9 Ways to Make Your Workplace Tech-Friendly


Technological advancement in the workplace can be regarded as the new world of reality. Every advancement is a better version of the previous one and is intended to improve the overall experience of the workplace. Organizations nowadays are striving and struggling to adapt to newer technologies to make them an integral part of their system.

When it comes to establishing a technology-friendly workplace, the first thing that pops up in mind is the utilization of new and innovative electronic devices and gadgets..

There is a range of online mobile phone accessories, tablets, laptops, and gadgets to be used at tech-friendly workplaces. Here, this article will offer a lot of tips and tricks that can be helpful for an organization to turn their workplace into a tech-friendly one. If you are a stakeholder of an organization or willing to adopt technology for your workplace, you have come to the right place.

Cloud Computing and Ease of Access

In the era of science and technology, it is next to impossible to gather and manage big data on hard drives. Information technology scientists and experts came up with a solution commonly known as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is an internet-based concept through which people get access to manage, store and process data anywhere in the world. With the help of cloud computing, your workplace can become tech heaven as it offers a backup for your files and folders. Similarly, data drives on mobile phones have been able to offer cloud computing technology to maintain a tech-friendly workplace.

Utilization of Self Owned Devices

Having your device was once considered something emerging. But now, it is a trend that’s established, with the world owning this concept.  As a stakeholder of an organization allows people to use their own devices, it directly helps to reduce organizational expenses and enables employees to increase their productivity. Research suggests that the employees’ level of productivity increases when they get comfortable with the types of equipment and devices being used.

Transforming the Culture

It has been observed that people working in a conventional setting for a long time are not able to understand and accept the change in their workplace easily. It all depends on the culture of the organization, and how flexible and adaptable the employees are. New inventions have always been the core element in the enhancement of productivity.

Transformation of an organization’s culture is the best-suited option to allow people to accept technology and increase their productivity. Once the culture of the organization is set to be adaptable, introducing different technological advancements becomes smooth and beneficial for the organization.

Improvising the Use of Technology

Not every technological advancement is easy to be understood. If an organization is looking forward to transforming their conventional workplace into a technology-friendly one, the foremost thing to do is to make technology user-friendly. Employees accept complex methods and interfaces with great resistance. Delivering simple technological solutions can be helpful for organizations to streamline their work. If improvising the technology is not possible, organizations have the option of training people for its effective utilization.

Develop a Need for Better Alternative

People in conventional systems, where documentation and other work is done manually, adjust their workspaces accordingly. People are not usually aware of technological advancements that can help them to reduce workload and increase productivity. If you want your employees or workstation to be tech-friendly, you need to thoroughly explain it to your employees. If people understand the need of the time, the utilization of technology becomes a part of the organization.

Inspire and Motivate People

Introducing new systems in the organization where people are rigorously working in conventional practices, is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage and motivation for people to accept that technology is a beneficial aspect of the workplace. Nowadays, sometimes we have the misconception that technology can replace the working abilities of a human. Organizations should let their people know that technology is only there to increase the productivity of workstations.

A simple example of this is the advancement of artificial intelligence, a technological advancement intended to reduce human workload and improve the quality of work being done by the automatic learning system.

Acceptance of Technology

It has been observed that in every organization, certain influencers drive the thought process of the employees. Mostly, these influencers are the top-level leaders of the organization who run the entire organization. People understand what the influencers are doing and try to imitate and follow in their footsteps to grow professionally.

Making your organization tech-friendly becomes easier if the influencers of the organization are convinced to accept the need for technology. Here, the culture of a certain organization also plays a significant role in the acceptance of technological advancement.

Employee-Centric Approach

In the era of continuous technological improvement, artificial intelligence is strongly gaining popularity. Automation of the processes, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are making their space and becoming essential for a tech-friendly workstation. The best step an organization can opt for is to make these learning systems dependent on the needs and wants of the employees. Employee-centric approaches are highly based on what people think, and what are their personal and professional experiences, likes and dislikes.

Introduce E-Learning Methods

People are often usually persistent only regarding what they know. Acceptance of change in mindset is the most difficult of challenges for any organization. Introducing models like e-learning can help people to get familiar with technological advancement, making utilization of technologies easier. Some organizations adopt the e-learning model and associated it with an incentive to the employees. If the working efforts and services are incentivized periodically, motivation towards work and enhanced productivity are the outcome.


Culture of adaptability and flexibility are the two major aspects needed by an organization if sustainability and growth are the ultimate objectives. Organizations that are more tech-friendly are found to be more successful in their business model as compared to those that are not. Research suggests that working with new and updated technologies has improved workplace productivity by 65 percent. It also suggests that by the end of 2030, organizations that are technology-friendly will bloom with an increase of 18 percent. So, is your organization going to be one of them? Decide today!