10 Best HR Management Software in 2024 (Free/Paid)


Are you looking for best HR management software? We have listed top-rated free the best HR software providers which can help you manage your onboarding employees, payroll, and workforce.

In an organization, among the various functions carried on by different departments, managing human resources has always been one of the challenging processes. The situation is so because the department has to deal with human individuals who are so unique. And they play an unavoidable role in the success of any organization. Even though an employer has all the money, machinery, technology, infrastructure, etc., he would still need an individual to operate the machinery. Therefore, it is clear that “It’s nearly impossible for a company to function without human resource.”

Importance of Human Resource Software Management

As mentioned earlier, the tasks involved in managing human resources are quite challenging. On the contrary, thanks to the growth and evolution of technology, the scenario is not the same anymore. Human resource tasks have been simplified and functioning with even more accuracy due to the implementation of the HR software. With the passing years, there is a vast increase in the number of companies shifting from traditional HR practices to software.

The above image shows and gives a clear picture of various aspects that the HRMS software can assist the organization’s development. But in spite of such benefits, if many organizations are unwilling to implement the HR software, there are a few specific reasons. And one primary concern is the expense involved in implementing HR software for the management of human resources. You may wonder if there’s a way out to it because although there is a desire and need to adapt the software, the limited financial resource may be a hindrance.

Best and Free HR Management Software in 2024

However, understanding the financial aspect and its difficulty, in this article, let’s discuss a few HR management software that are affordable irrespective of whether a small scale industry or large scale industry at no cost or a little to no cost. On this basis, the article will give you a list of the best HR management software providers that can help you to be updated with the technology as well as to manage your human resources.

1BambooHR – Best & Free HR management software

BambooHR software provides both small and medium-sized industries to manage their human resources with cloud-based HR solution systems. This free HR management software gives you assistance to handle and track the necessary and essential employee information in a more personalized human resource information system. Its advantage is its self-service functionality. And apart from this, from the administrative perspective, the intuitive interface is very simple and user-friendly.

BambooHR’s improvements match perfectly according to your company’s needs. The custom fields can be easily created and within two clicks, you can submit your support requests. Added to this, the response from the BambooHR support team is quick and reliable.

2Bitrix24 – Free HR management software

Basically designed as a project management software, Bitrix24 is now considered to be a reliable tool that covers more than 25 free tools for human resource processes. The advantage of Bitrix24 HR software is that you really don’t have to spend anything on the software, as the HR process plan comes absolutely free of cost. The important features may include the employee portal, leave requests, shared calendars, etc. And at present, Bitrix24 is used by more than 3000 human resource departments, recruiters, as well as agencies that outsource staffing.

3OrangeHRM – Best personalized HR software

The most user-friendly and web-based software for managing HR-related activities would be OrangeHRM. Similar to the other software discussed here, this software is also designed basically for small scale and medium scale industries.

OrangeHRM platform is known for its capability of support in purchasing, customization, services hosted, and offering the modules for re-engineering and alignment of human resource processes with the goals of the organization. This software also has paid plans, but still, this is essentially a free plan and a tool for open-source that is ideal for any sized business.

4GoCo – Lighting-fast HR platform

GoCo is a user-friendly and modern management system. This HR software can be used to automate human resource processes like payroll, workforce onboarding, and offboarding, benefits administration, etc. GoCo is known for its secure platform that’s utilized to store and share confidential HR files and documents. This software is basically used by the small and medium-sized industries in streamlining their processes that are mentioned. The strengthening functionality of this software is the handling of the compliance part.

GoCo automatically updates the latest employee compliances related to the payroll. With the implementation of this kind of software, the employees are provided with a platform that allows them to self-monitor and make any requests needed through the portal itself.

5PeopleHR – Simple and easy to use

PeopleHR provides strong and vibrant HR modules like applicant tracking, ease of creating new job profiles and managing them, and also to create custom pages for the various descriptions of the job that matches along with the brand of the company. Its advantage is the simplicity of the modules that allows error-free and easy handling of tasks.

It is also noted that in the case of creating and preparing reports, this information can be used from the previous data that are introduced to the system. Thus, speeding up its creation as well as its subsequent analysis.

6Apptivo – All-in-one business solutions

Apptivo is also a cloud-based solution that supports a wide range of business functions. These functions include service tracking, help desk related to web, management of projects, and orders. Thus, Apptivo enables its users to save a lot of time and to reduce human errors. And since it’s cloud-based, the provision of data is in a centralized form. An added advantage of this software is the solution it offers the company related to the customers, which is called Customer Resource Management (CRM). This feature enables you to view the pipeline of sales.

7Sentrifugo – Free HR management software

The software named Sentrifugo is an HR monitoring software targeted toward small-to-medium-sized enterprises. The framework is versatile and simple to customize and features an intuitive interface. The functionality of Sentrifugo is also flexible to represent the needs of the company. Features of this approach include human resources modules, time management, leave management, success management, self-service order, candidate monitoring, profit management, departure management, and recruitment management, among others.

8WebHR – Cloud-based HR software

With its full functionality, this is a complete approach for companies of all sizes. Its free edition is also very handy with features such as time and participation, staff database, interactive dashboards, collaboration tools, employee registry, on-board module, and more. Its free edition is a full package. However, it is only free of charge for companies of five workers or fewer.

9Jorani – A free and open source software

The software Jorani is a leave management framework based on PHP/MySQL, is designed for small companies. The application includes easy leave and overtime application workflows, making it a more specialized toll than any of the others. This software’s functionality includes features such as leave request approval workflow, overtime request approval workflow, and leave balance files. The software also helps users to customize complex workflows into simplified tasks conveniently.

10factoHR – Best HR software provider

One of the best solutions for HR as well as payroll, is factoHR. The world HRD Congress has awarded factoHR as the Best HR Software for its expertise solution in the field of human resource, payroll, and retirement benefits. Its unmatched features have attracted over 1 million employees and 1000+companies. factoHR can be the right choice if you are looking for a perfect solution right from hire to retirement on a single platform. This software has the and well-defined modules for managing the employees’ onboarding, documentation, attendance, payroll, leave, ESS, etc.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Free HR Software

Although we have discussed many free HR software; the concern is, which is better to implement? How to make the right choice? What factors need to be considered in making a choice? Here are a few tips mentioned that might help you in discerning, which would be a better option for your organization.

  • Identify the features that your organization is in need of
  • Analyze if the free software that you are looking at matches with your needs
  • Compare the limits of usage in the free plan
  • Examine the costs involved in upgrading
  • Examine the feedback from the other users

Is It Good To Use Free HR Software?

Although there are many free human resource management software providers, there are a few organizations that are unnecessarily hesitant to adopt these software. There may be many reasons for it. But, in order to make things clear, here are a few points listed out to ensure that there’s no harm in using the free HR software.

  • No Expense Involved

Using the free HR software is either cost-free or little to non-cost solutions. It reduces the financial burden on your organizations.

  • Transition Made Simple

With free HR software, you can easily handle the shift from one to another in case if you’re not satisfied with one. The significantly less implementation effort and time involved, improved adoption, etc., won’t be much to lose or think of.

  • No Upgrades And Additional Costs Involved

While using the free human resource software, you would be using the preliminary plan; you don’t have to worry about the upgrades required for your functions unless you are looking for the premium features and its implementation.

  • Needed Assistance

The advantage of the free HR software is that you have the features according to the need of the organization installed. Whereas, on the contrary, paid plans include many features that may not be used regularly or not a necessity at the moment.

  • No Legal Issues

In the case of implementing free HR software, there is no need for licensing and related concerns. This allows you to use the software features anytime without any legal compliance, which becomes an added advantage.

  • Easy Access

Free software provides you with the liberty of usage. As in, there are no restrictions on who can use or who cannot use. It can be used by any firm or organization that is in need.


While owning a business, there are certain aspects that leave us with no choice. And one such is the management of human resources. The HR department and its functions are undeniable, no matter what. As discussed earlier, they are crucial resources to the organization. Suppose there is a way to manage them more efficiently for better results. And to a certain extent, if these opportunities are available free of cost, then what are we waiting for? You only have to discern well before making the choice of which software you want to implement. Once the right choice is made, you are all set on the right track for your organizations’ growth.