Creating a Motivated and Positive Team


If you want to make your business as successful as possible, you’re going to need a team of highly-motivated employees. Research shows that motivated employees are more engaged in the workspace and have higher performance. Motivated employees are more innovative and better problem-solvers, which are skills that help increase the profitability of your business.

If you want to help keep your employees motivated, build a positive team. Employees that are part of a positive team are more enthusiastic to come to work and are better at collaborating.

Here are five tips that you can use to start building a positive team!

Hire qualified employees

It can be frustrating to go through the hiring process and then realize an employee isn’t a good fit for your team. There are a number of reasons why someone might not mesh well – maybe they don’t have the right skill set or maybe there are personality conflicts or maybe they are disengaged with their work. Unfortunately, a bad fit often causes tension amongst a team. Tension can have a negative impact on your business.

Selecting the right people for your team helps lead to a more satisfied and productive team. Look for people that have the right skillset and that fit in culturally. Using a recruiting agency makes hiring the right person easier, because recruiting agencies help screen potential employees to make sure they’re qualified.

Become a successful leader

If you want a positive team, you need to look at your own actions. Employees are generally more motivated and positive when they have a positive leader. A successful leader knows how to inspire their team while making decisions that best benefit their company. While traits like innovation and confidence are needed, you also need to have good emotional intelligence.

A leader with good emotional intelligence not only knows how to manage their own emotions, but they also know how to manage the emotions of their team. You need to know how to be empathetic towards your team, how to resolve conflicts between team members, and how to praise your team. If you show your team that you care, you’ll earn their respect and loyalty.

Remove causes of dissatisfaction

It is hard for your team to be positive when they are dissatisfied with the way things are going. Regularly talk to your team to figure out what they are dissatisfied with and what suggestions they have for improvement. For example, if a team member is dissatisfied because they’re struggling to complete a certain task, help them figure out if the opportunity to receive training or mentoring would help them feel more satisfied. Getting rid of any negative feelings will automatically help make a more positive environment.

Create a good physical workspace

The physical workspace often impacts the mood of your employees. It’s hard to feel inspired or positive in an environment that is dull and gloomy. You can inspire your team by decorating your office in a cool way. Creating a comfortable and safe work environment will boost productivity and positivity. You should also ensure that the office is regularly cleaned.

You should make sure that your employees can work without distractions. Distractions disrupt focus, and unfocused employees disrupt productivity. One way to get rid of physical distractions is by ensuring employees have organized spaces to work. Sometimes you might also need to encourage employees to put gadgets such as their personal cell phones away so that they aren’t tempted to check it throughout the day.

Boost positive thoughts

Positivity doesn’t come naturally to some people. One grumpy team member with negative thoughts often rubs off on other people. If you don’t want a gloomy team, boost positive thinking. Positivity is a habit that needs to be developed, which is why you should help reinforce it every day!

Teach your team to start the day with positive affirmations and to focus on the good things. Help your team recognize that every day is not going to be perfect and that there may be failures along the way, but that they need to learn from their challenges instead of getting upset by them. Remind them of the positive impact your business is having on others.

Final Thoughts

As a leader, it is your job to create a positive team that is happy to come to work. You’ll find that a positive team is more motivated and more successful, which will help improve your business. If your current team is weighed down by negativity, using the above tips can help boost morale.