Podcasts Worth Binge Listening to While Driving to Work


Traveling to work is a nightmare in most cities of the world – thanks to traffic congestion and clogged roads. A survey done in the US revealed that people on average take about 26.1 minutes to reach office while in a developing economy like India, people spend at least 7% of their day in commuting to and fro from their workplace. Make this time your “me” time by listening to podcasts that you are interested in while driving to work.

There is no shortage of binge-worthy podcasts that will keep your attention focused on better things in life than irritating traffic jams and people flouting traffic rules at the drop of their hat. Keep your mind relaxed and engaged in something good.

One clear advantage of driving to work is the desired me-space that you get every day. A time that you can spend meaningfully either by calling up friends and family to speak to them through hands-free phone or listen to your preferred podcast station.

It could be something serious that seems to be lurking in your backyard like the show called ‘It could happen here podcast’ or listen to Zach Lowe on his NBA-centric show called the Lowe post podcast.

List of Podcasts that you can Enjoy While Driving to Work

It Could Happen Here

The It could happen here podcast is hosted by Robert Evans.

  • Evans brings the American audience face-to-face with the possibility of an impending American Civil War –the second one – in the new future.
  • As terrorism strengthens its grip and the entire country is intercepted with aggressive protests from citizen groups on various issues, Evans feels and shares that the situation on ground-zero is indeed grim and far from happy.
  • Through ‘It could happen here’ podcast he shares what he feels is his responsibility and job of making the common man realize that the country is sitting on the edge – the outbreak of a second civil war is around the corner that can ruin everything.
  • He shares news and reports that are factually backed by data, realistic examples and have a historical significance which is hard for the listener to ignore.
  • He also has historians and experts from the field share their thoughts on ‘It could happen here’ podcast helping the listener understand the threats that exist, the repercussions and the Government-backed efforts that can stall things but not for too long.
  • ‘It could happen here’ podcast is for people who are worried about the future of America and have the interest to know what the ground realities look like.

Tune in to this show called ‘It could happen here’ podcast if you are a concerned citizen of the country – someone who loves to face facts and have a clear picture of things as they are.

Lowe Post

The Lowe post podcast is hosted by Zach Lowe, a sports journalist from the US.

  • Lowe is considered as a top-rated sports columnist today, especially basketball.
  • In the ‘Lowe post’ podcast, Zach talks and shares anything and everything about basketball.
  • He also speaks to different sportspersons from the NBA (National Basketball Association) and basketball ‘Lowe post’ podcast.

WTF With Marc Maron

Marc Maron has been a writer and stand-up comedian throughout his life. In 2009, he started ‘WTF with Marc Maroon’.

  • In this show, Marc chats with celebrities and personalities.
  • On his show, he has already conversed with President Barack Obama, Conan O’Brien, Robin Williams, and Lorne Michaels.
  • His show has been such a big hit ever since; by 2015 the show had already crossed 250 million downloads.
  • If you love comedy in and out and if you are a Marc Maron follower, this one’s for you surely.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff Media publishes the series. It was launched in 2008 and has been a top-ranking podcast on iTunes ever since.

  • The show is hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. Chuck Bryant.
  • The show releases new editions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • If you are someone who likes to know everything – on various topics about everyday life – then this podcast show is for you.
  • Everyday things like how to drive through a car wash or taking an appointment with a doctor or what is about a barbed wire are some of the topics covered by the hosts.


This podcast show is one of its kind; it explores invisible things.

  • Our thoughts, our beliefs, and assumptions are all shaped by our circumstances and often forces that we do not see or are aware of.
  • This show digs deeper into human psychology, where thoughts and ideas are shaped by invisible forces and match it with scientific evidence to unravel things that you were not aware of.
  • All of a sudden, you will start to experience and begin to see things differently; even your own life.

Ear Hustle

If you are interested to know more about people who go to prison, this podcast is for you.

  • The show shares stories of people who have been released from prison – these people tell about their experiences.
  • The podcast also takes you inside the prison to showcase the daily lives of prisoners.
  • The show is the brainchild of Nigel Poor, a visual artist; Earlonne Woods who spent some years in imprisonment at San Quentin State Prison and Antwan Williams, who had also resided at San Quentin.
  • The team portrays realities of prison life honestly mixed with comedy and fun. At times covering stories from the prison is difficult too.
  • ‘Ear Hustle’ podcast has been awarded several times at different competitions and award shows.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

The concept of this show came to host Nora McInerny from the fact that people usually tend to answer nonchalantly to the simple question, ‘how are you?’ Most of us say ‘fine’ and move on. The majority of us do not bother to quote our frame of mind honestly.

  • Writer and host Nora encourages people to share their state of mind and their feelings for the moment, as it is with sincerity; however complicated or emotional it is.