5 Tips for Using Tote Bags as Marketing Tools

canvas tote bag

When you’re looking for a new type of promotion at your business, sometimes it can be challenging to come up with something unique. But have you considered reasonable bags? They’re a good alternative to plastic, which according to the Center for Biological Diversity, is actively harming over 260 different species every day.

Not only are they terrible for the environment, but they break easily and aren’t exactly the most useful item. Reusable bags subvert these issues entirely, making them a good choice for marketing and offering to your customers. Besides, you can’t argue with efficiency and ease of use!

The sheer variety of tote bags—they come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and colors—makes them a wonderful, multifaceted item for anyone. Whether you’re using them to promote your business or simply want to offer an alternative to plastic, reusable tote bags make fantastic marketing tools. Here are five tips for using them at your business.

Buy In Bulk

One of the perks of using reusable bags as a promotional item as you can buy them in bulk. Buying in bulk saves you money by allowing you to get larger quantities that reduce costs. This helps with your budget and allows you to actually give out items as promotional giveaways instead of trying to sell them (although you could do both).

Buying in bulk also reduces waste and excess packaging, which helps to reduce your environmental impact. Since you’re using reusable bags in the first place to help mitigate that—that’s part of the appeal of eco-friendly tote bags—bulk purchases can be a good bet for your organization.

Choose Quality

If you plan to use your tote bag on a regular basis, it’s important to choose a quality model that will last. You should also make sure that the design is durable and stylish. That means carefully selecting materials and design. Canvas is a good, environmentally friendly option that’s also cost effective.

All told, the material with which tote bags are made quite versatile. Cotton, canvas, non-woven, hemp, bamboo, and jute are all options that will make customers happy. When you’re looking for the right bags to sell and give away to your customers, keep the materials in mind and choose the best quality you possibly can.

Choose vibrant colors to increase brand engagements and don’t forget to customize them with your logo or any other pertinent information. Finally, be sure to go with high-quality, eco-friendly tote bags to get the most promotional benefit from them at your business.

Add A Custom Logo

There are plenty of reasons to add logos to any promotional items that you have. Increases brand awareness, brand positivity, and associates something wonderful with your company. Giving away a reusable bag or selling it for a low price is conducive to creating positive brand awareness. It also can make your item a little bit more collectible or exclusive.

If you really want to get creative with it, you could add an NFC tag to let customers scan and learn about your company in seconds. Of course, that might be a little bit more costly to get into—especially if you’re buying in bulk.

But the reality is that people actually love logos. Even if they’re resistant to more traditional forms of advertising, a logo can still make something feel slightly personalized (and significantly less generic) and help contribute to their personality. That makes logo branding a good bet for any promotional opportunity and especially in regard to using/ offering reusable bags.

Placing a custom logo on your bags can significantly benefit your business and make your customers happy in the long-term.

Make It A Collectible

Sometimes a good way to get your name out there and increase brand awareness is to generate interest through collectibles. Collectibles are fun for people of all ages and backgrounds. They can be a fun talking point, offer insight into a person’s taste, and ultimately create engagement for your brand. Promotions also create a sense of urgency, which is a common marketing tactic.

By creating a limited amount of items—collectible items at that—you can create interest in something that’s not going to be around forever. That makes it an ideal impulse purchase. There might even be people who go out of their way to acquire the collectible offerings. Turning your reusable bags into a promotional opportunity can work wonders for brand awareness, and it’s just one of many sound ideas for using bags for marketing purposes.

Use Them As Exclusive Giveaways

When you get right down to it, making your tote bags exclusive giveaways or using them as premiums can be a great reward slash incentive for customers. Perhaps you do it as an exclusive giveaway for spending $100 at your organization or being a certain customer that day. It could also be tied into a social media campaign as a reward for engaging in a contest or other brand engagement. Maybe it’s a goodwill gesture for somebody to check out what your business has to offer.

Totes can be given out during special events or even as part of a gift basket used to find new customers. However you choose to use exclusivity to your advantage, it can be a great boost to your business and help you market more effectively in the long-term.