Vaping As A Part Of Luxury Life


Vaping has grown in popularity at an astonishing rate and pace. In the same time, the demand for high-quality and unique vape products has risen. That’s because the global vaping industry employs marketing and advertising campaigns that target a younger generation hooked on self-expression.

Millennials are looking to set themselves apart. They want their belongings to demonstrate their personality and be the signs of their lifestyle and success. They are prone to chase limited clothing lines, have unique tattoos, and decorate their houses by extraordinary pieces of furniture. And since the vast majority of millennials see themselves as being “on the cutting edge of technology,” it’s no surprise that they use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional ones.

When vaping rhymes with luxury

When we read about vaping etiquette on, we know it’s a thing of fashion. When educates the visitors on the safety issues of vape mods, we know it’s more than just a business that attracts attention It’s something wealthy people are interested in as a personal hobby.

While e-cigarettes have become democratized, some are branded as luxury products. The best vape mod (see it here) is a symbol of social status, as a designer accessory is.

Indeed, some electronic smoking devices look quite stylish and sophisticated. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are designed for every type of user. Some are made of exotics woods and burls, acrylic marble and other glamorous materials. Others are embellished with eye-catching and cool drawings.

For popular brands, you can expect a quality e-cigarette for about $60 to $200. For those who are interested rather in the best vaping experience than the price, the manufactures offer more expensive devices and e-liquids.

The major difference between $50 and $350 device is the degree of customizability. A more expensive e-cig is usually more easy-to-use and has more features that allow creating your personal ideal vape experience. It’s more powerful and maintains exceptional performance.

Some devices are costly. For example, Duke SX is retailed at around $800, Gepetto Elite V2 goes by a little less under $1000, TI 26650 TOPHAT will cost you $7999.99.

How do think, what’s the price of the most expensive e-cig in the world? The Russian oligarch paid UK Shisha sticks $887 000 to craft a diamond-encrusted gift for his girlfriend. Well, it’s hard to define the right word for it: a ridiculously expensive vape pen or a piece of jewelry?

Luxury vaping: pure marketing or worth the money?

People are ready to spend their money on high-powered vape mod kits and premium e-liquids. But why?

In a world dominated by social media and celebrities, even an outfit change can make the photos go viral and send the Instagram trends crazy. So, when a whole lot of celebrities took up vaping, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Remember Leonardo DiCaprio making headlines after The SAG Awards in 2015? The actor using his vape pen during the ceremony was even the hotter topic that his award for the best leading role. Sienna Miller followed Leo’s example and appeared with her vape pen at the Golden Globes. In 2016, Katy Perry joined the list of A-list vaping celebs attending the Golden Globe with her e-cig.

Paparazzi regularly take photos of celebrities who vape not just on red carpets, but in their everyday lives. Some of the most famous vapers are Johnny Depp, Drake, Lady Gaga, Tom Hardy, Katherine Heigl, Samuel L. Jackson, and Charlie Sheen.

Such rappers as Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, and A$AP Rocky went further. They developed their own lines of vaping devices. Even more, musicians featured the products in their music videos.

Celebrity endorsement is an effective way to reckon people buy a product. A possible customer sees his favorite actor or a singer vaping, and that means the following: no need to throw cash at fancy clothes, shoes, or jewelry to get that A-lister look, buy the best vape mod, and you’ll be halfway there.

OK, advertising doesn’t always make us buy the product. Vaping is appealing to so many people for various reasons. And here’re they:

safest alternative to smoking yet

Public-health officials claim that it’s better to vape than smoke. Cigarette smoke is a nasty chemical blend. It contains about 70 carcinogens, as well as carbon monoxide (a poison), particulates, highly toxic heavy metals such as cadmium and lead, oxidizing chemicals and various other organic compounds.

The composition of vape mod vapor varies between brands. Several types of research show that it does contain some nasty things, but if a tobacco cigarette emits the thousands of them while it is burning, e-cig vapor contains merely hundreds.

The main ingredients of e-liquid – propylene glycol and glycerol – are believed to be mostly harmless when inhaled. At least, their levels in vapor are low enough to be considered insignificant.

Healthy is the new cool

A healthy way of life has never been more popular. The image of a beautiful and healthy person is actively cultivated by media. Many of us go in some kind of physical activity, are on some type of a diet, or use alternative methods of keeping fit (massages, acupuncture, etc.). Since harmful habit is a no-no in a healthy lifestyle, those who can’t quit smoking just switch to a safer option.

Rich man’s game

Thrill-seekers like to take part in competitive vaping or “cloud-chasing,” which refers to performing tricks with vapes. It’s a competitive sport that has grown in popularity as quickly as vaping itself.

The tournaments are organized on the proper level – there’re teams, judges, vaping fans, event sponsors. It’s hard to believe that vaping was once a niece hobby for small groups of people. Now, the community comprises millions of vapers around the world.

Vaping finally made smoking really uncool

We’re used to seeing models puffing on their cigarettes on the pages of glossy magazines and even on the runway. This trend is fading. Today, we can see vapes on the fashion photos, runways, on the backstage. Models like Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss were caught vaping on camera several times.

Anything can be a fashion accessory, including an e-cig. It’s all about finding a perfect product for you. And since it doesn’t seem that vaping trend will disappear anytime soon, it makes sense to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a device that will make a statement.