Top 10 Best Places for Street Photography in the World

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Finding inspiration for street photography is not an easy task. With the demanding need for opting the best in everything nowadays, it is difficult to finalise one location where you can capture exact pictures. Experts keep coming up with tips that can help people find the best places for street photography every day.

The Best Best Places for Street Photography

Professional photographers who wish to explore the world with their camera gear will love to appreciate these streets through their lenses.


Paris is one of the perfect locations where you can find the best streets for photographing moments you can printing your capturing pictures by using these store My Picture Voucher Codes. It is mostly known as the home of street photography and seems like an appreciative canvas with some magnetic spots to shoot.

You can find every street in the city with attractions and opportunities highlighting beautiful divas and elegant waiters. The combination of its heartening culture and architecture stands it out and marks it as the right location for capturing moments.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a place of the beaches and sunsets. Here, you can find beautiful moments to shoot on streets mixed with the beach culture. Amongst all scenes you will opt for capturing, the charming fitness freaks working out and the football players winning their games are always the key figures.

It is not a city to wander alone with expensive camera equipment. Therefore, plan a trip with an official team if you wish to target this city of wonders and beauties. Look out for the Rio favelas and select incredible spots for finalising your album in this city.


Marrakech is the city of camera-worthy streets in Morocco. You can come across great spots for capturing moments here any hour of the day. From the shoe repairing on Side Street to the horse-drawn buggies, everything can be pictured in this city.

Amid all the attractions that you can find here; snake charmers, mint tea sellers, and spice vendors are some of the people you will surely capture behind the lens. For photographing the busy streets, try to keep a prime lens and come up with better results.

New York City

New York City can be known as the one that never sleeps yet, in this case, it the most active spot with iconic street images. People often recognise it for the contrasting nature it carries. You can find extreme wealth and poverty altogether here.

The NYC is among spots where you can capture humorous street pictures and get in terms with an interesting culture. It is a vibrant place where diversity is highly rated. You will always come across tourists here if you plan to choose this spot for photography.


Rome – the famous city of love cannot be ignored during the selection of best places for street photography. For a camera expert here, it is interesting to capture moments. Italians are famous for their facial expressions while they engage in a heated conversation with each other.

Therefore, you can keep closer to louder discussions and capture people around. It will always remain an endearing and ancient city in Italy. Men are popular here for drinking their morning espresso while women wear elegant outfits and go shopping on the streets.


Lisbon is the diverse and pretty capital of Portugal that can attract famous photography lovers easily. It sometimes resembles Paris for the elegantly dressed men and fashionable decent women. However, the people here are still different than the Spanish in appearance.

The city is famous for its religious culture. You can always capture amazing candid pictures near the religious embellishments. Staying closer to the churches will still help a photographer to click photos of individuals.


London is a city with the best photographic potential in the world. It is said to be the point where anyone can witness a breathtaking combination of ancient and modern culture. Along with its diversities in everything around, you can enjoy its assortments in the types of tourists around.

Photographers can choose the multi-cultured East End filled with stamps of numerous immigrants from different corners of the world. Besides being a culture-high spot, you can come across alternative shots for street photography at the West End as well.


Istanbul is a city of attractive and worthwhile spots for photographing on the streets. It has stunning places with a unique architecture challenging to find elsewhere. Similar to Lisbon, it showcases the best candid shots near mosques during different times of the day.

The Blue Mosque is an iconic spot for taking pictures, and the Hagia Sophia is the masterwork of Byzantine architecture. Your camera gear can come up with the best results while you explore the markets on the narrow streets here.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the beautiful city of contrasts you will not find anywhere on the planet. The spot is famous for its unique culture comprising of the expensively dressed individuals walking by the streets. Photographers can come across smaller markets on every corner of the city and find vendors of watches as well as chicken.

For photographing here, you need to be quick in taking shots. It is a busy place with enormous people rushing on the streets. You can beautifully capture the crowd in your album and prepare the best out of it.


Chicago is an undoubtedly fantastic spot for taking pictures on every street. You can look-out to its Navy Pier or the Millennium Park for experiencing wonderful characters and locations. The city is highly recognised for its architecture, therefore, capturing pictures on the Trump Tower and Water Tower Place is a great idea.

It has the most amazing buildings that can add to your photography. Rather than moving in your car, opt for buses and trams if you wish to capture moments. Always remember, the best shots can only be taken if you explore the streets eagerly.

Wrap up?

Finding the best places for street photography all over the world is also an exciting activity for travellers. You get a chance to explore the attractive corners of every city and work on every aspect of it. While some people might think of the profession as boring and clueless; a professional will surely understand the value of coming across the best streets for photography.