The Best DIY Tips to Make Your Home Better


We need professionals for almost every work but aren’t it better to save some bucks and do things yourself if possible?  DIY home improvement is cool and fantastic.  It can be done by anybody as no skill is required.

The Best DIY Ideas for Your Home

Here are some super easy DIY projects and pro tips for home improvements.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

The classic Mason jar can be used for various purposes.  One of them is using it as a soap dispenser.  This is a simple and super quick DIY.  You just need to fill the jar with liquid soap.  Drill a hole in to fit the width of a soap dispenser pump.  Close the lid and insert the pump.  Your DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser is ready to use.  You can even decorate the jar for a different look.

Use Coffee Canisters to store Yarn

A lot of mess can be cleared up by storing the yarn properly.  This can be done by using old coffee cans.  Just stick the cans in a row from the back side using a tape and a long thin piece of cardboard.  Stick 5-6 cans together in a row and another 4-5 in a row below the previous one.  Keep the yarn inside the cans and you are sorted.

Clear up space

  • Fold your sheets and put them in one of the matching pillowcases. It will not only clear up space but also makes everything accessible.
  • Don’t throw away your old egg cartons as they can be used to store the squeeze bottles upside down. It will not only clear up space but also makes the things more manageable.
  • PVC pipes can do the work of your shoe rack and that too by occupying a very little space. Take circular pipes according to your shoe width.  Cut them down to shoe-length, and stack together using pipe glue.

Kitchen DIYs

  • Use magnetic racks to store kitchen utensils
  • Use a magazine rack to store aluminum foil, etc.
  • Magazine rack can also be used as Pot Lid Holder.
  • Store magnetic spice racks in your Fridge
  • Use drawer with vertical compartments for storing small stuff like knives spoons, forks, etc.

Doggy Bags

This one is for doggy lovers.  For storing rolls of poo bags, you can use finished canisters of disinfectant wipes.  Make the container a little more glam by using decorative stuff.

Hang Your Phone

There is always clutter on the charging station, but there’s a solution.  Turn a bottle of baby lotion into a cell phone holder that hangs from the charger.  Now, everything is in one place.

If you are looking to make your home look better, you do not need to invest in experts. Some of the things, you can do on your own. Plus, it adds in to the unique charm of your home and you get to save a lot of money. That works out fine, doesn’t it?