4 Ways to Turn your Blog or Website into Revenue


There are different ways you can monetize your blog or website. Parts of establishing a digital market for any business is creating a blog or website. These pages can create an impact on your product because these can provide descriptions and details about your brand. Regularly updating these can give your audience updates about your latest offers, promos, and discounts as well.

Aside from promotion, blogs or websites are more effective and can be a big help if this can be converted into leads. Moreover, there are ways in which you can turn your blogs or website into revenue that is why it is crucial to ensure that your blog or website can be a reliable source for your business.

Also, there are other ways you can optimize your blog or website to become a great source of leads and revenue as well:

Make your layout a head turner to your audience

A website’s layout doesn’t have to be that fancy or information loaded. It just has to be nice and simple, with enough content that makes the reader get an idea about your brand. Appropriate headlines and short paragraphs can also help, along with setting time expectations which can provide readers the expected length of time they can invest in reading your posts.

Besides, search bars and blog categories must also be visible and easier to use. This can create a call to action for the reader to explore your brand. It can be also achieved by putting related content on your post.

Encourage your readers to engage

Incorporating ways to invite readers to engage in the website is another effective call to action technique. Readers nowadays want to put their perspectives on everything they read, and it creates virtual connections to them which can be another factor to purchase your brands.

Inviting your readers to engage in your posts is not that easy, that is why you have to think and research for various options for engagements. Aside from putting the comments section on the post, other tools and plugins like click-to-tweet can be used.

Establish regular split-test formats

You cannot please every person, and it is hard to determine what type of pf content that can capture their attention. Also, it is not enough that your blogs or website will just be about the usual text-filled contents. Options for content are endless, but analyzing and testing these is important to ensure that you can make the most for your website.

Besides the text-based posts, multiple formats like videos and infographics can gain attention plus they are also shareable as well. Regardless of the content format you can use, split-testing your posts must be done so that you can adjust to what the audience needs and wants, and for the adjustment that is needed to further improve and have the best conversion of the data.

Use Google AMP for better performance and greater user experience

The use of mobile devices has been widespread due to its convenience, that is why most of the digital marketers are aiming to expand its blogs even to these devices. However, blog traffic is one of the issues that need to be addressed, that is why Google had AMP, a publishing technology that intends to solve this matter, increasing the web page speed via mobile phones.

Google AMP is an open source yet some bloggers haven’t executed this to their websites. Fortunately, its openness makes it easier to plugin even if your team has little information about

HTML or if you are using applications like WordPress for your blogs. This guarantees to improve the fastness of your mobile device performance, benefiting both for the SEO and the user as well.