5 Startup Branding Trends to Look Out for Your Business

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With the start of this new decade, there are a lot of new opportunities for new startups who are looking for the perfect approach to make a successful entry into the big market. The world had already seen disruptive startups such as Tesla and Stripe in the past few years who established new trends in the startup market. The latest branding trends include putting a positive, attractive, and impacting presentation of your startup in the mind of your customers to achieve incredible success in a short period.

Due to all the services and products provided by these new startups, a lot of things are changed and we don’t look at these traditional industries the same way as we did in the past. One of the key factors behind the success of all such startups was their innovative and out-of-the-box branding. The perfect branding of your startup may change the perception of your customers towards your startup and they will ultimately buy your products or services.

Modernize your brand Marketing Trends

In recent times, the taste of your consumers are shifting towards new trends and the only way for your startup to survive in this situation is by modernizing brand marketing trends. The new generation has the buying power in their hands and unlike the buying process of older generations, the new generation has a new taste and they want something new every day from startups. Companies are now focusing on on-point branding rather than using older branding techniques.

All the branding trends which were once considered as latest are now outdated the industry needs new cutting-edge branding to stay at the top of other startups. Better branding ensures a long-lasting and emotional relationship between the brand and its customers leading to some extra revenue in the end. The sky itself is the limit when it comes to branding techniques and the only limit is your thinking when branding your new startup to reach the projected revenue target in the given time.

Best Branding Trends

Here are five emerging personal branding trends 2021 that can completely redefine the branding of your startups

  • Take an abstract visual and animated approach
  • Branding a startup based on the mission
  • Value the human connection
  • Use interactive experiences for branding
  • Choose a striking startup name

1Take an abstract visual and animated approach

Some of the biggest brands of today are not prioritizing their products and services, on the other hand, they value the ideals of their company to create a better brand image in the minds of their customers. All thanks to this new trend started by big companies, brands are choosing abstract images for the visual branding of their company to keep up with all the latest trends. Using animations and abstract images is a strong tactic used by a large number of companies today to attract the attention of a customer.

Abstract images consist of some simple shapes and they are styled in a way that they look almost unrealistic but they are known for delivering the secret message of the brand to the customer. Many still consider stock photos better than abstract images especially for branding of their company. Abstract imagery shows the level of creativity and gives a glimpse of all the aspects of your brand.

2Use Abstract Images

When you look at an abstract image in the branding of a company, you don’t see it as a simple marketing technique but it may strike you as the sketching book of a professional artist. Using abstract images in branding shows the daring and forward-thinking of the company while conveying the message to the customer. There is a new trend of using GIFs on web pages instead of static animations to increase the engagement rate of the customer with your brand.

By adding abstract animations to your website design, you can give a more pronounced personality to your company without making them too much bouncy. Hand-drawn animations emphasize the main theme of the brand while keeping things minimalistic and stripped-down. These animations also make navigation on the webpage easy to take the customer experience to a whole new level. An animation-filled UI makes the interaction of the customer with products more pleasant.

3Branding a Startup Based On the Mission

Recent research on emerging trends in brand management shows that more than 70% of today’s young generation choose those brands that support charities and do some social work other than those brands that only offer good products. New startups and brands don’t have decades of secrets behind them and they have the advantage of start working on what they want without any guilt for mistakes of the past.

You cannot underestimate the importance of social causes for the success of your new brand so spending a small fortune on a social cause can get the work done for you and you may see a huge uprise in your revenue in a short period. These acts define the core value and message of the company in a new way and your customers will easily understand your statement to help it in scoring major points in terms of earnings.

4Find Flaws

Even if there are some flaws in your brand, it will still put a good impression in the minds of the projected audience and they will forget some small mistakes of your brand for all the good deeds done by your brand. Those times have gone when a brand was revolved around all the products and services it offered, nowadays the entrepreneurial spirit and mission statement of the brand is the first a customer will look for before making the decision.

A brand will not make it to the top of the core values of brand clashes with the core values of those who buy products because the new generation only likes brands who have the same views as theirs. The gap between the brand and its customers is decreased due to social media platforms making it harder for brands to keep up with the ongoing trends.

5Value the Human Connection

As social media has taken over the whole over world, new brands only want to connect with their customers directly and no matter what are the advantages of this new trend, there are a lot of bad consequences especially how the new generation wants to search for a new brand. Today, all the communications are instantaneous and the new generation understands this change so they look for a brand with a more human connection.

Current branding trends include humble, transparent, and down-to-earth branding of products and brands can achieve such branding by creating a human interaction with their customers. Some brands have gained the value of a cult in recent years due to the branding on what the customer expects from them. It may be the right time for a brand to decide as it is a telling point for them to share their plans about the upcoming time with their loyal customers.

6Use Social Platforms

There are a lot of social media platforms with enough potential to engage a target audience in what the brand wants them to do by giving them a response to their queries right on time. This branding method sounds more appealing, relatable, and authentic to all the customers. Brands can go to the individual level to show the customer their engagement with the brand can increase their loyalty and personal connection towards your brand.

Providing a customer with an annual report including information such as their shopping habits and other details can make the customer anticipated and they want to engage more and more with your brand to better up their yearly report. Customers who receive the report love to show off it to their family members and friends by posting it on their social media platforms which are free branding itself.

7Use Interactive Experiences for Branding

As you probably know that the new generation is bored with the traditional way of branding a company using direct advertisements and they want companies to adopt new ways to interact with them. There are a lot of technologies available in the market today that are exciting and useful at the same for companies who are to take a more interactive branding approach.

If used correctly, new interactive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality can transfer the excitement of the new generation towards the new company. Brands who adopt these branding trends in 2021 are often considered forward-thinking and they have a good reputation among those who have the same thinking.

You can make the dream of your customer come true by letting them try their favorite item without going to the shop and they can add the item to the favorite list with a few clicks. Using these technologies, customers can enjoy the immersive experience of brands without disturbing their daily lives due to saving time of going to the shop by themselves.

Brands can provide their customers with trending high-tech ways to interact with their favorite products without stressing their minds. Customers think to take a brand with the latest technology as an extension of their perception all thanks to the path breaking new branding techniques available today.

8Choose a Striking Startup Name

The first impression of the name of the startup is long-lasting and the first interaction of the customer with a brand is by learning its name so you need to choose the name carefully and after doing extensive research. The name should express all the important values of the brand and it should be easy to remember the name after hearing it a few times.

Global Brand Trends

Global brand trend tells us choosing a bad name can break the brand or choosing an easy to remember, a good name can make the brand in a short time. Some simple brand names for boring industries can stand out immediately and the customer will be attracted to an offbeat name at a glance. Offbeat names sound good when combined with humor and your brand can easily get more attention than you can ever imagine by simply using some traditional branding trends.

The name of a brand sticks to the mind of the customer for a long time therefore conducting an audience test before finalizing the name is a good practice. A name can draw positive attention towards your brand if chosen after learning about the industry standards which is the first step of the branding process of a new startup.

To win the trust of your audience, choose a credible brand name because it has a lot of offshoot value as well. At first, some names may sound unfamiliar and weird to you, but they become the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear the name after the brand is successful.

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