Smart Video Doorbells: A Must-Have Item


The smart device market is exploding and for good reason too thanks to the internet of things (IoT). What is IoT you ask? In simple terms, it refers to devices that have different sensors and software embedded within them that can track and share real-time data via the internet with other systems or devices. For example all our smart watches, smart TVs etc. can essentially be categorized as IoT.

Smart devices today are particularly useful because of the way in which they can make our lives convenient. The ease with which they can be used and peace of mind they can bring is almost priceless.

Smart Video Doorbells Benefits

For the reason we are here to bring to you one of the best smart devices around that you can install for a more secure home: smart video doorbells! Why are we recommending this device? What benefits can it bring? Read on to find out:

1Evidence in the Form of Video Footage

As the saying goes “it’s better to be safe than sorry” which is why whether you live in a safe or unsafe neighborhood it is good for you to install a smart video doorbell for example in the case of a break-in you will at least have evidence that you can provide to the police. This evidence might also allow the police to track down the criminals. Secondly video footage can also be used to help strengthen your valid insurance claim, thus, ensuring you get your deserved amount of money.

2A Strong Deterrent for Criminals

If people can see the video camera that is part of your smart video doorbell they’re likely to automatically back off. Why? Well, just as we get smarter so do burglars They, too, understand that video footage can lead to them being caught far more easily which is why they’ll attempt to break in to someone without better security as opposed to breaking into  your home.

3Delivery for You!

Ever had someone steal your package? Has a delivery company ever told you they’ve delivered a package but there’s no package at your front door. These situations can be extremely vexing, not to mention frustrating. Perhaps you needed the delivered item for a certain special occasion or event or as a gift for someone.

Whatever may be the reason you want your package to reach you safely and securely and you also want to prove to the company that you didn’t receive any item if that is the case. How do you do this? It’s easy as with your smart video doorbell, the video footage can help you make sure that you didn’t miss any attempted deliveries or you can spot who stole your package. Who knows? Maybe it was a raccoon!

4Who’s at the Door?

Did you know that you can connect your smart video doorbell to your smart phone. Yes you heard that right. Now if you’re lounging around in your pajamas or are lying down in your room upstairs you can simple check who is at the door with a few taps on your phone. You can accordingly then get ready and check the door. However, if you’re not expecting any visitors and the person appears to be a stranger you don’t need to risk opening the door or even somehow alerting the stranger to the fact that you are in the house. You can quickly alert the police and text a friend for backup.

5Value-Addition You Didn’t Expect

Many potential buyers are extremely concerned about security for their families which is why equipping your house with smart security tech such as a smart video doorbell is a good idea. The incorporation of such technology raises the market value of your house.

6Lower Your Insurance Premium

Yes folks it is possible to lower your insurance premium. Just like houses with better security systems are valued better in the market, homes with smart security tech like the smart video doorbell also tend to be eligible for discounts by certain insurance companies.

Installation Factors

While we have listed the benefits of using smart video doorbells there are primarily two main differing features between the different doorbells and this comes down to whether they’re wireless or wired. Is it really a big deal if your smart doorbell is wired or not? There are pros and cons to both so let’s weigh things up.

7Wireless vs. Wired

A wireless smart video doorbell is fairly easy to install as you do not need to tamper with any wiring so if you consider yourself hopeless when it comes to dealing with wires using you might want to opt for a wireless battery-powered doorbell as your security solution.

Battery-powered smart doorbells however have one disadvantage in that they add to a recurring cost and you will consistently need to go through the hassle of replacing them. Your batteries may only last a short 2 to 6 months depending on the usage. This could defeat the purpose of installing a smart doorbell in the first place as if it’s a cold winter day and you are unable to go out to get new batteries your smart video doorbell might stop working at a time when you need it.

On the other hand if you install a wired smart video doorbell you don’t need to worry about such an issue since the doorbell will be connected to the rest of the house’s wiring. Plus you could always enlist the help of a more tech savvy friend to help you out with the installation if you’re worried. It’s really not that hard though as all you have to do is remove your old doorbell, disconnect the two wires and then reconnect them to your new doorbell and voila! Your smart video doorbell will be ready to use.

Taking Everything into Account

Smart video doorbells have several benefits making them a worthy investment. They significantly improve one’s security not to mention they’re extremely convenient for when you want to check who is at the door without getting up from the couch or bed. However, like all smart devices to make sure you get the best out of this device you need to have a good internet connection so make sure to check out TDS internet services.