6 Social Media Video Marketing Strategies to Promote Business

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Cartoons and videos that we used to watch as kids are still etched in our memories. Humans are visual creatures since we learn easily when we see something, as compared to something that we listen to or read. People are less likely to remember an advertisement, a fact, or anything they read in the form of text. Therefore, more than 86% of businesses have recognized the importance of videography for social media.

Thanks to technological evolution, everyone has access to high-speed internet which made it possible to consume a lot of high-quality video content easily. Social media video is a powerful marketing tool to promote businesses. If you are not a video marketer and looking for reasons to spend on industrial video production in Toronto, we can give you 6. In this post, we will discuss why video content has become a major part of social media video marketing strategies for businesses of all types and sizes.

Videos are great for engagement

In this fast-paced global economy, attracting and retaining customers is the prime objective for businesses. Marketers keep looking for ways to boost engagement levels to compete. Video is a powerful medium to transfer more information in an engaging and memorable way.

We see video being used on almost every social media platform, which shows there’s a lot of demand for this powerful communication tool. Content varies from long informational videos to short commercials and even super-short teasers. Marketers now have more ways to use video to attract, engage and inform their target audience. Getting noticed and sparking interest in your key demographic is essential for social media video marketing.

Video for social media marketing acts as a trust-building tool

The ultimate goal of your marketing and promotional campaigns is to build brand awareness and turn prospects into loyal customers. Nothing works better than the production of strategic video content that makes an emotional connection with the customers.

The video takes thought and planning. Addressing the problem and showing the solution is a good place to start. Build trust with your target audience by relating to their pain points and being authentic. Testimonials are also a great way to build confidence with your target audience. Hiring a video production specialist in web video production in Toronto can help you do this and find creative solutions while keeping your budget in mind.  A reputable and experienced video production company can help brainstorm the most engaging and useful ways to use video to build trust with your target audience.

Video marketing works best for Milennials and Gen-Z

Marketers keep claiming the fact that videos are more memorable and engaging than images and texts. These statements are true because of the rapidly increasing percentage of millennials (18-35) and gen-z (13-17) who do pretty much everything on the internet.

Marketers are no longer looking at traditional Television viewership but rather focusing on the viewership online. People are now watching more content on their smartphones than on television. Therefore, brands are targeting social media platforms with content more than ever before.

Gen Z and millennials have access to smartphones and use them as their main tool for navigating the world. If your social media video marketing campaigns are mobile-friendly, you are more likely to make an impact on the targeted segment of the audience.  Not just the younger generations, in fact, people from all age groups prefer information that is instant and mobile-friendly.

Marketers are always searching for new ways to produce engaging content and social media video marketing has shown great results. The mind-blowing popularity of TikTok, YouTube Reels, and Facebook Shorts are some of the best examples.

Are you investing thousands of dollars on SEO (search engine optimization) and still not receiving the desired attention from Google. Well, the reason can be your non-video promotions. A landing page with an interactive video engages prospective customers for a longer time. The increased time spent on a website makes Google think that it is a credible website and as a result, you get the SEO benefits.

An embedded video on the landing page can help you rank higher on SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

Video marketing leads to instant social sharing

‘Despacito’, ‘Gangnam Style’ or those hilarious dance moves from Tiktok broke the internet several times. The sharing features can make a video go viral in no time.

Today, we find many people starting and ending their day using their smartphones. On average, more than 720,000 hours of videos are shared daily on social media platforms. The number is quite big and marketers can leverage the power of social sharing trends.

When a mobile user finds a video that connects at a personal level, it encourages instant social sharing. In just a few clicks, one video can be shared with thousands of prospective customers. So remember to have fun with your content and produce it too.

Social media videography is cost-effective

Do you think professional video production costs a lot and that a small or mid-sized business can’t afford it? Well, think again because a professional videography company can provide cost-effective solutions.

Having one of the best production companies in Toronto craft your video content can grow your business online while being economical.  Video content is proven to do better than static images for a lot of marketing campaigns so it’s a good idea to have it well produced.

You can make the most out of the marketing budget if you spend it on the right tool. Spending on video marketing is totally worth it.

Videos are more engaging, and more likely to leave an impression, and social sharing could work as a springboard for your marketing efforts. To put it simply, one professionally produced video can compete and probably offer a higher return on investment than it costs to create one.

Final thoughts

Brands aim to establish an emotional bond with their target audience. To reap the benefits of brand awareness and loyalty, producing engaging and emotional content is key. Studies reveal that nothing works better than a video to leave a lasting impression on all target audiences.

Video marketing offers so many benefits. With the increasing popularity of video content on social media platforms, all sizes of businesses are investing in professional video production companies. Visit the link given below if you want to learn more about how video production services in Toronto are helping thousands of brands to grow at an exponential rate via social media video marketing.