10 Best Superhero Wallpaper Apps for Android

best superhero wallpaper apps

Do you love superheroes? Are you wondering to yourself what are the best superhero wallpaper apps for Android? If so then you have stumbled onto the right place.

In this article, we’re going to share a list of the best superhero wallpaper apps for Android (handpicked).

Superhero movies have been trending recently.  And given that everyone loves TV series, movies, superheroes, and comics, it’s important to customize your device based on your favorite movie- hence the need to choose the best wallpaper app for downloading HD superhero wallpapers.

Ever since superhero movies were first introduced, they have never gone out of trend.
Just recently, Venom and The Avenger became the talk of the town. Many more superhero movies are coming up every day. If you don’t download great wallpapers on your phone, you might end up missing out a lot on the upcoming comics.

Best Superhero Wallpaper Apps for Mobile

We understand it can be challenging to find the best superhero wallpaper apps for Android that’s why we have handpicked these available apps to download superhero wallpapers.

So without wasting your time, let’s get rolling.

1HD Superheroes Wallpapers By Ozone Studio

This is one of the best superheroes wallpapers apps for Android. Developed by Ozone Studio, this application lets you explore and download your favorite superheroes’ wallpapers for your Android phone.

The good news is that this app can function well with almost all kinds of Android devices.

Another incredible thing about this superheroes wallpaper app for Android is that it allows users to download wallpapers and share them with multiple social media networks without a hassle. Wallpapers are handpicked and organized into over 30 categories.

Noteworthy features

  • HD quality wallpapers and pictures.
  • Handpicked wallpapers that give your Android device an amazing feel and experience.
  • Wallpapers are arranged in gallery view to allow you to change from one wallpaper to another by just swiping.
  • Updated with new HD superheroes wallpapers daily.
  • Single click wallpaper customizations.
  • Over 30 categories of superheroes wallpapers to choose from.

24K Backgrounds by HD Productions

Developed by HD Productions, 4K Backgrounds is every superheroes lover’s choice thanks to the quality of the wallpapers available for download. The good news is that the app can be installed on any type of Android device. Besides, it comes with a huge collection of amazing superhero wallpapers you cannot get anywhere in the world. You also get close to 1000 pictures of comic characters.

If you’re looking to give your Android device a fantastical element then download these 4K wallpapers and backgrounds.

Noteworthy features

  • HD and 4K quality superheroes wallpapers.
  • You can download wallpapers and use them offline.
  • Option to share wallpapers across multiple social media platforms.
  • Over 1000 superhero wallpapers to download.
  • One-click save.
  • All types of wallpapers including superheroes, superheroine, and supervillains.

3HD Superhero Wallpaper by Crazy Walls

If you’re a die-hard superheroes lover, Crazy Walls wants you to enjoy your superhero movies with the best wallpapers. The application comes with an amazing collection of HD superheroes wallpapers you might not find anywhere out there. You’re not going to miss your favorite superheroes wallpapers from this collection.

Noteworthy features

  • The collection is updated with new wallpapers regularly.
  • Over 30 categories of wallpaper to choose from.
  • In just one click, you can save your favorite wallpaper, set up, or share across multiple platforms.

4Aphics Superheroes Wallpapers

If you’re looking to give your Android device a smarter look then this wallpaper app is for you. It comes with amazing wallpapers such as Marvel Superhero HD, and many others. What’s more, you can also download all superheroes and supervillains wallpapers to your Android phone with just a tap of a button.

The greatest thing about this app is that new apps are added to your device regularly. It also allows offline downloads.

Noteworthy features

  • HD quality pictures to ramp up your screen appearance.
  • New HD quality wallpapers are added to your Android phone regularly.
  • Small yet stunning user interface.

5Superheroes Wallpapers QHD by Appling Labs LLP

This is one of the latest superheroes apps for Android but with amazing wallpapers that give your Android device a personalized feel and look. This app lets you use the best HD, 4K, QHD, and UHD superheroes wallpaper for free.

The good news about this app is that it has high-resolution superhero pictures from MCU and DCEU. Besides, you can search for your favorite wallpapers by entering the name of your favorite superhero movie.

Another good thing is that the app has a one-click save, set up, and share feature. It also comes with a simple user-friendly interface so you don’t need to do a lot of work to download your favorite wallpapers.

Noteworthy features

  • Search option allows you to search your favorite wallpapers using the name of the superheroes movies.
  • Tap-to-zoom feature.
  • A huge collection of amazing wallpapers in HD quality.

64K Superheroes Wallpapers Live Wallpaper Changer

Developed by HD Pro Walls, 4K Superheroes Wallpapers is a live wallpaper changer app that lets you choose from a ton of wallpapers and backgrounds organized into over 60 categories with plenty of 4K and Full High Definition Wallpapers for free to give your Android device a smarter look.

If you’re a fan of more than one superhero movie then this app is for you. The app lets you adjust the settings so the app can change wallpapers automatically.

On this app, you can access up to over 10000 UHD backgrounds and wallpapers. The app is updated with fresh wallpapers weekly and you can get almost all superhero wallpapers.

Noteworthy features

  • Updated regularly with amazing wallpapers.
  • Automatic wallpaper changer feature.
  • HD and 4K quality wallpapers.
  • It’s simple and fast.
  • A collection of almost all superhero wallpapers up to 10000 of them.

7Xtreme App Superhero Wallpapers

Extreme App provides a one-stop Android wallpaper app that lets you download almost all your favorite superheroes and supervillains wallpapers. The good news is that all the superheroes wallpapers are in HD quality. The application is simple and easy to use.

Noteworthy features

  • Ability to save wallpaper on Android phone gallery.
  • Share wallpapers across multiple social media platforms.
  • Simple user interface.

8HD Superhero Wallpapers

HD Superhero Wallpapers is a superb application developed by Team Avenger. The team is also a fan of superhero movies so you rest assured to get wallpapers that will help you to customize your Android device based on your favorite superhero movie, or TV series.

The live changer feature automatically switches to your favorite superheroes wallpapers regularly.

Noteworthy features

  • The app is updated with new pictures and backgrounds regularly.
  • You can download wallpapers for offline use.
  • Simple user interface.

9Superhero HD Wallpapers by ZeroCell

This application is also another on-stop shop for free superhero wallpapers. The app lets you access DC and Marvel Universe Superhero wallpapers with just a click of the button. Besides, you can search for specific wallpapers.

The one-click save, set up, and share feature makes things easier.

Noteworthy features

  • Free superhero wallpapers.
  • One-click save, set up, and share feature.
  • HD quality superhero wallpapers available for free.

10Graphics Superheroes Wallpapers

Get an excellent collection of superheroes wallpapers for Android devices with almost all the characters. This application is the real deal for superhero fans who want to best of the best. The good news is that you can download any superhero wallpaper into your device to use offline.

Noteworthy features

  • The application is updated with new HD quality wallpapers regularly.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Ability to search your favorite superhero wallpapers.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.  9 handpicked best superheroes wallpapers apps for Android. If you’re a fan of superheroes and supervillains, we hope you will find a suitable app to download your wallpapers.

As superhero movies continue to trend, and so your Android device needs to adapt. The good news is that all of these wallpapers are best-rated and free.

Choose your suitable wallpaper app and install it on your phone to start enjoying your movies.