3 Tried And Tested Team Building Activities That Encourages Trust Within The Company


Trust is one of the essential virtues of the corporate world. If your employees trust each other, they can build a stronger and more productive team for the benefit of the company. When members of the company trust each other, they will not think twice about lending each other a hand when needed. They will have an easier time asking for favors from their colleagues if they are confident that the kind gesture will return in the future.

But developing trust within the company does not happen overnight. It takes a while before each member of the company begins to trust one another. However, you can help initiate trust within the team using these Team Building Activities that you can do during your company’s leisure time.

Island Survival

This game is one of the time-tested team building activities that work wonders for different organizations. Your employees need to form groups of 5 to 10 members. A moderator will read a scenario saying that the teams are left stranded on a deserted island after the ship that they boarded sank. On that island, 20 items also ended up on the shore.

The moderator will provide a list of 20 things and instruct them to pick only five to keep, then explain the reasons why. Each member of the team needs to express their thoughts about what they believe are the most important items to keep to survive. At the end of the activity, the game facilitator will express observations regarding the choices of the team members and how their decisions will affect the rest of the group. It is a perfect exercise to allow all team members to think strategically and concretely.

White Board Back-to-Back Drawing

Employees who enjoy tangible and visual learning will enjoy this type of team-building exercise. To do this, your staff needs to divide themselves into two to three large groups. Two members of the team will move to the area in the room near the whiteboard while other members of the team have to stand across the two representatives on the other end of the room.

One of the representatives who will draw needs to be blindfolded and given a marker. Then the other representative who is not blindfolded will act as the informant and stand at the back of the drawer and barred from looking at the board. The facilitator will provide the informant an image that they need to describe to the drawer without naming the actual image. The members of the team at the other end of the room have to guess the picture. Each correct answer gets the point. This activity will foster trust and teamwork among the members of the company.

Scavenger Hunt

This activity is another old-fashioned group activity that encourages the development of trust within the members. You need to divide all your employees into smaller groups. Then instruct them to look for specific items as fast as they can. The first team that manages to collect all elements on the list will win the game. Scavenger hunts will allow the team members to work together and trust each other to help in finding the necessary objects.

These are just three of the most effective Team Building Activities that will help foster trust and camaraderie within the company. In turn, these will encourage a better working environment within your organization. Do these activities regularly to keep a trusting relationship in your business all the time.