10 Ways To Keep Trees Healthy

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keep your trees healthy

Trees are the most valuable asset you can invest in. You grow a tree one time and get benefits from it for a lifetime. It gives you shade, fruit, various items that can be made from nutrients extracted from a tree’s trunk. There are various medicines and medical treatments in which nutrients extracted from trees are used. The reason why it is used in medicines is that it is full of vital minerals and nutrients which are very good for recovery.

Trees make the environment healthy and fresh. Everyone should at least plant one tree. It is very important for today’s world because deforestation is very prevalent in some areas which is a very bad thing. For personal profits, people cut down the trees and hence it is very bad for the environment.

Besides this, trees produce oxygen which is essential for human beings and animals. Without it, there can be a shortage of oxygen. Therefore, you should plant trees as much as you can around you.

If you live in an area which is surrounded by trees, then it is very beneficial for you as you will always have purified air and a fresh aroma. They reduce the bad quality of air and become a home for many birds. It creates a peaceful environment and doesn’t even ask for a lot of your money. It is very easy to buy seeds and plant a tree. The difficult task is to maintain its proper health. It is a natural process that if you will not take care of things, then they’ll get damaged because of lack of proper care.

10 Ways to keep your trees healthy and nourished

For a plant to grow healthily, it needs proper care and nourishment. There are several ways by which you can keep your trees healthy and nourished. You only have to take some time from your daily life to maintain the good health of your trees. With Family Tree Healthcare services you can grow your trees healthy and protect them from various diseases.

1Plant a tree that is area friendly

Before planting any tree, always check if the area is a perfect place for planting a specific tree. Not every tree can survive in any climate. Some trees grow well in a place where it receives sunlight most of the time and some grow well where it is mostly cold. So, you need to check which plant will grow well in your geographical area and according to that, you need to plant trees.

2Mulch is important

There should always be mulch around your tree’s area. It protects the roots of your trees from every type of damage. Not only this, but it also helps the soil around the tree’s root  from bad air quality and bacteria.

3Trim your trees regularly

Trees need proper trimming from time to time. If your tree is overgrowing, then you need to trim trees properly to save them from various things, it may come in contact with because of its overgrown trunks. This is not good for your trees as it can damage them. Not only has this, to remain in proper and good shape, but trees also need trimming regularly.

4Fertilize only when it’s needed

Fertilizers are not something that your trees need daily. Young trees may need fertilizers more often as compared to mature and well-grown trees. If your trees are well grown, then there are even chances that they will need feeding once a year. Hence, you have to feed the trees according to requirements and fertilize them occasionally.

5Pest’s controls are very important

Just like having unwanted plants near trees is not in your hand, likewise, there will be a lot of harmful insects around your tree and you cannot stop them. A tree is a home for so many birds and insects and it is good for wildlife. But at times, these insects may be very harmful to your tree’s health and it can hurt them. So, for this reason, you need to spray pest control on your trees from time to time.

6Do not grow grass near your trees

You must think that growing grass near your trees will be a good option. It may look good but it is not good for your tree’s health. The supply of nutrients will be divided. The nutrients your trees get from air and water will be divided and your tree will grow slowly. Not only this, but the unwanted grass also harms the soil present around the roots of your tree. So, it is advised that you should maintain grass-free land around your tree for good nourishment.

7Schedule a check-up of your trees

Make a proper schedule for checking your trees. By doing this, you will be able to see what your trees need or if it needs any special care from you. Also, by doing this you will get to know about your tree’s health and if any specific chemicals need to be sprayed.

8Protect the roots of your trees

You need to protect the roots of your trees yourself. You need to grow it in such an area that is away from direct contact with heavy vehicles. If cars or any other vehicle will regularly go from your tree’s roots, then it is very unhealthy for your tree. Also, it will reduce the supply of oxygen and it will hamper the growth of your tree. So, when you are planning to plant a tree, then you have to plant it in an open area.

9Water your trees properly

Watering the plants and trees is very important. Every living thing needs water to survive. As far as young trees are concerned, then it needs so much water daily but when it comes to mature trees, then you may give water it on alternate days and it will be enough. Before watering your trees, you need to keep some things in mind. You should give sufficient water to the roots with proper care. It is not important to water the leaves of the plant, because nutrition is supplied from the roots and if the roots will be strong, then automatically the whole tree will be nourished.

10Keep a tap on your trees

After planting your tree, you need to keep a proper check on it. Visit the place where you have planted your tree so that you can see if it needs any special care or if any dead leaves need to be trimmed off.


So, the above-mentioned points, you can keep your trees healthy for a longer period. Use good quality sprays on your tree so that it cannot harm its health in any way. Please note that you don’t have to overwater your plants as it can be harmful to them. Various products are available in the market which can be fed to your trees and can help them grow better.

You can even make a small shed around your trees to protect them from direct sunlight and as a consequence, they will be protected from harsh UV rays. Trees are very important for the earth and it also benefits individuals in several ways. By keeping these things in mind, you can achieve the optimum health and healthy growth of your trees.