Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business


To upgrade the business strategies and improve business growth, organizations prefer using social media marketing tools. Because, in this digitization world, social media is one of the topmost trends.

As per the analysis, 3.02 billion people are active on social media (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.) multiple times a day. And due to large data sharing over the internet, organizations are facing problem in managing their business activities.

“Are you going through similar difficulties? Want to get rid of all these difficulties?”

Start using social media marketing tools, as it will help you to manage all your activities like managing contact information, grabbing customers interest, track business performance, etc. easily.

In this digital marketing era, there are various types of social media marketing tool like HubSpot, HootSuite, Sprout Social, etc. From all the above HubSpot inbound marketing is preferred as it helps you to build more customer experience by providing services and products in a better and customized way.

Now, Let’s take a look at the top 10 social media marketing tools that are commonly used to leverage more customer, manage information and enhance business productivity.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools


In this inbound marketing era, organizations want to engage more people through informative content and by performing sales and marketing services in less time and money.

HubSpot provides a free and powerful tool that helps you to generate more traffic on your website and convert more customers into leads.

Using HubSpot marketing tool, you can easily build a deeper relationship with your leads and generate traffic. Also, you can organize customer data, track your website performance, evaluate the interest of customers, automate your business tasks by sending automatic emails, etc. easily and efficiently.

Organizations primary aim is to strategize the business processes to generate more revenue by increasing clicks on the website.

“Do you wish the same?”

Go and start using the HubSpot marketing tool as it will integrate all your marketing efforts such as SEO, social media, emails, CRM, etc. into a single platform and improve your marketing strategies and lead you to generate better results.

Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot provides various services according to the packages. It includes FREE CRM, sales hub, marketing hub, and service hub. To avail Free CRM services, you just have to log in with HubSpot. To know the packages of HubSpot Sales Hub, Service Hub and Marketing Hub, read below:

Package Sales Hub Service Hub Marketing Hub
Starter Starting at $35/month Starting at $35/month Starting at $35/month
Professional Starting at $400/month Starting at $400/month Starting at $800/month
Enterprise $1,200/month $1,200/month $3,200/month



It is another simple social media marketing tool which will help your social media marketers to schedule more than 35 posts over different social media platforms. By using Hootsuite tool, you can easily determine the best time to post the content and track the engagement of clients. This will also help you to attract more people in less time.

Most liked the thing about this tool is its interface. It’s simple and less confusing. Marketers can streamline and monitor social content in one place efficiently.

Hootsuite provides inexpensive paid options which will help your team members to understand the performance of your campaign easily.

HootSuit pricing

Are you Interested to know about the pricing of this robust analytic tool?

Professional plan Starts at $19/month to schedule unlimited posts on 10 social profiles.
Team plan Starts at $99/month. Gives 20 social profiles and 3 users.
Business plan Starts at $499. Gives 50 social profiles and 5 years.

Want to go for a free trial?

Don’t worry! Hootsuite provides 30-day free trial and evaluates whether you will be able to able to strategize your business activities or not.

Hopefully, Yes.


The buffer is another hot favorite social media management tool as it offers multiple features such as analytics, scheduling the post,  publishing the content accurately, engagement and many more.

If you are facing problem in posting data over the social network, use Buffer tool as it will help you to easily integrate with Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Organizations that are using the Buffer tool aims to engage more people, increase clicks, and generate more traffic to your website. By using this tool, you can share the new content directly from the tool and analyze your business plan efficiently.

Buffer tool will help you to evaluate past posts. This tool is mostly preferred by the organizations who are looking to increase their engagement by spending some amount of money.

Buffer Pricing

  • Free Trial for 7 days
  • Pay $15/month for 8 social profiles, 1 user.
  • Pay $99/month for 25 social profiles, 5 users.
  • Pay $199/month for 50 social profiles, 10 users.
  • Pay $399/month for 150 social profiles, 25 users.


OptinMonster tool is used for lead generation and engaging more visitors at the right time and the right place. Know more about lead generation techniques to use this marketing tool easily.

OptinMonster provides the feature of drag-n-drop which will help you to easily visualize and build landing pages, pop-ups, and stunning lightbox for capturing more leads.

The best part about Opti Monster tool is that you can use this tool for a social media marketing campaign and to share your best performance with your leads over facebook messenger through its chatbot element.

Let’s move to the main focus of business organizations. Yes, Pricing!

If you are already a customer of Opti Monster, then upgrade your plans and avail premium services.

OptinMonster Pricing

  • Basic plan: Start at $9 per month
  • Plus plan: Start at $19 per month
  • Pro plan: Start at $29 per month

The billing of all the above plans is done annually to maintain the customer relationship.

5Sprout social


Sprout Social is another social media marketing tool which helps your marketing managers to effectively control the efforts by coordinating with all your team members.

This tool provides the feature of customer relationship management, monitoring, analytics, reporting, scheduling, and many more. It is similar to Hootsuite.

The most common advantage which I found about Sprout Social is its reporting features. You can directly download and send the reports to the clients or managers without making any updates.

Including all the above, Sprout Social also offers social monitoring, sats analysis, and keyword searching feature. It will help you to monitor your brand on various social networking sites and upgrade your marketing efforts easily.

Sprout social pricing

  • Offers 30-day free trial
  • Starts at $99- 5 social profiles per month
  • Get more by paying- $149- 10 social profiles per month
  • To get more features, Pay-$249 for 10 social profiles per month.

I would say- give a try as it is one of the best tools to schedule and engage the updates.



To enhance your marketing strategies and business productivity, making a good relationship with the customers is vital. Therefore, this tool is specially built for companies having many customers.

Are you facing problem to manage and customize your dashboard due to huge data?

Sensible– management and marketing tool will help you to attract new clients and increase traffic to your website by managing their information appropriately.

Some other features provided by Sensible tool are:

  • Influencer search-  to treat your social interaction
  • Social engagement- monitor different features and helps to evaluate conversation history.
  • Impressive ingredients- such as royalty free image search, canvas graphics editor, and youtube search.

Sensible Pricing

The sensible tool offers affordable pricing scheme with a 30-day free trial.

  • 12 services for 1 user at $29 per month
  • 48 services with 6 reports for 3 users at $99 per month.
  • 105 services with 35 reports for 7 users at $199 per month.
  • You can also perform unlimited scheduling.
  • 192 services with 60 reports for 12 users at $299 per month. Includes unlimited scheduling.


Audiense is a smart social intelligence tool by using which you can easily discover new target audience and divide them according to their interest.

Are you looking for the tool which will help you to optimize and engage your target audiences?

Audience tool offers you with all these services. Including all these, you can discover actionable insights to integrate and grow your business strategies with its products and plans.

To know more about is pricing… Scroll down.

Audiense Pricing

Before you implement, take a free trial.

Audience Insights Audiense connect- A Twitter marketing platform
Starts at $696 per month for creating 5 insight reports Free for Twitter lovers.
To experience full power Audience Insights-

  • Monthly- Starts at $1,499 per month
  • Annual- Starts at $696 per month
For small business organizations and power users pay $10 per month.

For large scale, business and agencies pay $ 99 per month.

8Twitter analytics

Is your target audiences are more on twitter? Are you facing an issue in evaluating and analyzing the performance of Twitter marketing campaign?

Twitter analytics tool will resolve all the challenges. You can easily know about the total number of comments, likes, retweets and other related information to know about the interest of people. You can also evaluate the uploaded content is attracting the customers or not.

By using Twitter cards, you can represent your content and boot your business impact on Twitter. The worst part about this tool is that you can analyze the performance and interest of the potential customers that are only on twitter.

Twitter Analytics Pricing

The best part is that it offers free services. You just click and sign in with your twitter account.

Are you focused on attracting twitter audiences? Twitter analytics, the best tool to go with.


Have you heard about any social media tool used to engage more customers efficiently?

Agora Pulse tool offers a variety of features which will help you to perform your business activities easily and quickly such as publishing, social engagement, report generation, team collaboration, etc.

This tool will help you to strategize, retrieve and analyze all your posts over social networking sites. By using this tool, you can directly send messages to the clients. But with this tool, you will not be able to do keyword searches.

There are various social networking sites which are supported by Agora Pulse tools such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Google+. As this tool is integrated with different social media platforms, therefore, you can engage with the customers and strategize your business plans at affordable prices.

Agora Pulse Pricing

Start using Agora Pulse tool 28-day free trial to give it a shot.

Once, you are satisfied with the features! Go for its paid plans.

Small $49 per month $39 per month
Medium $99 per month $79 per month
large $199 per month $159 per month



The MavSocial one of the best known social media management tools as it helps you to connect your social accounts into one central dashboard.

The primary aim of the organizations behind using MavSocial tool is to monitor all the activities performed over social media, and engage more with the visitors and respond to them quickly.

MavSocial tool will help you to easily publish the posts over social media and create the campaigns to visualize the content better and access the library of royalty free images such as Pixabay, Getty images, etc.

However, you can directly add the content and post the images within the tool without spending much time. Hence, this will help you to maintain your social presence and enhance your business strategies.

MavSocial Pricing

To start with this tool, you need no credit as it provides 14-day free trial.

You have two options one billing monthly, and another is billed Annually. I think annual billing will be beneficial because you will get 2 months free with 1 on 1 training!

Plans Advanced Pro Business Enterprise
Monthly $19/month

1 user


3 users


5 users


20 users

Annually $16/month

1 user


3 users


5 users


20 users

Few Words

Hope, these 10 top-ranked social media marketing tools will help you to take your business to the next level and increase your revenue growth.

If you have any specific need to strategize your business plans then select the social media marketing tool accordingly.

Select the best! Use it! and enhance your business strategies for better engagement of customers.