10 Best PTC Sites to Earn Money without Investment 2024

PTC sites

Did you ever know that you can click and earn money? Yes! Just by clicking ads you can earn money. This is jus like a dream come true that you can earn money so easily. This is probably the easiest way to earn money. Well, we are here to bring you the information about 10 Best PTC Sites to Earn Money without Investment 2022. Our website has the most up to date and interesting as well as informative articles. Let us take a tour of this article so that we can also get some benefit and earn some money.

Before going further, there might be one question popping in your mind that what actually is PTC and what are PTC sites. Let us be informed about these sites so that you can earn money in a protected way and be relaxed that you are earning money from legit websites that are PTC.

About PTC sites

When talking about PTC it means that the websites which pay you to click. Just as simple as the name suggests, the websites also work in a similar way. So, as you click on the ads, you get money against it. They are also known as Pay Per Views sites. It is a sound and genuine way of earning money and these websites have been doing well since quite some time now. These have different programs and incentives to offer to their visitors and users. Even after reading all this, you have any doubts that how this click and get paid websites work then keep reading to clarify your understanding.

Money making through PTC sites

PTC locales bring in cash by giving promoters the amazing chance to arrive at huge number of possible clients. All in all, PTC sites sell publicizing space on their foundation.

That is the point at which you come to play and bring in cash by review those promotions. It is a two-way relationship where everyone benefits. You by giving your time, and sponsor by placing their items before you and potentially acquiring another client. And afterward you bring in cash for being prepared to click advertisements.

Legitimacy of PTC websites

Many people are enjoying the fruits of these websites. Below are some of the legitimate and genuine websites which will help you earn money since they are verified.

It is very much helpful to you if you trust them in terms of earning money and also understand why people pay you to click on ads. Since everyone is aware that there are so many websites and apps which are nothing but scam therefore, we do not want you to trust just any tom dick and harry and get disappointed. However, exceptions are always there and we suggest you to be 100% sure before you make any move and follow the below rules:

  1. Always use a new email address to register to these online websites for making money rather than registering to your personal one.
  2. Keep an updated and working antivirus installed in your computer or phone from which you are accessing these websites.
  3. Do not share your bank account number and social insurance number with anyone on these websites. These websites are free to join and if someone is asking you to sign up and pay money before earning some, it’s a big no.
  4. No PTC website will pay you 10 per click. If someone is claiming this, you must be cautious.

How much can I earn by clicking ads?

How much cash you can make differs from PTC site to PTC site. Some PTC stages offer higher remunerations conspire than others.

However, you can make without a doubt $5 every day. It isn’t a lot yet it can add up.

It additionally relies upon the time you have accessible to commit to this movement. Consequently, your acquiring potential will be straightforwardly relative to the time you need to contribute.

You can expect to have your income increased once you get used to such websites and understand their working.

Simply don’t overthink and begin procuring. Thinking an excess of can deaden you and keep you from making a move.

You really will be investing a lot of energy to bring in cash by clicking advertisements.

So, I wouldn’t think for even a moment say that whoever is bringing in cash clicking promotions isn’t’ working for its cash. You will convey your most important resource towards acquiring utilizing this strategy: Your time.

I would rather not be the one that breaks this for you, yet I should: you won’t be a tycoon by marking to PTC sites, nor can you supplant your pay assuming you live in nations like Canada or the USA where the lowest pay permitted by law is more than $10 per 60 minutes.

Call the cash you make clicking advertisements your pocket cash, something to make as an afterthought, not your key approach to making money.

The best advantage I see from the clicking advertisements gig is that you can begin procuring immediately, with no skill or extravagant necessities.

Top 10 Highest Paying PTC Sites without Investment

The large number of top PTC sites are allowed to join, so assuming you are in a circumstance that you really want cash immediately, you can begin hustling in these destinations and make some pocket cash.

No investment – Earn money through below mentioned 10 best PTC websites.


Being one of the most rated PTC websites, Neobux has been working since a long time and you can join this website from anywhere being anyone. You can get to choose different languages.

They have good reviews of 4.9 out of 2900 in Trustpilot which is quite outstanding. You can earn money through different ways such as Micro Exposure, Extended Exposure, Fixed Advertisements, mini and standard exposure.

They also pay people for bringing more people to their website. This is called their partnership program. You can get benefit from their membership. You can make around $0.02 per click here. There is a cash out limit to first cash out of $2 which will increase by $1 until it reaches $10.


Coinpayu is a free award stage where you can procure bitcoin by review ads or doing offers. It has a Trustpilot survey of 4.4, which is amazing. This PTC site is awesome to procure bitcoin.

They likewise have exceptional client assistance, which is really applicable assuming you at any point need assistance.

Individuals all around the world are free to go along with them since there are no limitations on any country. The main condition they have is tolerating their terms of administration and security strategy. Investigate the table for reference on Coinpayu withdrawal necessities.

You can acquire by clicking promotions and referring to publicists and workers.


This site has a rating of 4.9 in Trustpilot. They have been active since 2008 and they are an online advertising network. Its reputation is great although they aren’t the highest paid ones.

You can withdraw minimum of $50 from PayPal, Bitcoin or Western Union. The payment on this website is instant. They pay you a minimum of 0.01$ for clicking ad. When you go to the published tab while you register, you will start making money. You will also make money if you bring in referrals.


Gptplanet is a grounded PTC and has paid out over 1.5 million to its individuals in the course of its life.

Joining is totally free and without topographical limitations. Regardless of where you reside, you are free to join their foundation.

You can procure as much as $0.01 per click. This truly intends that to make $10 with Gptplanet, you should click multiple times, putting together my computation with respect to the instalment publicized.

You can pull out your cash when you have procured $1. They use Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer, and Bitcoin to move your assets.

You can acquire by review promotions, alluding new individuals, and finishing offers.

5Scarlet click

This website has 1059704 members. Thy have paid around 2.4 million people who have used this platform and earned money through clicking the ads or have recommended their friend to join them. You can earn referral commission up to 100% and rent affiliates. After 1000 clicks you can earn $10 since their standard price is $0.01 per click.

You can also find reviews, opinions, other members here to know the strategies and ideas of making money before you actually join this platform. They pay though Bitcoin, Skrill, Payeer and AirTM. The minimum amount to click is $2.


Yougetprofit began in 2013 and had more than 147020 individuals. It doesn’t have the best survey in Trustpilot however isn’t that awful by the same token. The normal survey is 3.7 stars.

This is one of the PTC destinations that pay the most noteworthy rates per click, where you can make as much as $0.05 per click in addition to Bonus. Starting at 2022, they pay $0.03 per click.

You will get compensated to click the advertisements after you have brought in $2 and to pull out your cash, you can utilize it.

Furthermore, you can likewise get compensated to advance Yougetprofit. You will get extras for each part you alluded.

So, assuming that you bring your sibling, sister, mother, and all your family, you will get a 10% commission on the cash they make.

They offer limitless references for all participations, so you can allude to however many individuals as you can. If you want to collect your money you can check through Perfect money, Payneer, LiteCoin and Bitcoin.


This website has around 4.3 stars in Trustpilot and around 114035 active users. The difference of this website from others is that you will be making money in the form of Bitcoins. You earn bitcoins, you get paid in Bitcoins. If you keep an eye on the rise of bitcoin you can decide whether to go for that or other websites there they pay in cash.

Here as well, you can earn through referral affiliate. You can make 10% from this and further from referral advertisements spending.


This website has an outstanding review with 4.7 stars and above 617 reviews. It has 481238-member count and it has paid around 2 million since the time it started. There are a lot of ways to earn money here starting from online surveys to pay per click.

For more income they have a section of “Minutestaff” which is kind of a quick task. There is a section of videos too. you get paid to watch each video. But you have to watch them full. If you want to earn high, you can earn here. As soon as your balance is over $1.00 you will get paid through PayPal.


This website has more than 35 thousand users and 4.1star reviews. They have grown up to 40 million users. It is genuine and trustworthy platform. you can easily earn money here easily and this is one of the best PTC websites for watching ads.

You can get up 0.04$ clicks. You can make simple tasks, Ojooo Videos or you can complete Personaly Offerwall offers. There are Webdesign services. When you have made around 100 clicks you can withdraw the money too.


This is a website which is easy to use since its user interface. This website pays less as it pay $0.001 per click. So, if you want to earn $1 you will have to click 10000 times. You can simply visit website the advertisements and bring in referrals to promote website and earn easy money. This website has 108816 active members. You cannot withdraw money unless you have a $5 in your balance at minimum.

Warp up

Above mentioned are 10 best PTC websites which pay highest to its users for bringing in referrals, watching videos and clicking the ads. There is no limit to sign up for these websites. You can sign up to multiple sites at one time. This is an easy part-time way of earning money. But we still encourage you to do your homework before you sign up and make up your mind.