15 Free Best Watch 5S Alternatives to Watch Movies

watching a movie online

Since the pandemic outbreak, watching TV shows and movies has been the most popular activity and entertainment source for most of the people. On average, people are spending more time on their phones, laptops and tablets as compared to the past. Therefore, if you are a movie or TV series fan, keep reading to know more about the best alternatives to watch movies other than one of the famous free websites; Watch 5S.

About Watch 5S

It is a free website where you can watch a lot of TV series as well as movies online without going through the hassle of downloading them. Not only this, but it also gives the advantage of saving your favorite TV series or film to watch later when you are without an internet connection. You can save it on your mobile or laptop through an option available on this website for this purpose.

Do you get irritated with the clutter of ads that come your way while you watch something online? Well, Watch 5S is famous because the ads rarely come. Also, the website is updated with lates features as well as other tools to keep the viewers viewing as much uninterrupted as possible.

Not only this but Watch 5S not only gives you an enjoyable content but you can also get to know the updates about actors as well movies due to the fact that some people like to read about the cast and enjoy a preview of the movie they are about to watch. You can also get to see the IMDB rating of each movie or TV series so that you can choose your movie with respect to rating.

If any file that you have searched for is not found on the website, then no need to get upset about it since here is a list of categories containing names and titles to choose from. So, if you do not find the exact movie, you can watch some similar movies or TV series.

The quality of movies at Watch 5S is amazing and it is like a one-stop solution if one wants to keep themselves entertained online.

Nevertheless, there are some limitations to accessing this website and that is the reason it is not always a favorite choice for the internet users. So, what to do? Well, there are similar websites on internet, which are as good as Watch 5S. These not only offer a good quality but also same exclusive index.

However, at times, users don’t like its user interface, or the website gets inaccessible due to various reasons.

1List of Top 15 Watch 5S Alternatives

For these instances, you can watch movies and TV series from other similar sites like Watch 5S that offer the same exclusive index and quality content. So, if you are gazing for the best Watch 5S alternatives, then you are at the right place. Stay tuned to know more about these alternative websites.


No need to spend hours on torrents and installing anything on your mobile phones or tablets. Just browse YifyMovies where you can watch High-Definition movies as well as Television series for free. With simply accessing the internet and website, you can enjoy watching movies online. No need to even sign up. However, you cannot do anything about the advertisements here.

The good news is that once you get rid of all the ads without closing them, you can access some extremely good quality content on this website. This website too, has a genre of categories such as Horror, Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Adventure and so on. If you are busy and want to download them to watch them later, the option of downloading the content is also available at YifyMovies.


Another amazing and free alternative to Watch 5S website is Popcornflix. This has been famous among many people throughout the world for many years due to its cool interface and amazing streaming. The website has some amazing collection of movies and TV series from old to latest.

The site has majorly three sections. It also contains viral videos other than TV series and movies. So, whatever that is trending on internet, you will find it here. In order to search your favourite movie, you can search it on data base.


Thinking about watching some latest content with respect to TV series and movies? Visit Vidics website. It has some amazing collection of movies and seasons in different genres. However, sometimes if the internet connection is not strong enough, one might face the buffering issue while watching.

Other than this, the interface is quite user friendly. It has Schedule and Top clauses which makes it easy to choose. You can get to see the Top news and TV shows.


If you want to replace Watch 5S website with another good alternative then XMovies8 is another good name for it. Like others, this website also has a range of TV series as well as movies. The interface is very easy to use. You can enjoy as many movies as you want with no compromise on quality.

Content on Xmovies8 is secure and you will not find any interruption. You can get access to direct link to TV series. You will get to see all the latest movies on this website. So, if you want to stay updated with your movie collection, this website is a good choice in place of Watch 5S.

6Solar Movie

This website always has some new movies and television series to offer and that too, without having you to get signed up. Isn’t this cool? Yes! And for that reason, the solar movie gets to be an amazing substitute for watching entertaining content on the internet. The ease of access is that you can see all categories on the homepage. The categories include Genre, TVs series, countries, Top IMDB etc. There are different Genres for example, animation, horror, romance, drama, fantasy, history etc. If you are about to watch a new movie, you can see its trailer first to get to know the idea. This is a one-click streaming. The movie selection process is more or less the same as that of Watch 5S.


Another good alternative in order to enjoy cinema related stuff at your home on your mobile or tablet is TubiTy. It is very much similar to Watch 5S. You can watch HD movies as well as TV shows in full length. The content collection is very much latest and broad. Other than the usual genres, there are War as well as Superhero related genres too. Also, there are daily updates on each trend and style.

The user interface is very interesting since it has multiple bar sections related to search query. You can check the new releases and trending content there. If there is any movie of TV show that is not visible to you due to its unavailability, you can place a request for that too in the request section.


Being quite similar to Watch 5S, YesMovies is an awesome website in terms of streaming quality TV series as well as movies without paying a single penny. Its interface is user friendly and it also contains interesting content with respect to movies and TV series such as news, updates etc. One drawback associated to this website is that since it entirely runs on ads, so the clutter of too much ads becomes annoying for the users.

Other than the general categories, you can also check out the most viewed movies, ratings, latest, most favorite etc. This website is amazing for a regular usage.


One of a very famous and competitive websites, 123MoviesHub, is a great alternative to Watch 5S. It has a huge range of movies from all times. The navigation options are limited with only three bars from where you can select the type of content you wish to stream. TV series, Movies and Actors. The movie database is very vast.

The user interface is very convenient and that is the reason that this website has 1 million visitors on a monthly basis. You can access this interface from any platform.


Another platform to enjoy free movies is Vumoo. This is another great alternative to Watch 5S. it has movies, TV series of all kinds and its database remains up to date with latest content. If you are a Netflix fan, then here is the good news. The user interface of Vumoo is similar to that of Netflix.

You can enjoy watching and streaming movies here for free without the need of registering. You can also watch the trending videos on internet and there will be no ad interference once you are streaming. This is a must try alternative if you want to see some new content.


If you want to enjoy all the amazing high-quality videos then Rainierland is the best alternative to Watch 5S. Is high definition and it has a very vast collection of Thriller, Romance, Adventure and Family related movies. There are other categories too, containing best movies.

There is a drawback to this website, which like others, is the ads. In order to enjoy your favourite movie, one has to get rid of the ads. It is one of the best Watch 5S alternatives and has been like this for many years.


When looking for some latest and amazing content in terms of cinema, Moonline is quite similar choice to that of Watch 5S. You can play around in terms of selection with a variety of categories.

There is a feature named as “Replay Video Capture”. So, with this feature you can capture as well as convert the streamed movie. This is a complete site with a lot of amazing content and features other than the streaming.


Another well-known website which is a very good alternative to Watch 5S is LosMovies. It has revies and ratings for each movie. Its features are updated and is well-customized. There are critical services associated to this website. The user interface is enjoyable and easy.

The range of genres include war, romance, action, superhero, adventure and many more. As compared to other sites, this site offers great streaming.


Being one of the most searched for site; Putlocker, different names which are linked to this domain are very much famous when it comes to streaming something online. Putlocker9 is one of those. It is very much common with internet users due to a vast collection of TV shows and movies. It has old as well as new movies and streaming is quite easy and within a few clicks, you are ready to watch your favorite movie.

Most of the users like Putlocker9 more than Watch 5S due to its User Interface; it is quite straightforward. Last but not the least, you can even download the movie or TV show without paying any subscription fee.


Movie2k has amazing features and offers a hassle-free streaming. Not only this but there are no ad-breaks. This makes it one of the best alternatives to Watch 5S. You can see top IMDB movies, movies with respect to time, countries, and in alphabetical order.

You will enjoy watching movies on this platform since it has more positives. It has a lot of tools to offer and many new features to explore.


One of the top-rated websites for movie lovers, Cinebloom is extremely good in streaming. It is a very good alternative if Watch 5S is not working for you. All the content here is for free and most recent. There is an edge to this website. If you are a social media person, you can conveniently share whatever you recently viewed on this website.

This website requires a captcha filling exercise first. They do this to ensure security. But this is just once. After this, you can enjoy all the TV series and movies you desire without having the need of getting to sign up.