Top Rom-Com Shows to Stream on Fiber Internet

how i met your mother

No matter what kind of movie you decide to watch, there’s nothing quite as special as a Valentine’s Day movie night with your loved one. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up, and enjoy a night of laughs and romantic moments! If you’re looking for a rom-com shows, “The Proposal,” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, is sure to have you both laughing out loud. For something a little more dramatic, “The Notebook,” starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, will bring out all the feels. If you’re in the mood for a classic, you can’t go wrong with “Sleepless in Seattle” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

No matter what movie you pick, you have tons of streaming sites to have your favorite rom-com shows ready for you. From Netflix to Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, you can watch your favorite romantic comedy TV series from the comfort of your own home. Streaming has made watching TV better than ever before in terms of widespread availability and the sheer quantity of shows. Millions of people log in to their streaming services daily, but you might be surprised to know what they’re watching!

Of course, if you’re watching your most-awaited movies, you’d want to get the best viewing experience possible. This includes a good screen, some delicious munchies and an internet that won’t fail you when the movie is reaching its climax.

When you hear the term “rom-com,” you usually think of movies like You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, and The Wedding Planner. The format allows for a slower slow burn, a deeper investigation of each connection, and a lot more laughter given the amount of time. We’ve listed the best rom-com shows to get your heart racing.

How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother

How I Met Your Mother starts with a distinctively likable cast, an engaging storytelling hook, and an endearingly sweet sensibility – but the jokes elicit more smiles than laughs, and the series’ sensitivity may divide more hearts than it conquers. Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) recounts the story of how he met the mother of his children from the year 2005 to the present day.

The story is told through flashbacks and flash-forwards featuring Ted’s friends, Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Marshall (Jason Segel), Robin (Cobie Smulders), and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), who are all in various stages of their romantic relationships. The show’s narrative is wrapped up in several running jokes and pop culture references, and its unique blend of sentimentality and humor makes it stand out from other sitcoms.

Love Life

Love Life is a great premise for a romantic comedy television show: it’s an anthology series that follows a different protagonist each season and examines their numerous romances as they search for “the one.” The first season follows Darby (Anna Kendrick) through her adolescence, a string of failed relationships, and drama with her closest friend Sara (Zo Chao). Season two is a bit more concentrated, following Marcus (William Jackson Harper) near the end of his first marriage when he meets Mia (Jessica Williams), a fellow wedding guest at Darby’s.

This sets him on a path of self-discovery and a series of post-divorce romances, all while he remains attracted to Mia. The third season follows the story of a single mother named Claire (Gina Rodriguez) who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and must decide about her child’s father. She must also navigate the tumultuous dating scene and learn to accept that Life is unpredictable. The show is a comedic exploration of modern dating, and each season offers a fresh perspective on the roller coaster ride of romance.

Feel Good

Feel Good, a semi-autobiographical romantic dramedy starring comedian Mae Martin portrays a fictionalized version of Mae as she falls in love with George (Charlotte Ritchie). Their rapid romance is founded on genuine chemistry and love, but the couple is troubled by one other’s demons: George is in the closet, and Mae is a heroin addict whose long-term sobriety is beginning to fray. The series is unflinchingly truthful about these and other themes, as Mae unpacks their feelings about gender, trauma, and addiction throughout two seasons.

Despite its weight, Feel Good is hilarious and deeply romantic, thanks to Mae and George’s believable emotional relationship. While the show is not without its flaws, it is a remarkable achievement in its honest portrayal of two queer women struggling to find love and happiness in a world that often makes it hard to do both.

New Girl

New Girl has an advantage over the competition since its protagonist, Jessica Day, is played by Zooey Deschanel, one of the early-2000s indie rom-com queens. However, the program did not rest on its Deschanel laurels and instead established a cast of lovable weirdos in the form of her loft mates Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris).

While the program is as much about the friendships formed among this new family as it is about anything else, the roommates navigating their odd love lives provide a lot of comedy. The sitcom is also powered by amazing romantic energy and memorable connections, particularly between Schmidt and Jess’s BFF Cece (Hannah Simone) and Nick and Jess, who have one of TV’s first kisses. The show is shot in a single-camera setup, and the writing is witty and sharp, making it one of the last decade’s most enjoyable and successful sitcoms.


That’s a wrap on our best selection of rom-com shows we can’t wait for you to try. Romantic comedies are best suited for the weekends when you don’t have stress on your mind and want to let yourself be swept off your feet with cheesy comments and adorable comedy. That’s exactly what the above have in common.