10 Best WordPress Slider Plugins for 2024 (Free & Premium)

WordPress slider plugins

When looking for higher engagement from target users, no one can deny the role of images. As an integral part of web design, images can be presented in any form (infographics, photographs, charts, stock photos, etc.) to convey essential information easily. To add a dynamic component to images, slideshows form a perfect way of presenting the information. It brings life to your website and adds to the appeal of your website.

So, if you have a WordPress website, here is a list of the best free and premium WordPress slideshow plugins to step up your game. Prevent your users from leaving your website with an unfavorable impression due to poor slideshow designs. Instead, make them effective through these tried and tested plugins. 

However, before we jump to the list of effective WordPress Slideshow plugins, let’s dive into what it is and why it is significant.

What is a WordPress Slider Plugin?

A WordPress Slider is a simple structure that enables the rotation of media and text files automatically or by manually clicking. The related plugins for the WordPress Slideshow allows to add other features to make it fun, engaging, and interactive. It involves transition effects, tweaking the texts, adding call-to-action buttons, etc. This way, you can turn a boring slideshow into an intriguing presentation that captures the audience’s attention.

Why use a WordPress Slider Plugin?

Images and slideshows are proven to capture the audience’s attention and give them the necessary information in lesser time than reading the content. Visuals act as brief descriptions of the content you are presenting and make them informative and eye-catching appeals to the user. Slideshows facilitate attracting users’ attention dynamically by adding videos, images, texts, shortcodes, and even HTML blocks.

Therefore, you can realize the benefits of a WordPress Slideshow Plugin by considering its following aspects:

  • Excellent slideshow designs can engage visitors considerably
  • You can showcase featured products, special offers, and other crucial information through the slideshow.
  • All the images get consolidated and presented in a single area.
  • Visitors can control what they want to see. 

For these reasons, it becomes essential to have the following free or premium WordPress slider plugins to optimize your slideshows. The difference between the free and premium slider plugins is that the latter has advanced features and tools to better the slideshow experience.

Best free and premium WordPress Slider Plugins

Here’s a complete list and review of the top-notch free and premium slider plugins for your WordPress site.


With the cleanest interface and lightweight features, MetaSlider is among the top-ranking WordPress Slideshow plugins for users. The plugin also supports SEO to boost your search engine results so that you can kill two birds with one stone. Even the free version is pretty generous in features. It has intelligent mage cropping, drag-and-drop reordering, linking slides, etc. To access more features, you can move to the Pro version as well. 

It offers four slider choices, which include Responsive Slides, Nivo Slider, Coin Slider, and Flex Slider. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, WMPL, Gutenberg, and Event Calendar. This developer-friendly and SEO-optimized plugin is sure to create impressive slideshows to attract target users.

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If you wish to create stunning sliders for your website, do not miss out on Depicter. This next-generation WordPress slider was released in 2022 with cutting-edge technologies, loaded with features at absolutely no cost. You can use the drag-and-drop facility and start making slideshows with a few clicks, readymade templates, and responsive sliders. Its modern interface makes the procedure faster and more efficient. Further, the slider is also SEO-friendly and considers those factors in the design.

The plugin’s responsiveness makes it easy to use and design for any device, be it laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. Further, users can access a stock of more than 70 free templates, millions of stock images, shapes, videos, text blocks, etc.

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3Smart Slider 3

A fast, high-quality, and powerful slideshow plugin, Smart Slider 3 is completely responsive, SEO-optimized, and flexible to work for any theme plugin. You need not be bothered with the coding procedure of the slideshow. In fact, you can access the plethora of samples available in the library, which can get imported, then tweaked, or customized to your liking.

You can make your slideshow fun, interesting, and engaging by using unique layouts, layers, animation, and other features. Further, preview every change made in real-time to understand how it will get perceived by the user using the live slide editor. Dealing with typography and styles is easy through the plugin. Designers and developers widely rely on its Pro version with more features and templates.

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4Slider by Soliloquy

With a perfect balance between ease of use and robust features, Soliloquy stands apart from the rest of the slider plugins. Its drag-and-drop builder is highly efficient in creating attractive and responsive sliders in minimal time. This plugin is smooth and beginner-friendly for a better user experience.

This plugin is SEO-friendly, with proper HTML markups and enhanced loading speed. Whatever device you use to access your site, the plugin will ensure a seamless user experience. It also has more than 10 add-ons that let you add features like a carousel, lightbox, custom CSS, etc. It supports Guttenburg blocks and highlights featured content. The plugin also supports WooCommerce. As a developer, you can also access the various filters, hookups, and transition effects.

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5Slider by 10Web

Another excellent WordPress plugin that is highly responsive and creates impressive slideshows is Slider by 10Web. The sliders can load fast, even with unlimited pictures, videos, and media. Custom CSS lets you add or make improvements where required. You are free to add music, watermarks, bullets, etc., to spice up your slideshow. It is straightforward and intuitive and doesn’t demand running through the complex navigation structure. You can use the free version for basic necessities and switch to the premium version for advanced features.

Slider by 10Web is suitable for you if you need top-notch designs for your WordPress slideshow, social media integration, and parallax effects for portfolios or blogs. You can utilize the video tutorials accompanying the plugin to know more about its usage.

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6Slide Anything

A slideshow plugin that is simple, effective, and efficient, Slide Anything is among the top free responsive plugins for WordPress websites. You can create touch-enabled, responsive sliders and carousels containing images, texts, shortcodes, HTML, etc. Effects and transitions like zoom in/ out, fading, bouncing, rotating, etc., are also available to add.

The quick and seamless drag-and-drop feature also makes it simple to custom the slides on mobile phones. You can see how many items can get displayed at one time on every device. The LazyLoad feature of the plugin lets users boost the website speed. The plugin runs smoothly and lightning-fast on modern browsers through hardware acceleration with CSS3 Translate3d transitions. In the Pro-version, you can enjoy hero sliders, modal popups, and showcases.

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7Master Slider

Master Slider WordPress plugin is a free, powerful, and responsive image and content slider. This plugin is SEO-friendly and supports smooth hardware-accelerated transitions. The touch navigation with a simple swipe gesture is excellent. You get eight templates for a fast and easy kickstart to your project. The standard coding practices on which it’s built make it powerful and intuitive. Compatibility between different browsers is also a plus point offered by this plugin. The best WordPress practices for back and front-end contribute to the following features in the plugin:

  • HTML 5 valid and clean markups
  • Seamless interface
  • Loop and linear sliding
  • Smart Loading Assets
  • Lightweight
  • Fully Responsive
  • SEO-Optimized

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8Slider – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

This is an ideal option if your needs are a well-maintained, supported, free, and responsive WordPress slider plugin. It enables unlimited publishing sliders with infinite image slides in each slider. You can adjust the height and width of sliders individually and even configure navigation buttons. It is a joy to use this plugin as it generates a beautiful aura while you create beautiful-looking sliders. It also offers slide thumbnails for users to view and decide whether they want to scroll or not. 

The Pro version of this plugin offers more intense and beautiful auras to add to the website. It includes additional design layouts, transition effects, color customizations, more than 500 Google fonts, slide links, light boxes, and additional slider control settings.

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9Crelly Slider

Another free slideshow plugin that is easy to use with a clean interface is Crelly Slider. It offers various features. It becomes easy to highlight your content on the post or page through this option. Use text and images for slideshows and incorporate Youtube and Vimeo videos. Organize content through the drag-and-drop builder. No coding knowledge is necessary when you utilize this plugin. Access the slide from any browser with cross-browser compatibility. Set transitions and elements using the simple selection menu. The slider displays perfectly despite the screen size.

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10Slider by Supsystic

With a focus on simple use and speed, Slider by Supsystic is an excellent WordPress plugin option. Its well-designed user interface makes it easy to set captions, reorder slides, crop images, add links, and add an alt tag. You can form an SEO-optimized slideshow within minutes with attractive transitions. You can choose between CoinSlider or BxSlider for your slideshow. Instead of being loaded with features that might never come in use, it promotes functional slideshows. Further, it doesn’t have layers and complex transitions for smooth and effective slideshows for the website.

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Bottom Line

Access the best WordPress slider plugins given in the post to design efficient and attractive slideshows. You can create impressive slideshows that are visually appealing with a few clicks. Each option has its strengths, so consider it according to your needs.