Heat Recovery System – Pros and Cons

heat recovery system

If you struggle with moisture and poor air quality in your house, you might be considering the installation of a heat recovery system. These units consist of vents and channels that focus on airflow and moisture extraction and have shown to have some major benefits for health and the environment. Before you sign on the dotted line, read this article to discover the pros and cons.



Heat recovery systems can have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. They enable more efficient use of heating energy within the home through air circulation methods and impeding heated air from escaping through windows and other vents.

Saves Money

Over the course of time, this type of system can also save you substantial amounts of energy related costs. Your heating bill, for example, will be affected positively as your home will be working less hard to retain heat which eliminates the need for prolonged use. Figures show that up to 30% of total energy costs can be reduced after installation benefits take hold.

Reduces Harmful Mould 

A big drive for installing a heat recovery system is to eliminate mould, and mildew, and generally reduce moisture levels within the home. Moisture is naturally present and unavoidable; however, the issues that it causes can be sidestepped. Mould can cause damage to paintwork and wallpaper/tiling, and plaster as well. Aside from aesthetic factors, mould is detrimental to human health and causes respiratory issues which can lead to serious complications. By reducing condensation and improving air quality, a heat recovery ventilator has become a key player in the fight against such threats.

Improves Air Quality 

Finally, the air in your home will be healthier. This is because it is freshened as the system goes through its basic functions. Fresh air is better for mental and physical health and can improve general home quality.


Installation and Running Costs

Yet, despite their positive influence over energy costs within the home, these systems still take their toll on your electricity bill. There is a cost associated with running the systems and keeping them going, therefore, you are likely to see a natural increase in your electricity monetary demands. There is also the cost of the installation which can vary depending on how complex a system you choose to install, your location, and interior considerations such as where the unit will be placed.

Requires Space

Heat recovery systems are not small and require a significant patch of space to sit. If you don’t have the space to give, it is unlikely to be a viable option.

It is up to you as to whether the pros outweigh the cons. There are undeniable benefits in these kinds of systems not just for your bills but for the environment as well. Yet, they are not always an option for people with smaller homes or a lack of sufficient space to work with. Overall, their positive impact on mental and physical health is a driving factor in their continued growth and success.