5 Ways to Stand Out at Trade Shows

trade show

Trade shows, for some businesses, can make or break their year. With all the costs associated with exhibiting at the show, the pressure can be pretty intense to make sure that your event is profitable.

Many trade show attendees can easily get overwhelmed with row after row of booths. It can be very tiring and challenging to choose which booth to visit and which ones to pass by.  After you invest in exhibiting at the trade show, it is imperative to make sure that you stand out amongst the crowd.

Let’s explore some ways you can get noticed amongst all the other exhibitors.

Invest in Your Booth

If you have it in your budget, using an exhibition services company to help design a cool booth is the best way to get yourself noticed at the show. Play with different colors, lighting, and unusual shapes for your booth design.

Visual displays like large TV or projectors are a great way to have people stop at your booth. Even music choice can be a crucial component to draw people over to your booth to see what you have to offer.


No matter how you feel about uniforms, at a trade show they work. It helps give you a brand identity and will help prospective clients quickly identify who is working at the booth. This is especially helpful if you have a crowded booth.

And don’t underestimate when you are out walking the show or having lunch. By having your company uniform on, it may open up conversations with people that you meet outside of your booth.

Booth Location

Location, location, location. You’ve heard it a million times, and it rings true at a trade show.  No matter how amazing your booth is, how talented your team is, if your booth’s location is off the beaten path, you won’t get noticed.

The ideal places for your booth are heavily trafficked areas such as the main walkway near the entrance and exit. Stalls near the cafeterias and bathrooms are excellent locations as well. These are areas that stay pretty busy all day and is a great place to meet new clients.


Trade show attendees are suckers for a giveaway. While most booths hand out the usual business cards, pamphlets, and pens, this is an area of opportunity for your company to stand out. Try giving away something different like customized pop sockets for their phone; extra chargers are a great one for trade shows because literally, everyone runs out of power.


Lastly, running contests while you are at the event is a great way to draw a crowd. Even something simple like a wheel for attendees to spin with different prizes (and one large prize to draw the group). It’s hard for people to resist taking a chance and spinning the wheel.  And while they are in your booth, you have an opportunity to make a connection and hopefully gain a lead.

These are just a few ways to increase your visibility at the show. Start planning early for the best success.