SEO Ranking Factors Infographic


Great search engine rankings don’t happen by accident. It takes a systematic approach to website creation and development to make high-ranking content. However, many content creators say they don’t know exactly what features search engines look for and what they penalize.

In addition, search engine algorithms change often, so staying ahead of them can be tricky. However, this handy SEO ranking factors infographic from CopyPress takes away all the guesswork. It clearly shows the online elements that can elevate or drop your website’s ranking.

Domain, page-level, and site-level factors, shown in vibrant orange, green, and gold, are hot issues among search engines like Google, so incorporate these elements for a more favorable ranking. Conversely, watch out for user interactions and backlink and penalization factors, which are represented by cool colors. Bookmark this infographic so you can refer to it anytime you’re creating content and have questions about how to increase its rankings.

SEO Ranking Factors