Marketing Strategies to Improve Workplace Safety


You may have thought that marketing campaigns were only meant for big and small companies to capture the attention of consumers. Even though this may have been true in the past, savvy business owners and professionals are using marketing strategies to promote other crucial objectives including improving workplace safety initiatives. By using these types of marketing strategies to create and foster a safe workplace environment, companies are using a diversity of techniques and mediums to get everyone involved.

That being said, here are 4 great marketing strategies that can be used to reach employees, keep them engaged and focused on everyday workplace safety practices.

Post-Safety Signs to Market Safety Initiatives All over the Place

When you want people to remember your products and services, one of the first things that you can do is put ads up everywhere that you can. Just like you would place ads around the city to promote a new brand on billboards and such, you can utilize the exact same strategy in the workplace to promote safe practices. For instance, by posting signs that tell workers how to prevent slips and falls, it encourages everyone to take on the responsibility of getting up spills that cause slips and falls.

This is especially the case when the signs are a constant reminder of how accidents occur in the workplace and how it is easy to prevent them. The proposal for using more signs is in addition to the signs that OSHA requires (PPE signs, machine warning signs, confined space signs, slipping and tripping signs, etc.).

Bring Employees in on designing Effective Safety Marketing Campaigns

Another way to market good safety practices and measures in the workplace are to bring your employees in on these campaigns. With new innovative marketing ideas, your company can devise new strategies that will help to make safety a priority number one. For instance, some companies have their own safety slogans that they post all over their offices and other warehouse facilities. Some of these slogans simply say ‘safety first’ or ‘safety above all’. By keeping these slogans fresh on everyone’s mind, it is an excellent way to capture and keep the attention of workers who work in hazardous job positions.

Offer incentives and Sponsor Promotional Events — Give Something Free to Gain More Active Buy-in and Attention from the Staff

In order to keep people safe, your marketing strategies must be ongoing. Similar to making sure customers are still actively buying an old product, you need to add a fresh campaign strategy on many of the same safety guidelines and procedures. To be successful in the incentive area, you may want to implement a weekly, monthly and yearly incentive to keep the attention of everyone on maintaining a safe work environment. These incentives may be offered to the entire operation.

For instance, whenever an operation goes without injuries or accidents for a specific period of time. the entire operation may be rewarded with a paid lunch or dinner that is paid by the company. It is also important to note that these monetary incentives are well worth the cost, especially since it reduces the number of injuries and accidents that the company has to pay big dollars for out of pocket.

Market Safety as Part of the Company’s Brand – Start with Management

Safety should be seen as part of your company’s brand. Just like your brand is the image and the memorable impression of your company, good safe practices should be connected directly with the company’s objectives and mission. Therefore, your marketing strategy for your brand should start with upper management and filter down to every employee in your company. For instance, your management team should make it their business to highlight the company’s pride in keeping everyone on the job safe and secure.

Developing marketing strategies to improve workplace safety is one of the essential keys to operating an accident-free workplace. In fact, when the company does a good job of marketing good safe practices, they can take advantage of a wide range of different effective strategies including having a health and safety software, posting safety signs for everyone to see, running campaigns to encourage every employee to participate actively and sponsoring dinners strategically to reward employees for injury and accident-free months.