A Holistic Approach to Minimalism – Switching to Cloud-based Payroll and HR Software

cloud-based payroll

Being a part of the corporate world requires an immense amount of hard-work and paperwork. When you have an enormous team to lead, the amount of information to be withheld by the organization multiplies and the team that looks after these procedures have to suffer if the system is manual. The HR team unites the whole organization but when they resort to the manual procedure, the result might be erroneous, resulting in a dissatisfied workforce. Such instances also ruin the reputation of the organization, thus switching to contemporary models become imperative.

One might argue that companies resorted to the conventional methods of circulating the paychecks, pay stubs, and other HR-related tasks in history and it worked out for them. But as the companies have gone global now, the workforce has increased and so has the work of the HR department. Thus, we insist that you switch to Cloud-based payroll and HR software. Imagine having an automated platform that does all the chores with zero errors!

Benefits of Cloud-based payroll and HR software

The number of resources saved can be employed in providing extra benefits to the employees or can be invested back in the business. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. Still not convinced? So let’s learn the need for it.


Stacking up files in the records room is not economizing, adding cloud-based payroll and HR software is. When all the records varying from employee details to financial assets are digitized they can be stored on the cloud and the storage on the cloud is unlimited.

Whereas when the same files are stored they use-up extra space and require extra investment to take care of. The same resources can be invested in other tasks. If you are a start-up who cannot invest in expensive cloud-based payroll software, there are zillion options out there to choose from.


When you resort to conventional techniques, the security and confidentiality of the records can be breached easily. But with the HR software and cloud-based payroll software, as everything is stored on a single system, your data remains safe. It depends on the user whom they want to give access to. With such advancements nobody can access the data until you want them to, thus making the space safe and eradicating the risks of frauds and identity thefts.

3Enhanced Accessibility

What happens when you need a file urgently? Do you run to the records room or call the HR rep, either way, you are wasting the time and efforts over a single file. But with the HR software, you don’t have to search for a missing file. You have access to all the files and these can be accessed from any location at any particular point in time. Thus, saving you the efforts and making management efficient.

The same goes for the Cloud-based payroll system, if an employee finds some discrepancy in their paycheck, they don’t have to reach their office to file the complaint, the error can be rectified digitally.


What happens when you go global? Do you add an extra records room in your center? Let’s hope not! But with the HR software, scaling up requires a few clicks, and all the new information can be updated without having to invest humongous amounts of money. A centralized HR and a limited but exceptional team are all you need for your organization.

As with the Cloud-based Payroll, there is no hassle in determining the salaries of the new international staff, you just have to hire and the system will take care of the payroll.

The benefits of the HR and cloud-based payroll software are not limited to these four. Hence, to ensure that your organization works smoothly and efficiently, one should deploy the aforementioned software. These software upgrade and update with time, thus they update with the market so that your business stays on track. We know that time is the only element valued by all, and the systems can help you save abundant time, which can be redirected to other productive and valuable activities.

So, if you still ask us “Why does my organization need the HR and cloud-based payroll software”, well, you should install these two and when you have that extra time in your hand, consider the question answered.