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views may be blocked ISP on your region, so we have short listed best alternatives. The similar sites like MovieNights allow you to watch Movies and TV shows online for free.

A night out at the movies is just out of most people’s budgets these days. By the time we pay the exorbitant ticket prices and the outrageous costs of popcorn and a drink (not to mention $4.00 candy boxes), we have already spent the equivalent of at least half a week’s groceries for a family of four. Add to that an alcoholic beverage at a minimum of $7.00 apiece for a couple, and we are fast approaching a “surf and turf” dinner at a high-end restaurant.

Owners of movie theaters know they are in trouble. They have built huge cinemas, with 10 – 12 screens, most of which are less than half full even on a weekend date night. To sweeten the pot, they have added vibrating recliner seating and even dinner seating with full meal options. Others are offering an entire theater for private parties at about $100 a pop. Of course, the food costs are where they make their money – no bargain there!

Consumers Want Alternatives

It’s no surprise the movie watchers have looked for an alternative for years. Enter movie viewing options like Netflix and Hulu – much cheaper alternatives. And with a large-screen TV, a comfortable recliner, and much cheaper food and drink, watching movies from home is a perfect alternative.

Enter Live Streaming Movie Services

Now it gets even better. The live-streaming alternative allows movie watchers to view films on any device in the house. Thus, adults can watch a movie on their wide-screen, and kids can watch their favorites on PCs, laptops, and/or tablets – any device at all. 

Imagine a two-hour layover in an airport with a seven-year-old – not a pleasant prospect, unless you have a live-streaming movie service with a huge library (sorry, there is no way to control the costs of food and drink in that environment).

One of the earliest and popular live-streaming movie services is MovieNight, with its large library.

A Brief Look at MovieNight

MovieNight is one of the easiest streaming websites for both television series and movies. There are no charges for the majority of picks and some pretty great features like “theme” recommendations for double features or more, the ability to add multiple types of speakers, viewer reviews and feedback, and more.

The library is divided into categories for easy selection. As with most live-streaming movie sites, there is a free option, but this will include fewer available shows and the annoyance of commercials in between shows and movies.

There is a “commercial denial” feature, but it is a bit tricky to use, and it takes 24 hours for those ads to go away. Still, among the many live-streaming options, this is probably a good one.

Are there any similar sites like Of course. We consumers always want to see if someone else has something better to offer.

The Top Alternatives

While this is a matter of opinion, here are 10 popular alternatives that you might want to take a look at.


Putlocker is one of the best alternatives and allowing to watch latest TV series and movies, which is no surprise. It does have a huge library, and its user interface is really simple. It is UK-based and has a global use of about 1.6 million. All shows are available in multiple languages, something that accounts for their popularity. Users can choose among categories – comedies, thrillers, dramas, TV series, kids, adventures, sci-fi, etc. And once a user selects a category, there will be recommendations for the highest-rated choices from actual viewers.


Here is a free platform that gives MovieNight a “run for its money.” Like most others, it offers the latest movies and TV series, all divided into categories for easy selection. Its library is huge. One of its best features is for those who love the old classics, both movies and TV shows (can we say binge?). And, like most other live-streaming sites, there are premium fee-based options.


If you are looking for a simple, no-frills movie website, then FlixBreak is worth a try. Online streaming is a breeze. Movie offerings are varied, and there will be something for everyone. There are a couple of drawbacks, though. FlixBreak does not offer TV series. As well, it does not provide some of the old classics that many older movie lovers want to see again. Still, if you are into newer releases, this site is a good option.


A global audience will be happy with this movie website, as there are multiple language choices, and both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are offered. Each movie comes with an explanation of the video platform – DVD, CAM, Blu-ray, etc. So, viewers will know what quality to expect. Hovering over a movie title will provide a brief synopsis. There is a search bar to type in a specific movie, or you can search by categories for older and new releases. You can also request a movie that is not shown, and this will come with a fee attached. Add to this, the ability to download a movie to watch later is just a bonus.


Here, you will access a site that offers a full array of video content. You can access lots of tabs to find all listings in specific categories, or you can use the search bar for a specific title. Most popular is the huge library of movies and TV series, and they are offered in multiple languages for a global audience. You can also download for later viewing and share with others. Literally thousands of movies and TV shows.

Vumoo.Iife is a free and very simple to use video streaming website. There are tabs to a large number of genres, from action/adventure to anime, to kids, to comedies, dramas, and even war. There are 157 pages of TV shows and series. And you can also search for specific titles. Like many other sites, a user can hover over a title and get a synopsis, actors, release date, and more. Vumoo offers movies and television series. There is also a support tab if a user is having difficulty finding what he wants.


GoMovies’ updated website (now known as 123Movies) offers more features for users, but those who still want to use the old interface have that option once they access the site. It is a popular site because of its huge library of movies and TV shows/series. And it is free. There are search tabs for all sorts of genres and TV shows and series, as well as the means to search by title. Genres include the typical categories, but there is also a tab for “trending,” which shows the latest and most popular picks.


This is a site with a very simple user interface to both watch and download movies, TV shows, and series. The search bar can be used to find specific titles, and there are drop-down menus for genres and even methods to sort by years of release, languages, and more. On the home page, M4UFree displays the most popular movies recently viewed. Sometimes, the site goes down for construction, but the same content is available on its sister site,

9Los Movies

While this “sounds” like a Spanish website, it actually offers movies and TV series in multiple languages. You can browse by title, by category, and sort by language, actors, and more. There are literally pages upon pages of options, and the home page provides those that are the most recently popular. The interface is super simple to use, so check it out. 


This site is a great alternative to MovieNight. It is very well-organized with a great structure. WatchMoviesFree is easy to use. You can search for the most popular movies, new movies, years of release, actors, specific actors, and more. You can also search by genre.

TV shows and series are also offered, and you can search using the same criteria that you do for movies. One unique feature is that it offers sports events, so sports enthusiasts may well prefer this site to most others.

Are There More?

Oh, my goodness, yes there are. And more will be coming, almost on a weekly basis. The “dye has clearly been cast” in movie watching. Consumers are tired of going to expensive movie theaters with even more expensive food and drink items, just to sit in a lounger chair that vibrates.

In this day and age of high inflation, there are better ways to spend money. Whether they choose some of the more common platforms like Netflix or Hulu or the newer live-streaming movie and TV series options, these are cheaper alternatives. And most are available on all devices so that everyone in a family can have his or her own choices at the same time and enjoy their favorite snacks and drinks from the local grocery store.