Tips on Choosing the Trendiest Sectional Sofa in 2024

sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are one of the hottest living room design trends in 2024. Read this article to get to know how to select the best one!

Sectional sofas are among the most sought-after furniture items in 2024. They look gorgeous, are incredibly comfortable and can nicely fit an interior of any style type. From this article, you’ll get to know how to choose a cozy and trendy sectional for your living room. All your family members and guests will be impressed!

Arguments in favor of Purchasing a Sectional

Compared to a traditional couch, this type of furniture provides more seating. You’ll appreciate this purchase if you love to lounge or put your feet up on a sofa. Sectionals are great for families who often spend time together.

If your living room is compact, you’ll be able to make the most of every inch of its space by pushing the sectional sofa up against a corner. And if the room is large, the sectional should look absolutely gorgeous there. It will allow you to strategically break up an open floor plan into separate areas and maybe separate your sitting room from your dining room.

A sectional should be a superb investment both from the aesthetical and pragmatic point of view.

The Trendiest Configurations and Materials of Sectionals in 2024

Sectionals are versatile and available in various configurations. Here are the hottest options that you might want to consider:


It looks like 2 sofas merged together in an L to form a 90-degree angle. Most likely, there will be 2 cushions on one side and 3 cushions on the other. You can place such a sectional sofa in the middle of an open space or against a corner.


This is a firm favorite of large families. It offers plenty of seating and lots of room to spread out. With such a sectional, you won’t even need to buy armchairs or ottomans for your living room. This configuration is spot-on for socializing: when two people are sitting at the arms of the top of the U, they will be facing each other.


This one looks like a traditional sofa with a chaise on either the left or right side of the couch. You’ll be able to lay down comfortably with your feet up. Meanwhile, someone else can take a seat on the edge of the chaise. You won’t need to think for too long about where you could place such a sectional — just like a regular sofa, it can fit pretty much anywhere.


Such sectionals look very elegant both in real life and in photos. You should buy one if your love entertaining because this piece of furniture promotes great conversation. Its primary drawback consists in the fact that it’s not too suitable for small rooms. You can’t push it against a wall but you can put a lamp between it and the wall. This type of furniture was tailor-made for open concept living areas.


Such a sectional consists of several modules that you can move as you wish. The most common configuration features five pieces. You can use them to compile a long row, or create an L-shaped sofa, or place one piece in the center and add two more to it on each side so that they form a 90-degree angle. You might want to push pieces together to make a chaise or pull out parts to have extra ottomans. Modulars are incredibly flexible and multi-purpose.


Sleeper sofa resembles a pull-out couch. It can be available in an extensive range of sizes, up to a Queen size bed. To create this bed, you might need to either reconfigure the pieces of the sectional or pull out one or several of them.

Some sectionals come in a choice of seat depths where one side is shallower than the other. They are especially popular among couples where one person is much taller than the other (or the partners might simply have different seating preferences).

As for the materials, the most popular options in 2024 are leather, microfiber, polyester and performance fabrics. If you have pets, you might prefer to avoid leather because it’s not scratch-resistant. If you have small kids, you should opt for a machine-washable fabric. Plus, you can shop for a protective sealant that prevents stains and can even cover rips and tears.

How to Ensure Your Sectional Will Look and Feel Fabulous

Before you start choosing a sectional, you should measure the room where you’re planning to place it. With smaller rooms, you need to thoroughly consider the configuration. The sofa shouldn’t make the space feel crammed and too small. In a large room, the sectional shouldn’t extend past a wall or fail to leave enough room in front or behind.

It would be wise to measure not only the length but also the depth of the sectional sofa. One reason why sectionals have become so popular is that they provide ample seat depth. The sectional you purchase should match your body size and type. Plus, don’t forget to measure the length of a chaise component that your sectional might have at either end. You need to make sure your feet won’t hang off the edge if you’re tall.

Last but not least, the sectional should offer enough seating for all your family members and the number of guests you usually invite. If a large part of your sectional will often stay empty, that might look not too welcoming.

Plus, you should think about room traffic. It would be wise to place the chaise on the side with the least amount of foot traffic so that it doesn’t turn into a nuisance to walk around.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you have a better understanding of how to choose a modern sectional. You might want to consider the following configurations: L-shaped, U-shaped, chaise, curves, modular or sleeper. The most popular materials are leather, microfiber, polyester and performance fabrics. When selecting the size of the sectional, you should take into account the measurement of the room where you’re planning to place it and your lifestyle.