Looking for a Pivot? 6 Best Diplomas to Get for a Career Change

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The United States labor markets experienced close to 40 million layoffs early this year. However, despite the ravaging effects of COVID-19, the total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 1.4 million in August. The current pandemic might leave many unemployed Americans in limbo as the hunt for new jobs begins in earnest.

As the unemployment rates soar, the quest to move jobs among jobless Americans will be a likely outcome. Other factors such as unhappiness, demotivation, and poor pay often impact the individual decision to move jobs.

Best Diploma Programs for Your Career

Choosing the best diplomas as part of your education advancement strategy is the first step when making a career shift.

Are you looking to move jobs due to a lack of opportunities in your current profession or due to other extrinsic and intrinsic reasons? These six best diploma programs can help you kick start the process.

1Diploma in Business Administration

Before deciding to move from one job to the next, it’s important to consider the market. There are specific careers that are all season with impressive benefits. An undergraduate administration diploma is among the most lucrative options you have as you prepare to shift careers.

The best thing about administration jobs is their extent of marketability. You have the option to apply for placement in hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and private companies.

Marketers and managers are an integral component within the business landscape. As such taking up a course in business administration is worth your time and money. You’ll gain both practical and theoretical knowledge in marketing and management.

Your quest to shift careers will be easy to actualize with such fundamental knowledge in business management. The best part is that you have the opportunity to get into entry-level marketing and management roles with minimum experience.

Your focus when choosing a career path must always be the marketability of the course. The job placement rate for individuals who take up this career path is 100%. If you’re looking for a career path to help you shift into a new field, this diploma course is your best bet.

The program is about 1.5 years in length. On average, the courses last at least six weeks, depending on your speed as a student. Check out the information on the IMBC portal for more about this diploma program.

2Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

The cost of healthcare in the United States hit a staggering $3.65 trillion in the year 2018. With such expansion in the sector, any healthcare occupation will likely pay dividends in the medium and long-term. As a medical insurance billing and coding officer, you’ll lead the reimbursement process between the doctor’s office or hospital and the insurance companies.

The course is detail-oriented and may require a keen individual. If you’re looking to switch careers and you’re passionate about computers, this is among the best diploma programs you should consider.

Students who take up a course in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding should expect the program to last at least a year. However, the course length should be around six weeks per semester. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector’s job outlook will be at least 60,500 new jobs by the year 2028.

The current job placement for this career path is around 81%. Considering the high demand for healthcare, any individual hoping to shift careers should consider this course. You also have the option of taking up online classes and pursue an MHA degree.

3Diploma in Assisted Living Administration

The total number of Americans living in nursing homes stood at 1.5 million in the year 2019.  Considering the steady rise among the aging population in the United States, a diploma in Assisted Living Administration could be a perfect career path for you.

You can either work in a nursing home or take care of the elderly in home-based settings. Either way you have the guarantee of consistent job opportunities.

A diploma in Assisted Living Administration will expose you to critical lessons on residential rights, staffing and legal basics. You can also get vital information on residential care services, care planning, and aging and mental health support.

The course further exposes you to other critical care options, including engagement and enrichment. You’ll also get the chance to learn about palliative care and memory care when pursuing this course. The period for this course varies depending on the depth.

Assisted living administrators should be over 21 years, and at least one year experience providing any care services. If you’re looking for the best diploma programs and have a passion for palliative care, this course should interest you.

4Diploma Program in Digital Marketing Management

Corporate spending on digital marketing will hit a whopping $120 billion by the year 2021. With the growing focus on online marketing, more companies are looking for ways to maximize the massive traffic on the virtual markets. A seasoned digital marketing manager is all that’s missing in most of these organizations.

Are you looking for the best diploma for career change to pursue as you look to make the best out of your anticipated shift? A career in digital marketing could help you with the transition process. The diploma course combines both marketing management and digital marketing as you prepare for practical training.

The course may take between two and four semesters with a diploma as the reward for successful completion. You can add specialization electives in the course as you further your studies. For any individual hoping to make a shift in careers, a diploma in digital marketing could be worth the risk.

Careers in digital marketing are among the fastest-growing options in the labor market today. For any tech-savvy individual, a career as a digital strategist should be a high flying option for you. The best thing about this career path is the opportunity for future growth as digital marketing gains traction.

Are you looking to shift careers into a more growth-oriented sector? Then digital marketing should be your focus.

It would be best if you learn critical digital fields such as Google AdWords Certification, Google Analytics, and HubSpot Certifications as you take up this option.

5Diploma in Criminal Justice

Some people consider leaving their current jobs in search of new exciting opportunities. If this is you, then a career in criminal justice should fascinate you. This career path can open up your chances for numerous opportunities managing crime in the United States.

You will have the chance to expand your role in law enforcement, crime deterrence, and criminal behavior. Once you complete this course, you’ll also emerge with various other skills that set you up for promotion in the future. Whether you’re new to criminal justice or an officer looking to pivot your career, this is among the best diploma options today.

The best thing about this option is that you have endless opportunities for job placement. Most local and state law enforcement agencies often recruit more officers annually. Even with such annual recruitment, the gaps in law enforcement are still overwhelming.

Are you looking for a challenging career that opens up your potential for scaling the ladder? Then it would be best if you considered a diploma in criminal justice. Depending on your percentile, officers earn between $50,000 and $67,000 per year.

6Diploma in Nursing

If you’re looking for a career that can help you scale higher in healthcare provision, then taking up nursing is the answer. However, nursing requires patience as you grow through the ranks. A diploma as a registered nurse allows you to work in general practice or take up the specialty option.

With a current growth rate of 36% per annum, you still have a high chance of making it into the nursing sector. Today, a nurse practitioner earns an annual salary of $103,880. The best part is that you have the option of working in private or public healthcare settings.

With a diploma in nursing, you also can work as an adult, child or mental health nurse. You may also consider working in the nursing disability department. Such opportunities open you up for future growth. An academic pursuit in nursing is among the best diploma programs for an individual looking to move jobs soon.

Nursing requires empathy and impeccable communication skills. You must also show unique attention to detail. If you pursue a career in nursing, you might need to go develop these traits in your quest to resonate more with patients.

Pivot Your Career with These Six Best Diploma Programs

People move careers for varying reasons. Are you in search of adventure, or simply looking for a more fulfilling opportunity? You can pursue either of these best diploma programs as you kick start a journey of discovery.

The path towards career change requires an understanding of the job market. Currently, healthcare, digital marketing, business management, and criminal justice rank as the most lucrative options.

Are you scanning around for the best alternatives to consider for a possible shift in careers? You can have the peace of mind, knowing that these six options are the best diploma programs today.

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