MangaOwl Alternatives: Best Sites to Read Manga Free


Reading comics and watching animated movies has always been a childhood fantasy. It has always been fun to watch animations and comics no matter what age you are. Now a days comics are so much in demand that everyone loves to read them since they have become very much approachable due to being available on digital media. Same is the case with manga comics which is preferred reading online.

There are many free online internet websites which are of MangaOwl Alternatives to Read Manga where you can easily read manga comics online. There are different genres of comics available on the internet for its users to ready them. For example, comics on sci-fi, action, romance, action etc. What so ever choice you have, you can read them online very easily.

When taking about manga comics there are many platforms however, there is one which is quite popular amongst all and that is MangaOwl. This website is a feature-rich website for comics. It has a huge library of collection of old as well as latest Mana comics. The interface of this website is very easy and user friendly. It is very easy to find a comic to read on MangaOwl.

Even if you are a beginner, you will have no issue finding the favorite comics of yours. The good thing is that this platform is ad-free that means that no ads will interfere you while you are enjoying readying your fun comics. Also, the website stays updated with the newest chapters of manga comics. If you want to share your manga comics with others, this is also possible.

Additionally, the collection of the comics keeps getting updated every now and then which increases the manga comics number on a daily basis on none other than MangaOwl.

What is MangaOwl?

MangaOwl is one of the most in demand and amazing alternatives to Mangastream and due to its vast database, it is so famous and popular. It will not be wrong if one calls it the best. The user interface is so simple that you are almost one click away from reading your desired manga comic.

It has amazing features such as it does not get interrupted by ads so there are no third-party ads. The collection n the database keeps on updating on a regular basis so you can find old classic as well as the latest comics here very easily. Last but not the least, there is a discussion forum where you can share your views with other readers as well. This website has an amazing position in the manga platforms.

What are the Genres on MangaOwl

Good thing is that you can keep reading the manga comics as per your preferred genre. So, when you open the website, you will find a section on the top of the website, where list of different genres is available to choose from for example, Adventure, Cars, Action, Comedy, 4 Koma, All Ages, Aliens, Adaptation, Anthology, Animals, Bara, Award-winning and several others.

Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like MangaOwl


If you want to carry on reading manga comics you can give Mangakakalot since it has never-ending collection. Comics in German, Korean, English, Japanese, Italian and other 20 different languages are available on this website. Did you ever know that this website had approximately 80 million users in one month? On this website, you can get each manga reading without any cost. You do not have to register or pay any subscription fee for reading anything on Mangakakalot.

This website has subscribers around 50 million and therefore it is one of the most demanded comic platforms. And once you are a part of the platform then you can even share your views with other readers regarding manga comics. People like this because its user interface is very convenient to use.

All comics is on the web page, you do not have to download the PDF. There are no ads of third parties on this website. The platform has almost 100 genres and across 100,000 manga comics to read.

The user interface of this is neat and clean, it is well organized and ne navigation is quite simple. It is one of the top choice of readers if you do not have access to MangaOwl or MangaStream. You can even find historical, tragedy and medical comics available here in the genre section. If you want to read the whole series till end then check the ‘completed’ section of manga comics here.


Then comes the FanFox which is the best similar site like MangaOwl and is on the top of the list. This website also has around 50 genres from where you can enjoy reading you favorite comics anytime anywhere. This is famous among many users and there is no need to sign up or register to use this website.

You can read them for free and that too in English. These movies are as much as more than thirty thousand which is a huge number. Also, if you do not have any one of the comics in your mind on your own, then you can take recommendations from sections such as New Manga, Genres, Most Watched etc.

The quest for searching a manga comic becomes even more simpler if you simply search for latest ones. So, when a new manga comes, it is uploaded here on FanFox so that the readers do not have to wait much longer to read the latest and stay updated.


Enjoy reading Manga comics on another popular MangaOwl alternative and that is Kissmanga. If you want to read English comics then this website has around 100,000 collections available.

You can enjoy reading a large number of comics books and that too in different interesting genres such as horror, sci-fi, action, fantasy, romance, crime, animals and much more. You can even share your collection with your loved ones.

Also, you can stay updated through the latest collection it has. You do not have to subscribe or sign up. However, one of the reasons that it is not preferred much by the users is that it has ads disruptions but if you are a manga fan, you can deal with the ads.


One of another free and amazing manga comic reading websites which is equally good as MangaOwl is Mangareader. This site is in English and it has over 20 million visits in a month. You do not need to get subscribed or carry out a sign-up process.

ou can search manga comics based on filters to make your search easy such as old, new, games, A to Z in alphabetical order. No need to install adobe reader since you can read it directly from the website without any hassle.

This even has a resemblance with Mangastream as well and the comics available here are of high quality of print. There is a list of alphabetical letters to choose as per A to Z. If you do not have any idea of what to read then ‘popular section will help you choose.

Similarly, there is a section with the name ‘surprise me’ which always has something extra to offer in terms of excitement. There is a separate section where latest comics keeps on getting uploaded so that you can check from there directly. Another good thing is that you can watch your desired anime show here too.


The hub of old as well as latest and new comics is Mangago. Around 90% of comics of this website are free. There are around over 8 million of visits on this website every month. This website is very famous among the manga comic readers and it also is connected though Facebook users.

There are around 50 different genres to choose from and also you can easily search by alphabetical order, most liked, trending, hot mangas, and other search tools available on website. This website also has a great user interface and you do not need to download PDF for reading comics. There is a cloud reading function and through that you can directly read without importing them.

So basically, PDF files are directly inserted on web pages. This website doesn’t only very well replace MangaOwl but also Mangastream due to its amazing collection of manga comics and its distinctive features in beta version. Its interface is easy to use and has content for any age group.

There is no disruption by the annoying ads so you can go in flow while reading. You can check out feeds and updates section as well. Some of the popular comics available here are Naruto, Dragon Ball, Astro Boy and others.

Ten Manga

There is another similar site with the name of Ten Manga and this has been recently added to the list of manga comics reading platforms as a MangaOwl alternative. There are approximately more than 55 different genres to choose from.

This has updates appearing on the main page along with a collection of manga comic series which are complete in the ‘completed section’. Not only this but you can make use of the tab of search to check out your desired manga comic to read.

Also, there is a section with the name of ‘surprise’. This section waits for those readers who do not actually know what to read. The browser doesn’t get bombarded with ads and the user interface is highly simple to use on your cell phone as well as the tablet or laptop.


Another amazing alternative is the MangaHere which has an interesting appeal and people enjoy visiting this website due to its eye-catchy look. You can find a huge pool of manga comics collection on this website with around 100,000 mangas available.

Not only Japanese but Chinese, Korean, European and Hong Kong mangas are also available on this website. You can directly check the latest updates for which there is a separate category and also, there are news related to manga as well as manga spoilers in the form of a discussion forum where you can discuss what you have read and check out others readings and comments too.


MangaDex is not only one of the best MangaOwl alternatives, but it even offers some additional perks. Thus, the collection of manga comics is never-ending.

With a never-ending collection MangaDex is one of the best MangaOwl alternatives. It also has some new and more perks to offer such as it has a tab with the name of ‘Quick Search where you can directly type in the name of the desired comics. Also, there are fan-made endings, coloured, official crossovers versions of manga available.

If you want to create your own character groups or follow the existing one it is up to your own choice. You can share your ideas and discuss with other forums. You can find the readable comics in around more than 20 different languages.


MangaPanda is another great MangaOwl alternative if you are a comic fan and love to read comic. It is for all age groups and have millions of visitors. Not only this, but it has an application version of it available too where you can ready directly without going to the browser.

However, since it has a lot to offer, it does get some interruption in the shape of ads. The quality of comics available here is really good and these are kept updated on a regular basis. There is an alphabetical list to choose from and all sorts of in demand genre comics are available here. If you want to try something new then you must check the ‘surprise me’ section.


Get to see your most popular and desired manga comics hidden in the list of different genres which you can easily go through when you visit MangaTown in place of MangaOwl and Mangastream. This has a ‘manga directory’ where you can check out the list from A to Z to find your desired comics. You can also have a look on the rating and views section.

There is another section with the name of ‘latest release’ where you will be seeing notifications of what is coming new. The manga comics which have already been completed till end are available in the ‘completed’ section. You will have a range of genres to choose from.

To wrap up, if you are a manga fan, then this list of MangaOwl Alternatives to Read Manga will be of great help to you. Feel free to share your suggestions and feedback.