Why a Heat Recovery Ventilation System Could Save You Money

heat recovery ventilation system

Homes can be draughty and inefficient, and they can be expensive to heat and hard to manage when it comes to temperature control and moisture issues. This is where a heat recovery ventilation system could change the game. These devices allow a better flow of healthier air in any home and reduce the impact or presence of excessive detrimental moisture. This guide explores all the ways the right heat recovery ventilation system can save you money.

They are Energy Efficient

The number one reason to look at is the energy factor. Heating a home can really impact your energy bills and carbon footprint, especially in the colder months. Homes are also prone to losing this heat owing to draughts, window issues, and general ventilation features.

A heat recovery system allows a better flow of air and dissipation of heat throughout a property. It also recovers heat that would otherwise be lost through the above factors. For the average person with this type of system installed in their home, heating bills and associated energy costs are reduced (over a period of time) by up to 30% – a major saving that cannot be dismissed in the current economical climate or generally.

Improve AirFlow in the Home

After installation, these types of highly tested and certified systems improve the air quality and make it better for your health. Fresh air and clean air are scientifically proven to support better concentration levels and motivation in our brains.

Therefore, with a better quality of flow in-house, anyone working at home will feel more productive, mental health will be better nurtured, and there will be an increased motivation towards physical activity too. There are health benefits that cannot be ignored and, these systems have even been proven to combat asthma issues.

A healthy, supported individual is much more likely to make good financial decisions, work more constructively and engage in health-based activities.

Viable Solution to Alternative Expensive Renovation

If your home has issues with mould, as most homes do, then you will know the pain of the consequences. Mould can infiltrate rapidly and when it takes root, it is incredibly hard to eradicate. The issue comes from too much trapped moisture in a room or area. This moisture then builds through condensation and festers, allowing mould to develop.

Mould is unsightly, can cause aesthetic damage, is dangerous to combat regularly and can cause significant health issues. Therefore, if you have the option to deter it – why wouldn’t you? These ventilation systems can save you time, energy and money and enable a homeowner to avoid costly renovations and replastering, retiling or re-wallpapering owing to mould-based issues.

It is hard to deny the benefits of heat recovery ventiallation when you observe all of the associated beneficial facts. The positive after-effects speak for themselves and are rapidly changing the way homes function and operate. The future of home management and operations is through embracing these types of changes and respecting the environment while nurturing physical and mental well-being.