The Influence of PlayStation on the Gaming Industry: Past, Present, and Future

PS 5 - PlayStation 5

In 2024, PlayStation will celebrate its 30th anniversary. This iconic games console, born out of the Sony-Nintendo partnership in the mid-1980s, has emerged as a standalone powerhouse in the console gaming industry. Despite some quirky ads and occasional missteps (remember PlayStation Move?), we’ll explore the numerous ways this Japanese tech giant has revolutionized gaming for the better, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming industry.

1Dual thumbstick

During its release in 1996, the N64 offered a distinct gaming experience with its unusual trident controller and single analog stick. In response, Sony introduced the Dual Analog Controller as a peripheral for the PlayStation the following year. The introduction of Ape Escape in 1999 marked a significant milestone as the first game to utilize two analog sticks, and this control paradigm has remained popular ever since.

2Memory card

Transitioning to read-only CD-ROMs on the PlayStation 1 eliminated the ability to save your game, necessitating the use of a Memory Card. This innovation gained popularity by offering portability, allowing players to resume their progress at a friend’s house without the hassle of inputting codes or unlocking additional characters in one playthrough.

3Live service gaming

Sony’s push into the mobile market involves a strategy shift towards live service games. Games like Destiny, Fortnite, and Genshin Impact have had significant effects on the gaming market, prompting Sony to seek its own hits. Live service gaming is now seen as crucial for Sony’s business transformation and audience growth.

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4Hard drive

The Xbox made its debut in 2001, equipped with a hard drive and internet connectivity. Interestingly, the PS2 managed to beat Microsoft’s console by a few months. In Japan, the PlayStation 2 Hard Disk Drive was launched in July, along with the Network Adaptor. Several games made the most of the additional internal space and network capabilities, including the long-lasting Final Fantasy XI.

5PlayStation Plus gave you free games

Xbox Live requires a subscription fee for online play, akin to a multiplayer tax. However, Sony’s PS3 allowed free online multiplayer with friends. When Sony introduced its subscription service, it offered additional benefits instead of locking features behind a paywall. PlayStation Plus provided free monthly games. Microsoft has now followed suit by offering complimentary titles since the launch of Xbox One.

6Touch controls on a console controller

Mobile gaming has undeniably exerted its influence on the latest generation of consoles. This is most evident in the DualShock 4 controller of the PS4, featuring a touchpad on the face for intuitive finger swiping and pointing, with the potential for even more exciting features in the future.


Sony plans to have 12 live service games running by 2025, with a projected investment increase from 12% in 2019 to 55% in 2025. Additionally, Sony expects overall gaming revenue to rise from $35 billion in FY 2020 to $41 billion by 2025, primarily driven by microtransactions and digital add-ons. Console hardware and physical disc sales are expected to decline, while growth will come from mobile, ports, and subscriptions. Success in the development of live service games at PlayStation Studios will have a transformational impact on Sony’s business structure.


With its revolutionary technology and seamless internet connectivity feature, Sony swiftly emerged as a prominent force in the realm of gaming and entertainment. This unparalleled innovation captivated a vast user base, empowering them to design their own games without any reliance on publishers.