10 Tips to Increase Online Sales for Your eCommerce Site

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Running an ecommerce site is like taking forward a complete business the way people do in the real world. It is based on an eCommerce platform or a specific technology that needs regular updates and maintenance. The speed and performance of an ecommerce site also matter the most to increase online sales. There must be a marketing strategy that needs to consider both online and traditional marketing techniques. The users also need care in terms of discounts and coupons.

How to Increase Online Sales for Your eCommerce Site

You can start with the following tips to increase online sales for your ecommerce website.

Differentiate landing pages

Landing pages are designed for specific purposes. These must be different than the usual CMS pages of your ecommerce website. It helps the customers take notice of it when they land on it either from a search engine or social media.

A simple and clear landing page is the most effective one. However, its design needs to be easy for the end-users. It shall help users to quickly find all about the product or service, and navigate easily to the cart or checkout options.

Simplify the purchase process

A usual method of placing an order starts with ‘Add to Cart’ that leads to cart review, and multiple checkout steps. To simplify the purchase process, you can shorten the checkout process as it includes filling up details on multiple pages. The conventional checkout can be replaced by a one-page or one-click checkout. Use Magento extension to do so and any plugin suitable to the eCommerce platform you use.

For example, one-click checkout takes users directly to the payment, shipping, and billing rather than multiple reviews of the cart page. Similarly, one-page checkout removes the hassle of loading and waiting for each checkout stage as it acquires all the information on a single page.

Offer a variety of payment methods

payment methods

Users have their preferences. They need to select from multiple options. If you compel them to use the only payment process you allow, they are more likely to leave the store. Try to include multiple payment methods. For example, most people prefer cash on delivery, some may prefer to use credit cards for allowing discounts, or others may want to protect their bank details by preferring payment options like PayPal.

Cut-off additional charges

Online buyers are most likely to shop around in pursuit of saving time and money. They are comfortable with the product price as they have gone through several discounts, but any additional fee may stop them and reconsider their purchase. If you want them to continue shopping then remove an extra cost they have to incur while placing orders. It may include the shipping charges as well. Most of the ecommerce sites offer free shipping on orders of higher amounts. You can do the same as they will shop more to save shipping charges.

Customer-friendly return policy

refund policy

Getting a product that they did not offer is common in online shopping. The buyers often worry about the product they are about to order. They are fearful that they will get the exact shade, color, style, or size they have selected. Therefore, they want assurance of return or refund on friendly terms after purchases. The return policy matters the most as it shows how much a business is helpful to its target audience.

Quick delivery

delivery options

Online buyers are quite anxious to get the products as soon as they place an order. If you are committed to increase sales for your ecommerce store then take the most reliable shipping partners for deliveries. For local customers, you can offer 24 hours delivery and 2-3 days for serving in a state. For overnight deliveries, you can contact bike riders from a startup who take even less than 24 hours in picking the parcel from your warehouse and dropping at the customers’ location. Look into other ways of meeting customers’ expectations in quick deliveries. They like to spread the word and excitement of getting products in time. As a result, you get more referrals who are more likely to become your loyal customers.

Offer pick up option

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Shopping from an ecommerce site is a bit different from the conventional experience. Consumers are unable to see, touch, and evaluate the fabric, stitch, color, design, or size of the items. They often leave the online stores when they are not clear about the exact size or color they may need. To help them avail the facility, you can offer them to pick up orders from one of your store locations near them. They will love the idea as they can check and try the product, and take it peacefully home. It saves them shipping charges and waiting for the orders.

Add value to products

There are always two general options for you to sell a product. You can either sell a substandard quality to gain higher conversions or higher quality for fewer sales but satisfied customers. Adding value to a product may compel you to increase its price as well. In the wake of delivering premium quality, you may lose a portion of clients, but those who continue placing orders will be satisfied and repeat ones. Selling poor-quality goods to people may not help them return to your store. Therefore, it is better to focus on delivering quality so that you are remembered and recommended.

Try Email Marketing

email marketing survey

Email marketing is one of the effective mediums of communication updates to your store users. Take consent from users to receive emails when they place orders or encourage guest users to subscribe to the email newsletter to remain in contact with the store. They are interested in getting email updates. Sending them a new product, the innovative aspect of a service, or a discount offer will make them place orders. Such a community is not responsive to conventional emails; however, they instantly take action when their benefit is highlighted with attractive deals.

Use social media advertising

social media influences purchase decisions

Social media platforms have attracted millions of subscribers who spend a couple of hours every day knowing about people and brands. Why don’t you reach out to them more informally and engagingly?  Social media network has a brilliant classification of user data concerning their age groups, gender, profession, and other preferences. Spend a little bit of social media advertisement, show an ad to your specific audience, and get qualified leads.

Starting an ecommerce site may be easier, but maintaining it continuously takes a lot of work. It may require you to keep looking for various marketing and communication strategies, improving the user experience, removing issues and bugs, and enhancing its functionality. I hope the tips in this post may help you begin with increasing sales for your ecommerce site.