8 Must-Have Motorcycle Riding Gear – The Ultimate List

motorcycle riding gear

Motorcycle riding is a great way to enjoy the open road, but it can also be dangerous. Having the right motorcycle gear is essential for your safety.

Motorcycle riders should wear motorcycle riding gear to stay safe and avoid injuries while on the road. Regardless of how well you ride your motorcycle, staying safe on the road will be difficult if you aren’t wearing the right gear.

Before looking at different products, make sure you research what type of motorcycle safety gear best suits your needs. This blog post contains an ultimate list of must-have motorcycle riding gear that will keep you safe and comfortable while you’re cruising down the highway.

Must-Have Motorcycle Riding Gear

Many different types of safety gear are available for motorcycles. A typical example of this category would be motorcycle gloves and helmets, but other items like goggles and boots need to be considered.

There are several reasons why using good motorcycle protection is critical. In contrast, some people may rely more on their reflexes or skills than anything else when they go out on the road.

While there are many different types of protective riding gear available today, here are some essentials:


A helmet is one of the most important pieces of motorcycle safety gear. If you plan to ride your motorcycle, you must find a helmet that fits correctly and protects your head in an accident.

Various types of helmets are available, but not all will work for everyone. There are three basic helmet styles: open face, half shell, and full-face or modular style. Deciding which type is best for you depends on what kind of motorcycle riding experience you want to have?

Open-faced helmets provide more ventilation than other styles, making them perfect for warm weather riding. A half-shell helmet allows air to flow around precisely where it needs to be while still protecting your head. A full-face helmet provides the highest level of protection. It completely covers your head, ensuring optimal safety.

In most states, it is required that you wear a DOT-certified helmet when riding a motorcycle. Look for safety certifications that show proof that your motorcycle helmet will adequately protect you when you’re cruising down the highway at high speeds.

For additional security, I recommend adding Bluetooth speakers so you can take phone calls without having to remove your hands from the handlebars.


On most motorcycles, there is no windshield, so your hands are exposed. The gloves can protect you from wind and sun exposure while also improving your grip on the handlebars.

When you’re searching for a pair of riding gloves, look for thick knuckles offering significant coverage across your hand and fingers. If possible, choose gloves made of leather because they will last much longer than other materials, such as mesh or textile fabrics.

Be sure to protect the back of your hand as well, since this is the part that can get hit first if you fall off or lose control of your bike.

I wear fingerless gloves during hot summer rides to keep my fingers cool. Make sure they have a wrist strap closure, so it’s easy to take them off quickly.

In addition to this, I recommend choosing an option with reinforced stitching around the palm area where the grips sit so they won’t rip easily when you put them under pressure during an accident. Many good brands have pre-curved fingertips, which make it easier to grip objects.


A motorcycle jacket is a great way to stay protected from wind, rain, and other environmental factors. The jackets for motorcycles are designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There is a wide variety of motorcycle jackets, so you must take time to find out what type will work best for your needs before making a purchase.

When shopping for leather jackets, look for those with safety certifications such as CE-rated armor in the elbows and shoulders, as well as reflective patches on your arms and ankles so you will be easily visible at night or early in the morning.

Besides having protective padding, you should look for features such as zipper vents for keeping air flowing through the chest area in hot weather and zippered pockets for storing cash when riding down the open road.


You cannot forget your feet when it comes to motorcycle riding gear. A pair of comfortable boots will keep your ankles and toes safe if you fall off or come into contact with another vehicle.

Most great motorcycle boot brands offer safety certifications as an added measure of protection. Make sure your motorcycle boots fit comfortably and provide enough ankle support.

Look for high-quality leather construction along with a supportive arch system that will help ease foot pain, especially if you plan on riding long distances during your next ride out.

In addition, the motorcycle boots include protective toe caps that can help protect against damage if you accidentally drop your bike or bump into something while cruising down the highway. It is crucial to protect your feet, as you can get injured without even realizing it if you aren’t protected adequately.

5Eye Protection (Glasses, Goggles)

It’s essential to protect your eyes while riding a motorcycle because you never know what might happen on the highway.

Ensure that the eye protection gear you wear has safety certifications, including UV coatings and shatter-resistant lenses, to provide an additional layer of protection if anything happens during your ride.

You can wear sunglasses or goggles depending on whether they are more comfortable for you to wear, but either way, they will keep bugs out of your face and offer sufficient protection if anything falls on your windshields, such as sand or dirt.

Auto racing style sunglasses are prevalent at high speeds since they provide good visibility while keeping the sun out of your eyes. You should always make sure there is a snug fit over the bridge of your nose and around the side of your head, so it doesn’t come off during an accident.

6Riding Pants or Jeans

An important part of the best riding gear are motorcycle pants or jeans that fit well and offer adequate protection. It would be best to look for denim material that can withstand wear & tear before ripping apart/exposing your legs to the elements.

The ideal motorcycle riding pants with knee padding will provide impact resistance around one of your most vulnerable joints, especially when you’re traveling at high speeds.

Other features to look for include zippered vents throughout the crotch area that will keep air flowing if it’s hot outside and pockets where you can store valuables during your ride.

Additionally, make sure they aren’t too loose because this could cause damage in the event of an accident and restrict airflow, which causes you to overheat more quickly in the summertime.

7Multi Toolkit

Every motorcycle rider should carry a multi-tool with them at all times. The kits include a variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools you might need if you encounter a problem out on the road.

Always check your owner’s manual because most manufacturers recommend specific sizes for their bolts and screws.

It will be helpful for those of you who have never changed a tire before to practice this in advance since every motorcycle is different, and knowing exactly what needs to be tightened up could help you avoid having to call roadside assistance during an emergency.

8Mobile Phone Mount

Another vital piece of the best gear to have is a motorcycle phone mount. You can’t just pull over every time you have an emergency. The right accessory should allow full access to your screen without hindering your ability to use the buttons or see what’s on display.

Using such phone mounts, you will be able to use GPS navigation and call roadside assistance simultaneously while traveling. This will help you stay safe and secure whether it’s day or night, which makes them ideal for touring new places since nobody likes getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

Final Words

I hope this blog post has helped you learn more about top-quality motorcycle riding gear that every rider should have. These items are essential if you want to remain safe when riding a motorcycle.

No matter how expensive any given item may be, always put safety first while traveling down the highway.