10 Most Popular Apps Made with Flutter

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Recently, the developer community noticed a significant shift in the mobile development paradigm towards a cross-platform framework. Due to its ability to utilize resources efficiently, launching the application on multiple platforms has taken application development to the next level.

One such framework that offers cross-platform app development is Flutter, an extraordinary Google UI kit. Due to the efficient performance and steep UI, it has caught the eye of the developers. It has already hailed the market by giving visually appealing, high-performance mobile applications. Instead of writing separate codes each time for a single application on multiple platforms, flutter enables you to compile the code to run on multiple platforms faster.

This article will briefly explain Flutter and how this cross-platform framework has revolutionized application development. We will support the revolutionary practices with 10 most popular apps made with Flutter, which are already in a whirl of the development community.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform UI framework developed by Google. Using a Dart programming language, this toolkit offers a rich experience with customizable widgets and tools.

With its hot reload feature, flutter enables you to get instant feedback on code changes. Its architecture is based on widgets, where everything from the layout components to user interactions appears as customizable widgets.

Flutter primarily focuses on delivering native-like performance by utilizing the Skia graphics library, eliminating reliance on platform-specific UI components.

It also provides platform-specific widgets, such as Material Design for Android and Cupertino for iOS, ensuring the app’s UI seamlessly integrates with the platform’s look and feel.

The Power of Flutter for MVP Development

The idea of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is shared among the fewer patient startups who want their app ideas verified asap. Flutter’s Hot reload and rapid development capabilities make it the best choice for MVP development.

You can build a fully functional MVP with a much more pronounced UI in a shorter time. This gives the business much time to get informed with User feedback and to make informed decisions accordingly.

Advantages of Using Flutter for Application Development

As per statistics, 42% of developers completely put reliance on Flutter for application development this is why it becomes the 6th most-ranked technology used globally.

The following are the advantages that make Flutter so common among application developers:

  • Cross-platform Framework

This pronouncing feature has made Flutter a practical framework for mobile applications. This feature enables the developers to build customizable and single-code for applications that can run multiple applications without interfering with the performance.

  • Hot Reload

This dramatically speeds up the development process of an application. This hot reload also makes bug fixing a lot easier and quicker. It further enhances the quality of experimentation and iterative development.

  • Native Performance

Developers who frequently rely on mobile web pages and PWA need more creativity and options; this is where Flutter comes to their aid. Flutter offers developers its native performance feature using Skia. By directly integrating with the device’s canvas, Flutter solves all the limitations of cross-platform frameworks.

  • Publicly Accessible

Its open-source feature brings the team to the same board by opening a window to the original project’s codebase. plus, it also brings the developer communities together so that they can share their skillset and expertise.

  • Customizable UI

Flutter offers a rich, customizable UI that enables developers to create visually appealing and interactive applications. You can use a variety of available widgets to create application design components like user input fields or texts.

  • Utilizes Skia, Dart, and Devtools

Flutter bypassed the traditional UI and used its built-in Dart-made widget set for better performance. It further embeds Skia copy for up-to-date iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS performance. It additionally provides developers with Devtools for inspection layouts and debugging of applications.

Top 10 Apps Built Using Flutter

Flutter is a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications. It allows developers to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms, resulting in faster development and cost savings. Here are some popular apps that have been made using Flutter:

5 Companies with Real-Time Flutter Built-Up Apps

  • Google Ads

Google Ads, one prominent advertising platform, has already taken the leverage of Flutter for its mobile application development. Using the pay-per-click model, businesses have reached amass of their audience by running advertisements through Google search engines.

Integrating Flutter with Google ads has made this application more insightful and effectively manages campaign management alerts.

Flutter-made Google ads offer the following experiences:

  • Liver alerts
  • Keywords editing
  • Real-time updating of bids and budgets
  • Ability to get an expert advice

Cross-platform applications are made with a flutter, allowing businesses to set multiple target options for the desired customer. In addition, its intuitive UI makes the application easy to run and update.

Other than Google ads, other Google application that has integrated Flutter with them includes:

  • Google Pay: a digital wallet that offers more streamlined and consistent online payments by integrating Flutter.
  • Google Assistant: Flutter empowers Google Assistant to enhance its user experience.
  • Stadia: Stadia, with Flutter, will be able to offer a better gaming experience on both web and mobile devices.
  • eBay Motors

One prominent and renowned car marketplace, eBay, has also embraced Flutter for its mobile application development. With this cross-platform framework, eBay has offered a more seamless user experience for the automotive audience.

With Flutter’s rich widget library and customizable components, eBay has delivered an intuitive and consistent experience on multiple platforms. With its hot reload feature, eBau can smoothly cater to the updates with better iteration.

Flutter and eBay integration enhances the visual experience by adding more interactive and detailed car inventory photos. Flutter API connection further leverages inventory management by making up-t0-date listing easy.

  • BMW

Like other top automotive competitors, BMW has also leveraged Flutter to enhance its user experience. With Flutter, BMW has offered its customer more appealing luxury brand images.

With Flutter’s cross-platform features, BMW runs a seamless and appealing application on both iOS and Android. Using its rich theming and customizing widget features, BMW has retained its luxury and elegant brand presence through mobile applications. It also able mobile applications with high-performance engines and optimized code that sprints and responds promptly to user interactions.

BMW allows users to seamlessly browse across applications, access functions, and engage with the information naturally and seamlessly, thanks to Flutter’s extensive collection of interactive widgets and gesture detection capabilities.

  • Hamilton

To give its audience a thrilling and dynamic theatre experience, the highly acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton leverages Flutter for its application development. Hamilton has been able to create artistic User interfaces with Flutter’s customizable widget features.

Hamilton may incorporate live concert updates, behind-the-scenes details, and multimedia elements into the application’s Flutter code.  Thanks to Flutter’s simple-to-operate UI elements, Hamilton’s Patrons may easily book tickets.

  • Alibaba

This global e-commerce giant has hailed Flutter’s true cross-platform and customizable widget features to engage its target audience better. With single code, the users can have a better and smooth experience on multiple platforms without interference with application consistency. Xianyu, by Alibaba, was long looking for a framework that could offer its 200 million users with scalable, robust, and efficient experience. This is what Flutter has made them stop looking out for.

Flutter’s hot reload enables Alibaba to apace with market demands and user feedback.  It further enhances customer engagement by integrating their experience with the application.   Alibaba can design visually compelling interfaces highlighting their extensive product listings through Flutter’s large collection of adaptable widgets.

Startup Application Made with Flutter

  • Reflectly

This journal application is designed to gauge users’ personal growth. Using Flutter, Reflectly has been able to construct a single-code base application that could run both on Android and iOS, with its performance being compromised.   With rich theme features, Refectly allows users to have customizable and more appealing user interface designs. Flutter enables Reflectly to build a pixel-perfect UI that better engages the audience.

The hot reload functionality of Flutter completely transforms the way Reflectly is designed. As they make changes to the code, developers can track immediate changes in the user interface and the program’s functioning.

The usability of Reflectly’s app can be improved thanks to Flutter’s connectivity with various third-party connectors. Reflectly can effortlessly integrate plugins, libraries, and APIs to deliver extra features and services, including network sharing, cloud storage, or tools for analytics.

  • Tudo

Startup Tudo successfully used Flutter’s application development capabilities to establish an online marketplace for local services. Due to Flutter’s effectual generating engine and adaptable UI designs, Tudo can provide a fluid and responsive user experience.

Flutter gets rid of the performance hiccups frequently found in cross-platform frameworks by rendering directly to the canvas of the device. The requirement for time-consuming compilation and app restarts is eliminated because Tudo developers can see changes to the code immediately. Faster development cycles and increased productivity are the results, as this enables quick iterations, prompt bug solutions, and seamless testing.

  • Fodder

The team working on development at Fooder, a food delivery app, found new perspectives and opportunities in app development through Flutter. The developers can play around with various UI/UX designs, experiment with new features, and retrieve relevant user feedback by streamlining the development cycle with a hot reload.

Flutter’s cross-platform interoperability offers uniform functionality and user experience across all platforms, giving all users a seamless food ordering experience.

Flutter for Fooder makes smooth animations, quick loading times, and responsive interactions possible. Making it easier for customers to explore menus, place orders, and track deliveries improves the user experience overall.

Simply put, Flutter allows Fooder to swiftly release updates and new features, maintaining its app’s competitiveness and responsiveness to changing user needs.

  • Watermaniac

A hydration tracking program called Watermaniac encourages individuals to keep their water intake scales at perfect levels and establish beneficial habits. With various features to support people in staying hydrated and prioritizing their health, this creative app was created using Flutter.

Members of Watermaniac can simply monitor their regular, weekly, and monthly hydration patterns with the help of Flutter’s captivating statistics and graphics, allowing them to spot trends and make wise changes to their water intake.

Flutter enables Watermaniac to be integrated with wearables like fitness monitors and smartwatches. Watermaniac can deliver a linked and coordinated user experience thanks to Flutter’s connectivity with various APIs and sensors.  Users can be encouraged to reach their hydration goals by integrating gamified features like successes, milestones, and rewards using Flutter. These gamification features encourage users to continue practicing healthy hydration habits, which gives them a sense of accomplishment.

  • Taskify

You can effortlessly handle your tasks with the help of Taskify, a successful task management tool. This could enable you to catch everything. Taskify has also leveraged Flutter’s elements to offer consumers optimized deadline tracking and supervision. The single-code management provided by Flutter allows the Taskify development team to maintain tracking across numerous platforms without missing anything.

It’s rich theme and customizable widget library enhance the user interface to the next level.

With a flutter, testify delivers quicker scrolling, quick page refreshes, and responsiveness to user feedback. Taskify can connect to numerous databases and cloud services because of Flutter’s multiple API compatibility.

In a nutshell, Taskify now offers its users superior task management and productivity tracking experience thanks to Flutter.

Why Choose Flutter for Application Development?

There are four main reasons why you should be using Flutter for application development:

  1. With the cross-platform SDK and its intuitive UI components, you can develop a prototype or MVP much more rapidly.
  2. The material design UI of Flutter enables the developer to build an appealing yet natural-looking application which is an excellent success for startups. Furthermore, these features also assist you in creating pixel-perfect UI designs for your application.
  3. Thirdly, if you want customized user interfaces, flutter fluid animations provide high-visuals to your customers.
  4. The fourth but most important feature is that Flutter enables you to build your app to cater to your audience’s needs globally. In addition to supporting 78 languages, it also supports date formats and currency options.


Flutter is no more hidden now. Its hot reload, customizable widgets and cross-platform compatibility features have revolutionized mobile application development. The mobile application developers are now fully convinced with the promising features of Flutter, which are still yet to be explored at their full potential. Its unparalleled benefits have enabled developers to utilize the resources most efficiently with the flutter integration into the mobile application development world; you can declutter the mess you have been making.