The Different Types Of Teak Wood

teak wood

Teak wood is very popular because of its low maintenance, beauty, and durability qualities. However, these amazing qualities make it among the most expensive woods in the market today.

When buying stuff made from teak, you will find that it is usually classified into grades, grade A being the best. Grade A is sourced from the tree’s heart, while grade B is from the outer heartwood. Grade C is the lowest quality of teak and contains no oil. It’s usually sourced from immature trees and has an uneven color.

With that said, let us look at the different types of teakwood based on where it originated from.

Burmese Teak Wood

Burmese wood is sourced from Myanmar and Burma. It has a golden hue, is highest in natural oil, and has a smooth texture with evenly distributed grains. It takes about fifty years to reach maturity.

It is the best teak wood in the market today and is usually used to make wooden structures that are resilient such as Garden Furniture Teak and shipbuilding.

Indonesian Teak Wood

Also known as Asian wood, its native to Indonesia. Same as Burmese wood, it’s a strong, durable type of teak wood used to make the best quality wooden furniture. It takes Indonesian wood around thirty years to mature and is among the best to plant because of the weather and soil suitability.

Its quality is not the same as Burmese teak, but it’s rich in natural oils, has a light golden color, and has wider grains. Its also suitable for use in outdoor furniture, indoor, and even wooden veneers.

African Plantation Teak Wood

Just as the name suggests, African plantation wood is grown in Africa and precisely central Africa. It has a very light brown color, with the wood grains distributed wider apart. It takes ten to twenty-five years to grow this type of teak wood, and as a result, it’s usually low in natural oils. This makes wood relatively less because it is not as durable as Burmese or Indonesian wood.

It’s still a good quality wood and is used in making outdoor furniture, boat building, and similar applications.

South American Teak Wood

This type of teak wood is sourced from South America. It is similar in color texture, natural oils, and grain distribution to the African wood. You may even find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Indian Teak Wood

Indian teak wood is sourced from the forests of India. It is similar in quality to the Burmese wood. Indian wood is the most popular wood used, but India’s high demand has made it scarcely available in the international market.

Indian wood is valuable because trees can grow into old wood, which has a high natural oil content, beautiful golden color, and is dense.

We have not fully exhausted the list of origins of teak wood, but these are just a few of the most popular ones you are likely to find in the market.