Things You Should Know Before Taking Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga

Awareness of health and the importance of yoga has been increased throughout the world in recent times. Eventually, it increases the popularity for yoga teachers and instructors, which in turn increases the yoga teacher training courses too. Yoga has become a lifestyle for most people.

In order to lead a healthy and happy life, yoga is the best solution for it. When you are totally passionate about yoga and health, you would prefer yoga training as it keeps you and also others healthy by sharing your knowledge and experiences. In that case, if you are planning to join one of the best 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you have to know a few things beforehand.

Expect Nothing

In this journey of training, it is better you don’t expect anything and just go with the flow. Follow your passion and give your best. Involvement and commitment are the most important factors while stepping into your journey. Only if you are ready to commit your time and energy, you could be a better teacher and train others.

Set your plan

Once you decide to start, set your intentions correctly and plan them. Be clear on why you are practicing yoga and why you need to train others. Once you are done with your plan, it’s better to start up with a 200-hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. By taking this training, you will get an in-depth knowledge of yoga and also your body will start to adapt to the moves and asanas. So, a correct plan before joining will decide your entire journey.

Learn yourself

More than taking up the training classes, yoga is all about self-learning. When you study, you will get to know more about yoga. Start studying and learn yourself.

Make mistakes

It is normal for a human to commit mistakes. On your first day of training, you will come across many new names, asanas, postures, subjects and more. It may confuse you, you may not understand and you may also tend to commit mistakes. But that’s totally fine. Learn from your mistakes, as mentioned above yoga is all about self-learning. When you commit a mistake, take it as your opportunity to learn from that mistake. When you feel some subject to be difficult or you don’t understand, feel free to approach your mentors and gain more knowledge.

Love the pain

When you go through this training, you will surely go through a lot of pain and crying. During your first few days, you will feel uncomfortable, tired and a lot of pain. But, once you get through these you will definitely get along with these and you will start to love your pain. Don’t let your pain make you weak and never stop it. Stay strong and stay motivated until you get used to it. No matter what just love it and go with the flow.

Take care of yourself

As mentioned before, injuries may occur at every stage of your yoga practice. You must be careful and also learn how to avoid hurting. Always remember that the best teacher is you. Best teachers are the one who learns from their pain, take it as an experience. When you get a better experience, you would help your students in the future when they undergo the same process.

Keep the above points in mind, and you can start your journey even in India, by taking up a 100 hour yoga teacher training in India. When you complete your training course, you will actually realize that it is the beginning of your new life.

Yoga is not about showing your ability or getting into shapes, yoga is for our self-care, to improve our patience and adds peace to our mind. Keep your intentions clear, learn from your heart, teach through your experiences, share and grow together.