10 Best Treadmills for Home Use: The Best Fitness Approach for 2020


A treadmill is a fitness training equipment suitable for different form states and training objectives. It is suitable for those who abandon a sedentary lifestyle. And for those who are in an unbeatable state and exercise daily. Also for those who have left an injury and should resume fitness training. And for many other cases. Knowing the best treadmills for the home will make it easier for you to assess which machine is the most suitable for you and the decision of which one to buy.

List of the best treadmills for home use

If you ask yourself what are the best treadmills for home use then there are innumerable advantages over training outdoors, it is important that you consider some issues. Among them, if you are only going to use it or other people will do it. So you can choose from the list of the best treadmills for home use and requirements of all future users.

After several hours researching for the most popular treadmills, both for home and gym use, we have been able to make our selection of the 10 best treadmills available for proper fitness training.

How have we made the selection?

Undoubtedly, treadmills, like exercise bikes, are the most popular household fitness equipment.

This type of equipment provides the benefits of continuous running while controlling every detail (speed, inclination, ventilation …), and allows you to exercise without being affected by the weather.

But when choosing a model, the decision can become difficult. Here are some essential criteria to consider before purchase.

The dimensions: Before buying, think about where you will use your treadmill. This will avoid problems of space, comfort, and safety.

Maximum speed: The right motor for your belt is the key to avoiding two problems: that of the limited speed and that of a high level of noise. Under these conditions, and for long service life, a model whose speed range is from 0 to 20 km / h is recommended.

Functions: these devices usually offer various training programs and sometimes even allow you to customize the programs. They also have features such as speed control, time, distance traveled, heart rate, calories lost … All reflected on a screen or via a specific app.

Accessories: the more expensive it is, the more accessories it will have. The models of upper ranges offer up to thoracic belts to calculate the heart rate, speakers to listen to music, support for smartphones/tablets / MP3, support bars …

After the first look at these criteria, more than half of the models chosen in the initial selection were removed from the list. To propose a more accurate selection, we also consult the opinions and criticism of users and experts in some of the main websites in the field.

All this has allowed us to present the 10 best treadmills of the moment.

1NordicTrack C320i

The number one among the best quality-price treadmills is that impressive NordicTrack model. With a large area of ​​51x152cm and a4 specific programs, it is very comfortable and easy to use.

Its 1-Touch system allows with a single touch to regulate the speed between 0 and 20Km / hour and also the inclination between 0 and 12%. The complete regulation to carry out many types of training is gross. It also has 15% Flex Select cushioning to train more time at greater intensity comfortably.

It has a continuous motor power of 2.75 hp and a peak motor power of 3.5 hp. Suitable for small spaces thanks to its SpaceSaver folding system.

One of the best treadmills for home is this current model and with an incredible performance which is a magnificent value for money.

Among its great advantages, it’s an extra-large surface of 140 x 46cm. This supposes better security and greater comfort of use, especially for robust people. Its adjustable speed with a single key reaches 20km hour. Also with a single key, you can adjust its inclination from 0 to 10%.

It is ideal for both walking and running. It has 20 default programs, a backlit display, and a damping system for maximum joint protection. In addition, to encourage entertaining training, it has a tablet stand with MP3 and speaker support.

The best treadmill for a home for those looking for a variety of routines in a strong and high-quality machine. With integrated iFit. It reaches 22 km/hour and a 12% inclination, it has programs with Google Maps and Street View and thousands of program and training routines.

Its 4CV engine and its functionalities along with the quality of the materials put it in a prominent position at a very low price in relation to its quality.

4NordicTrack C990

One of the best home treadmills for demanding runners is this professional model of excellent value for money. Durable materials, WIFI connection, touch screen and iFit included are some of its advantages.

It also has a giant career surface of 152cm x 51cm and access to thousands of programs, 32 of them pre-installed. And with comfort surface and auto breeze fan for maximum comfort and pulse sensors. With an excellent damping system, tiltable up to 12% and speed up to 22Km / h.

5Reebok Irun 3

One of the best treadmills for the mid-range houses. Of low cost and 100%, folding is ideal for small spaces. It is also silent and reaches 13km / hour.

It should be noted its combination of cushioning and rebound for greater protection of joints and pelvic floor.

6Life Fitness T5 TRACK

If the budget is not a problem and you are looking for a first-rate professional model, this is the most prominent among the best treadmills. Although its price is somewhat higher it is well worth it for its functionalities.

It has impressive features such as its 90% reduction in energy consumption or its selection of shock absorption, unique in the world. Suitable for users up to 181Kg.

7ProForm Performance 300i

Handy and very economical is one of the best quality treadmills in the market. Despite its low cost, it offers a good running surface of 127 x 41 cm in a motor machine with a 2.75 hp peak capable of reaching 13Km / hour.

8NordicTrack Commercial 2950 22

Features such as its 5 hp peak and 4.25 hp motor continuously and its variable inclination from -3% to + 15% with maximum speed 22Km / hour are some of the reasons why it is considered so. With chest band and integrated iFit Live. It also has 40 selected programs and a comfort zone.

9Life Fitness F3 Go

Another of the best treadmills in the home of the professional category of 2020. It is robust, maximum stability and foldable! It has a patented FlexDeck shock absorption system -30% and is suitable for large users, either in height or weight.

This model is one of the most popular in professional indoor training. With durability and recognizable quality guarantees.

10ProForm Performance 410i

Awesome quality price is one of the best treadmills for the home that repeats this year. It is the most sold in the EEU and has HIIT programs for interval training. Also of Virtual Programs with Google Maps and integrated iFit.

These are the best treadmills for home this year. Analyze its outstanding characteristics and decide which one is suitable for your training based on your requirements and purchase budget.