Here’s How You Can Grow Your Instagram Faster


If you have been trying to grow your Instagram following, you know that it is not easy to do without consistent effort. It requires a lot of patience, tactics and smart work.

However, you may not have that much time, and you want to reach your target audience sooner. Here are ways to grow your Instagram faster.

Get Instagram Growth Service

Yes, there is an Instagram growth service which can help you to grow your followers. No, it is not bots, automation or fake accounts. The service involves real people that work on your Instagram account to get you real Instagram followers and help you grow organically.

By subscribing to the organic Instagram growth service, you can grow your Instagram faster than if you were to do it without any help.

Regular and Consistent Posting

Studies have shown that if you post consistently and often, you will increase your followers and get more likes.

A study showed that those who posted at least once daily, or seven or more times in a week had more likes and gained more followers faster.

Remember that the Instagram growth service does not create posts for you. Therefore, if you want your Instagram account to grow faster, you should post regularly and consistently.

Since accounts are different, yours may do well with one posting per day while another one may need up to 5 posts per day. So, you will need to experiment on what works best for you. You can post once daily, track the engagement and growth of followers. Increase the number of posts per day gradually until you reach a level that works for you.

When is the best time to post? Well, there is no one-fits-all time for posting. It all depends on your niche. Use Instagram Insights to find out the best time to post, which is when you have the highest engagement.

Make sure you have high-quality content, and that will engage with your followers. Instagram Insights can give you data on posts that your followers like. Look for posts and images that are getting more engagement and impressions. Post similar photos and posts so that you can get more following and engagement.

Remember to engage your followers. Like and reply to your fans comments on the posts. They will feel appreciated, and they are likely to follow you.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags can help to grow your Instagram faster. Include trending and popular hashtags that your audience is using, in your posts. Also, you can use frequently searched hashtags in the posts.

Hashtags will enable those not following you to find you.

How many hashtags should your post have? Well, research has it that 7 to 8 is the optimum number. However, Instagram allows up to 30 per post. You can feel free to do your research and put a different number of hashtags on posts and see which one works best.

Work with others

If you want to increase your followers faster, work together with others.

It could be a partnership with another Instagram user with a similar or complementary target audience. You could share posts, tag each other on posts or arrange for a takeover such as taking over the others stories for a day. This will expose your Instagram to a bigger audience and help you to build a following faster.

Also, you can opt for influencer marketing, which will help you to grow your Instagram faster.