The Benefits of a Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus Course

As a learner driver or new driver, you may have heard of the pass plus course. Maybe some of your friends have completed one or your parents are looking to book you onto one. Here, driving instructor Beverly Slater has helped to highlight some of the key benefits of completing a pass plus course. Here is why so many new drivers decide a course is the best next step for them and how it can boost your skills as a driver.

What is a Pass Plus Course?

A pass plus course is designed for newly passed drivers. The DVLA specially made this course to help new drivers feel confident on the roads, so they are able to tackle a variety of road conditions and situations. The course itself is made up of 6 modules, covering a wide range of driving conditions and you’ll become comfortable in many situations you may not otherwise have been confident in. This is purely informative and skills building, you will not have to worry about any tests or examinations at the end of this course.

What are the benefits of a Pass Plus course?

Boost your Confidence

As a new driver you may still feel quite nervous about facing the big roads on your own. Especially roads which you are yet to conquer, like motorways. The pass plus course will help to boost your confidence in tackling certain roads and conditions which you are yet to have much experience with. The course will carry on from the knowledge and skills you learnt and became comfortable with during your driving lessons. It will teach you how to plan and deal with hazards, various driving conditions, and roads. Boosting your confidence behind the wheel within any situation.

Increased Road Safety

Having this additional driving knowledge will ensure you are driving safely on the road, keeping both yourself and other road users out of danger. The more students to complete a pass plus course, post-driving lessons, the safer the country’s roads will be. Having the skills to deal with a situation, such as motorway congestion, means you will be able to navigate these situations safely. You will become a better driver as a result of the course, allowing you to develop what you already know and putting it into more practice. As well as teaching you handy new tips and skills.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

A great benefit of completing the pass plus course is the chance to lower your insurance premiums. As any new, young driver will know, the cost of insurance can be eye-watering. Completing the course is one way which could help bring those staggering monthly/annual fees down slightly and save you some money! This is only relevant to some insurance companies, so it is important to check with them first.