10 Best Lead Generation Tools and Software [Free & Paid]

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Increasing website traffic is just one part of lead generation. It’s also important to get contact information from site visitors so you can keep in touch with them and eventually convert them into future customers. It would help if you used the right lead generation tools to guide them through that journey.

Lead generation tools are crucial for collecting audience interest and information. Identifying the best ones for your company can allow you to expand more rapidly, create essential connections, and find market opportunities.

As a result, lead generation tools strive to help in increasing sales by converting site visitors into paying customers.

In this post, we’ll go through several software and solutions for lead generation that may help you get more leads from your website visitors by lowering the barriers they encounter.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is enticing and engaging your target audience to the point that they are willing to provide their contact information.

A boost in revenue is possible via lead generation. However, your lead is the one that sometimes proceeds directly to the cashier to make payment. It is where cultivation comes in; it’s what you do to move a potential buyer from awareness to action. So teach them about it and explain how it works.

Investing in automated lead creation software is essential to generate leads at scale using lead generation solutions. This post finds the best lead generation tools.

List of Top 10 Lead Generation Tools and Software

Numerous lead generation tools are available, making it challenging to select the one best suited to a specific business.

To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of the best lead generation software and their significant characteristics.


Unbounce is a platform to help small businesses create personalized landing pages to expand their audience, generate leads, and increase income.

This application enables you to construct a landing page from scratch using its drag-and-drop editor. You may also use one of the several customizable templates they provide.

Unbounce also uses artificial intelligence to provide the most relevant data insights that will assist you in developing landing pages that generate the most (and most valuable) conversions.


Hubspot is a strong competitor to other all-in-one solutions. Its primary product is its customer relationship management (CRM) system, but it also offers a variety of marketing tools to assist you in generating leads. When your leads have been acquired, they can be kept and managed in your CRM so that you can easily stay in contact with them and get them closer to making a purchase.

Inbound marketing and lead generation are constantly changing, making it hard to keep up with what’s happening. It’s fantastic that most companies have several lead generation options, but it may also be overwhelming. Hubspot provides a centralized location for monitoring many tasks simultaneously. Forms, pop-ups, and even custom emails may all be created with the help of their tool. Examine their data to see what approaches to advertising are bringing in the most money. It can’t be much easier than this.

Hubspot’s flexibility in connecting to other services means it can be used immediately, regardless of your website’s current architecture. Hubspot may be set up quickly and easily on any website platform.


Woorise is an inclusive marketing and lead generation platform which enables you to create landing pages, analytics, forms, questionnaires, giveaways and competitions, handle payments, and much more, all in one place.

It has a contemporary landing page and builder with features like logic, email alerts, language support, in-built analytics, and more than 40 field kinds and thousands of social activities.

Woorise can integrate with several prominent marketing systems, including Hubspot, Facebook, Google Analytics, Bitly, PayPal, and many more. It allows you to send new leads to the current tools that you are using.

4Mobile Monkey

Chatbots from MobileMonkey make it simpler to gather leads, qualify leads, and nurture leads through live chat and text messaging, Messenger for Facebook and Instagram, and more group messaging channels, all from a single platform.

OmniChat is a multi-channel chatbot generator and automation platform that lets you write chat campaign content once and use it across all of the above channels. It also lets you integrate customer service chat into one streamlined inbox.


Capturing, sharing, and managing marketing leads is a breeze with OptinMonster, an innovative lead creation software solution. It employs behaviour detection principles and mobile-friendly, high-conversion forms to help you succeed.

OptinMonster allows sophisticated targeting criteria to be applied to marketing campaigns and is compatible with the most popular email marketing and CRM systems. Anything from launching several campaigns on various sites based on the content of those pages to OnSite Retargeting is fair game.

Campaigns may also be directed at specific users based on their location, their level of engagement, and the device they are using. As a bonus, its unique “Exit-Intent” technology may be used to try to persuade visitors who seem like they’re about to leave your website to stay by employing pop-ups and scroll boxes.

6Constant Contract

Constant contact is an integrated marketing solution to increase brand awareness, sales, and income. Constant contact’s main feature is its email service provider, but it also has a lot of other uses.

It has a simple drag-and-drop editor and over a hundred editable email templates. There are also built-in tools for using social media to find qualified leads and convert them to clients.

With the help of Constant contact’s monitoring tools, you can keep track of how your marketing campaign is going in real time. All of this information will be useful for future campaigns. When paired with a CMS like Shopify or WordPress, Constant contact makes monitoring campaigns a breeze.


Leadfeeder is a tool that analyzes the behaviour of your blog’s readers to help you choose who to contact.

Google Analytics data on a lead’s geographic location and domain name form the basis of this tool, which is used to pinpoint and track prospects of the highest possible value. When certain businesses visit your website, Leadfeeder will email you all the information you need to follow up.

The program can also score the quality of your leads and provide a ranking of warm to cold prospects. You may filter out the unqualified prospects and concentrate on the good ones. Leads can help you learn about your customers’ preferences so that you can modify your sales presentations.

Leadfeeder integrates natively with third-party tools like HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Zapier.


Qualaroo is a survey platform that allows businesses to learn what their consumers think to enhance the quality of their goods or services.

You will better grasp the behaviours of various types of users if you use this instrument, which allows you to construct open-ended inquiries and direct them toward a particular group of clients.

Qualaroo automatically collects your answers and puts them in a dashboard so you can look at them quickly and make changes based on what you find.


Turnstile is a terrific lead-generation tool to think about using if video marketing is a significant component of your overall marketing plan. One of the best parts is how simple it is to start. Using Turnstile, you can embed a lead generation form inside your video, where it will appear at strategic points in the film, such as the beginning, the middle, or the conclusion.

You may assume that a person who watches your video is a high-quality lead worth pursuing. Turnstile facilitates this process without needing a new window, link, or form.

Turnstile is an excellent tool for making your video marketing campaigns more effective because it lets you get leads from your video viewers. It would be best to ignore this active subset of your target demographic. Also, it works with many popular marketing and customer relationship management tools.


Intercom is a customer service platform that uses user intelligence and behavioural targeting to help companies better understand and communicate with their clientele. Using this technology improves the processes of client acquisition, communication, and retention.

Intercom lets you send emails and messages to your customers specific to what they do. Through live chat, your sales and support staff can better handle conversations, sign up new users, and make announcements. Intercom’s customer service staff can resolve issues more quickly with a knowledge base and a built-in help desk.

The program gathers information about your customers so you can learn more about them and how they interact with your business. User behaviour data may be used to create targeted campaigns and improve customer interaction.

Why do Businesses Need Lead Generation Tools?

Lead-generation software and services make it easy to get information from people who have shown interest in what your business has to offer. These are called “leads” and usually come from your website or digital advertising.

The most important thing about lead generation software is that it collects leads automatically, so you don’t have to do it all the time. By automating the process, these solutions free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your company. Typically, this is accomplished by enticing freebies in return for contact information.

The lead generation tools will then collect the email address, allowing you to follow up with your leads and turn them into paying clients.

Lead generation may be a frustrating process for many people; thus, it is essential to either invest in a lead-generating solution or conduct a critical analysis of the lead creation setup you now use. Also, you can buy cheap software online

Final Thoughts

The tools you use may make a significant difference in the quality of the business leads you to get, which can benefit your company’s bottom line regardless of where you are in your lead generation plan.

Many solutions promise to accomplish the same thing, making it difficult to determine which software and tools can increase your business’s lead generation. With any luck, these 10 lead generation tools will allow you to finally stop worrying about generating leads.

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