8 Things That Can Help You Lose Weight While Sleeping

sleeping pillow

Which is the best place to lose weight? The muscle-bound personal trainers say it is in the gym, raising their hands. Nutritionists, organic produce spreaders, dieticians and few chefs hanging diet plans to the crowds are saying it is in the kitchen. However, they are all wrong. As real, positive, maintainable weight loss arises from attaining brilliance in a totally unanticipated empire that is the bedroom.

Below are 8 ways to burn fat while sleeping:

Sleep More

When tired, you tend to probably eat more whether you notice it or not. If you are deprived of sleep, then there is a rise in ghrelin, a hormone that makes you eat more. They will have a decrease in leptin, which is a hormone that tells to stop when you are full. Not only you crave for more food when sleep-deprived, but also you want junkier food. The body desires simple carbohydrates which include pastries, chocolate, candy that it can break down quickly for instant energy.

For the period of deep sleep, the brain secretes a large amount of growth hormone, which tells the body how to break down fat for fuel. You should withdraw body of deep sleep, and when additional calories get stored as fat, there is not sufficient growth hormone to break it down. So body takes a shortcut and packs it away in the thighs, butt, or belly.

Resistance Training

You should do a resistance training workout to burn additional fat. Exercising with weights burns fat while you are working out, and also raises the metabolic rate for up to 48 hours. At night, resistance training can aid to release stress and also it really reduces the muscle soreness the next day.

Pre-sleep resistance training can actually aid to enhance the weight you lose during sleep. As per a journal printed in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, the patients who achieved resistance exercises enjoyed a higher resting metabolic rate for an average of 15 hours after their workout.

Fit Protein in Before Bed

Although conventional wisdom states us that eating before bed is bad news for our waistline, a new the study found that a light snack could truly help in weight loss. Florida State University researchers discovered that people who drank a 150-calorie protein shake 40 to 60 minutes before bed experienced a quicker metabolism, reduced blood pressure, and healthier metabolic function.

The protein comprises nutrients crucial for the body to function and repair itself. The essential and nonessential amino acids in protein sources are accountable for constructing and repairing body tissues, which is required for anyone trying to lose weight and who may be exercising often. Extreme exercise can cause muscle tissue to break down; intense sufficient protein aids to repair and rebuild the muscle tissues, and avoid further breakdown. Eating protein before sleeping may also aid in keeping metabolism high and avoid hunger cravings.

Eat Cottage Cheese before Bed

Eating cheese before bed may no longer be the stuff of nightmares as a new study has discovered that it could help in weight loss. Creating a connection between cottage cheese ingestion before bedtime and its weight loss advantages is a significant privilege to make. Cottage cheese can be taken as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a workout. Cottage cheese of 100 grams that are approximately six tablespoons classically comprises a protein of 11g and 90 calories which can aid to get to your goal weight. The protein balances the appetite and keeps you complete for longer, so as an alternative of getting for a high-sugar snack or somewhat with fat and sugar such as doughnuts or ice cream, a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese is a healthier substitute.

Also, it can be eaten any time of the day and is perfect as a coating on bread, potatoes, salads, or on its own as goodies with fruit.

Eat Small Meals throughout the Day

Eating six times a day can alleviate the body’s energy levels. It also aids to keep hunger at bay, which can avoid you from overeating. You should take lesser calories than you can actually burn if you want to lose weight with this meal plan. You must make a 3,500-calorie deficit to drop a pound a week.

Below are some tips:

  • Daily calorie intake should be divided into six meals. Each meal should cover approximately a similar number of calories.
  • Every three hours you should eat to spread the meals throughout the day. To lose weight, you should eat six meals a day, and make a regular eating plan.
  • Keep the portion sizes small. If you fall to reduce portion sizes then that is one of the most common mistake weight watchers make when beginning eating six meals a day.
  •   A source of protein and fibre at each mini-meal should be introduced. Those nutrients are vital for the weight loss program as they help in satiety.

Sleep in Complete Darkness

Human body’s biological the clock has changed over hundreds of generations to support physiology with the environment and body clock adopts that, like our ancestors, we sleep at night and stay awake during daylight hours.

If you confuse the situation by staying up late and not giving yourself enough hours of sleep, or even taking meals at odd hours, then it will send inconsistent signals to your body.

One way this happens is by changing levels of important hormones related to appetite and eating behaviour. When you do not get proper sleep, then body reduces production of leptin, the hormone that tells the brain there is no requirement for more food. At the same time, it causes a rise in levels of ghrelin, a hormone that activates hunger.

Shut off all Screens

Before you get ready for bed, it is very important to shut down all bedroom electronic devices. Blue light, which is released from tablets and smartphones, disturbs the body’s melatonin production resulting in metabolism disruption. Long television screen time with greater levels of triglycerides are linked with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome and lower adiponectin, a protein responsible for modifying glucose levels and breakdown of fatty acid.

Keep Balanced-Diet at Night

In the course of your eating period of 8 hours, it’s vital to eat only healthy foods and stay within your calorie limit. Having 2 to 3 healthy and balanced meals is advised. It is powerfully warned that a low carb diet should be used during intermittent fasting.

Fast during day and meal at night is the key saying of the warrior diet. The eating gap in the warrior diet is about 4 hours. But, fasting does not mean that you can eat almost anything they see. The diet should be calorie limited, natural as well as organic. Warrior diet guides in eating raw fruits and vegetables with a balanced diet at night.


Intake of a balanced diet at night and exercising often will aid to prevent excess weight gain. When you are physically active, then that means you are in a good position of attaining the weight-loss goals. If you want to lose the desired weight rapidly, then you have to make sure to start by checking on your nutrition. The need to know the correct kind of food to eat daily is very much important.