Business Analyst Job Description, Qualifications & Skills

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With organizations becoming more innovative and dynamic in how they do their tasks, the role of a business analyst is becoming highly prominent. Business analyst job descriptions are the positions that lead the organization to change. In this blog, you will get to understand job descriptions and their outlook.

Who is a business analyst?

The business analyst understands the functioning of the organization to accomplish the purpose. In turn, they provide the services and the products to the stakeholders.

The technical business analyst job description is first to understand the organization’s working and then craft an image of how they want the organization to function in the future. The job description involves framing ways to take the organization from where it is to where it wants to reach.

Business analyst job description

The software business analyst job description is the most coveted position and plays a pivotal role in the organization. The job description covers collaborating with IT and the financial reporting team to frame strategies and initiatives that help to optimize cost and improve the external and internal reporting.

The analyst is a crucial part of the project. Apart from the responsibilities and job description sample, the analyst will perform all of these activities:

  • They work along with the project managers.
  • They will have to handle several projects at one time. They thus need to be able to prioritize their deadlines well.
  • They need to understand the organization’s business processes that are relevant to meet the project goals.
  • Document processing helps in refining the problem that the project aims to solve. They carry out proper documentation that includes diagrams to model the working of the company.
  • They need to figure out how the established policy and the actual world differ. They also need to ensure that. You should follow the proper protocols and procedures
  • They do a lot of brainstorming to find out solutions to ensure complete and in-depth knowledge.
  • They are also good at understanding the technical terms and can comprehend the details.

This makes a business analyst critical to the success of a project. They are capable of translating the technical jargon so that the team members can understand them. Analysts are also well versed in the organization-specific lingos that can let the computer programmers understand and incorporate them into their framework.

The business analyst job description is to implement solutions to ensure that the technical and the business ends meet. They are involved in system testing and create user manuals. However, because of the job description, and workload, they may have to put in extra hours to meet tight deadlines.

Educational qualification of a business analyst

The senior business analyst job description involves the following training and certifications.

  • They usually have a bachelor’s degree in the related area, which could be in finance economics, accounting, or statistics.
  • The training for the position usually happens at the job. However, in some cases, one may need prior experience as a junior analyst.
  • There are certifications available that qualify one as a analyst.

Competencies and skills of a business analyst

In addition to their education, the technical analyst job description should pertain to the following skills and competencies. These soft skills are essential to work well and grow in the career. Jigsaw Academy provides business analyst certification that can help your employment opportunities.

  • They need to be a programmer, but he should understand the working of the technical systems and how You can change them if need be. This is the IT business analyst job description. The solutions should be such that a programmer can incorporate them.
  • They should possess problem-solving skills. They need to understand the organization and then formulate a plan to change and improve it.
  • Analytical skills are a must in a business analyst. They should process several pieces of information, evaluate the cost and the benefits and solve complex business issues.
  • Good communication skills let the business analyst explain their analysis and offer recommendations in the meetings.
  • They are detail-oriented, creating highly effective business solutions. They need to understand how .to analyze several details carefully.
  • They are comfortable with maths. They also should be able to use software like databases and financial analysis spreadsheets.
  • They have good writing skills, which let them present their information in a written format that is clear and can be understood by the audience.


business analytics course opens up many employment avenues. It is expected that the demand for various kinds of business analysts will grow in the next decade. Jigsaw Academy offers business analytics certification that can help advance your career potential.