.