5 Factors Affecting The Price Range of Kratom Shots Gold


Kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa and is widely grown in Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia. Local farmers cultivate it in the United States to meet the growing demand for these products. Most may hear about Kratom powder, extract, tea, etc., but they don’t know that they are also available in the form of shots.

Taking kratom shots gold is a great way to consume Kratom on the go. It is a potent way to use and gives quicker results. The increasing demand for shots results in affecting the price ranges across the globe. Therefore everyone should be aware of the average cost of kratom shots and the factors affecting their price.

Understanding Kratom Shots

The shots are the kind of extract available in liquid form. The active ingredient of Kratom is mitragynine which is soluble in water and can easily be mixed in a variety of liquids.

Kratom shots also contain caffeine and other stimulants, which enhances the effects. These shots are consumed through oral administration, which leads the effect to last longer. There is no recommended dose for these shots; however, you should always take caution before consuming it. You can begin with a low dose to prevent the side effects.

5 Factors Affecting The Price Range of Kratom Shots Gold across the Globe

The overall price of shots depends upon multiple factors. The below factors determine the final cost of Kratom:


The origin of every strain is different, and the drying process makes them different from one another. Therefore, the cost of Kratom depends upon the source. There are several strains to choose from, and the one you choose will influence the price you will pay. Among different Kratom strains, Maeng da Kratom is one of the most popular strains known for its high potency and providing balanced effects.

They are more affordable because they are more accessible. Many farmers cultivate this strain. So the supply keeps up with the demand of customers. On the other hand, less popular strains are produced in lower quantities, and they are of high cost. For example, strains like Red Dragon and Yellow Horn are rare because of their exclusive farming rights. Therefore, there is a demand for this strain and an increase in the price range.


The quality of Kratom from different vendors drastically affects the rate. Quality of the product refers to purity and potency. If a vendor sells sub-par products, they will not offer lab-tested results and the products will cost less. When you buy products from reputable vendors, they verify all of them through third-party lab testing and get certification from the American Kratom Association.

However, if you want to buy high-quality Kratom with increased potency and lab test results, you have to pay a high price. If you purchase a low-quality product from an online vendor which does not show you lab results, it can average around $ 8 per ounce.

In case of high quality, lab test results should pay around $15 per ounce. When you use a high-quality product, you can use a small amount to reach the same effects as a large amount of low-quality Kratom.


The number of shots you buy might impact the cost you pay. When you purchase bulk products online, they may offer discounts and coupons. For example, buying a one-ounce container of Kratom from a vendor may cost around $6-$12, while a kilogram could cost $150, or about $ 4 per ounce.

After deciding which strain is best for you, buy it in bulk; typically, it is the best way to save your money, regardless of other factors. Buying bulk quantities encourages vendors for few shipments, and packaging costs are less as well. These factors bring down the cost of bulk Kratom.

Some manufacturers can even allow you to split your Kratom into kilos, so you can get four strains instead of just buying one.


Potency is among the main factors that affect the overall rate of shots. While purchasing Kratom, you should always check the strain, which has the power to get maximum results. After knowing this information, you can try to buy the most potent kratom extract to avail the desired effect.

The increased potency of the product, however, leads to an increased price. It does not matter whether you buy a rare or easily accessible strain. You should pay at least 10% more when you purchase high-potency Kratom.

5Form Of Kratom

Kratom comes to the market in different forms, such as raw leaves, powder, capsules, and extracts. Raw leaves have the cheapest delivery followed by powder and capsules. Kratom in extract form is expensive. It is due to the expensive solvent extraction method to prepare the extract from the powder form.

The average cost of Kratom leaves is around $10 per ounce when purchased online. Kratom powder is $12 per ounce. But the Kratom extract is more expensive, and they tend to be more potent. It, therefore, costs an average of $1.30 per ml. The potency is in ml rather than grams, so the cost is high compared to other delivery methods.

How To Select The Best Kratom Shot?

When you decide to buy kratom shots, purchase them from trusted vendors. Before purchasing, do a quick online search for the reputable brand and quality of the products, and check for the reviews. Confirm that the leaves used are of high quality and that it gives high-quality products.

As these shots are of a more concentrated form, experienced users can use them.

The beginners should divide the liquid shot into more servings. Intake of large doses at once, may cause adverse effects.

Final Thoughts

Since the demand and popularity of kratom is increasing everyday, there are several vendors emerging in the market. However, before you buy these products, you should always  remember to select these products with suitable concentrations for your required experience. You should also know about subjects like “does kratom expire” to store the products efficiently for a better use in future.