How Does Food Deserts Affect Your Health?

How Does Food Deserts Affect Your Health

Food Deserts are an area where people have limited or inadequate access to healthy and affordable food. The reason for a food desert can be many, but in many cases, the reason is low income, or they don’t have proper access to these foods.

Impact of food deserts on health

The food desert area is where the poverty rate is greater than or equal to 29 percent and these people don’t have access to hygienic and healthier food. They face many health-related issues with no option. Food deserts have a high impact on your physical and mental health. To know more about how the food desert affects you follow the below-mentioned outcomes:

1Less Or No Vital Nutrients

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If you are living in food desert areas, you have very few access to foods from all groups. Due to this, you are highly prone to a deficiency disease. If you do not eat all the nutrients required by your body, then there will be various diseases that could affect you very badly. Hence it is important to have a nutritious diet to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2Obesity And Heart Related Disease

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If you are living in a food desert area, you are likely to face obesity, high cholesterol, and even heart-related problems. It is due to the fact that these areas don’t have healthily and you will consume a lot of unhealthy diets full of carbohydrates and fats. Obesity causes an increase in cholesterol levels that result in heart ailments. Heart alignment is a very risky life factor that could lead to severe health conditions.

3Affect Your Mental Health

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As said, in food deserted areas you will have limited access to food, and as a consequence, you will face many health problems. A person cannot be mentally fit if he’s suffering from some illness. As they all say that a sound mind rests in a sound body. Therefore, if your mental health is disturbed, you will face clashes between your professional and personal life. An unfit mind can’t deal with day to day life.

4Lack Of Concentration And Productivity

It has been seen that a person with good health is more attentive and productive as compared to someone who has many ailments. When you are unhealthy, you cannot concentrate and focus on your work. As a result, you will eventually lose your morale for work which will affect your results.

5Unhealthy Eating Habits

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When people with minimal access to food generally feel hungry almost every time in a day. Due to this, they eat whatever they get like junk and unhealthy food. It causes some serious problems because eating unhealthy food multiple times increases their calorie intake, which may result in obesity and being overweight as per calm sage. And if they are not eating this unhealthy stuff, they remain hungry for long hours which results in decreased nutrients. So all these factors directly or indirectly affect your health.

6Risk Of Communicable Diseases

When you do not have healthful food, you are likely to eat junk food from roadside snacks. It is risky because the food you are eating may contain bacteria and viruses that cause many communicable diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and many more. These disease-causing bacteria can make you sick. So it would be best if you stay very careful while snacking outside. These foods are also proven to cause obesity and many digestions related diseases.

Final Words

Many regions are food deserted because of large populations and poverty. So they lack the necessary food facilities and face several diseases. When it comes to you,  it is your duty to keep yourself healthy in any situation. This is how food deserts affect your health.

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