Is Skoda Octavia A Good Car?

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is one of those Skoda models that have established the Skoda brand in many parts of the world. Now, in its latest generation, the Skoda Octavia has evolved into a professional yet borderline luxury car. Skoda’s executive sedan is available in petrol – manual and automatic – as well as diesel – manual and automatic – versions.

The Skoda Octavia’s exterior is the perfect example of a professional, clean, and crisp design with a unique quad headlight arrangement which adds some flavor to its amazing look. The Skoda Octavia is a relatively large car, so one can experience the advantage of its size on the inside as well, because of the space in the cabin. The seat comfort is over the top, making the overall ambience in the cabin very upbeat. The extraordinarily sized Skoda Octavia also houses a cavernous 590 litre boot.

Skoda Octavia Petrol

While the Skoda Octavia’s basic level 150hp and 1.4 turbo-petrol offers a fair performance, it sometimes experiences a low-end turbo lag. But this flaw is covered up by the larger model of 180hp and 1.8 litre turbo-petrol that comes with a dual clutch automatic gearbox. This model is an absolute wonder, with its amazing performance and torque, it is smooth and very refined. Sadly, like other sporty models, it might also drain the fuel tank very quickly.

Skoda Octavia Diesel

In the diesel models, the Skoda Octavia’s 143hp, 2.0 diesel engine delivers on economy as well as performance together but does sound harsh at times. Its dual-clutch transmission on the diesel-automatic version is pretty good, but the diesel-manual is prone to stall at lower speeds. Only the petrol-automatic versions are installed with independent rear suspension setup, a well controlled high-speed handling, and an absorbent low-speed ride which are common to all Skoda Octavias.

People who prefer self-drive cars will be really satisfied with the automatic-transmission equipped in all Skoda Octavias. The diesel-automatic is a fine all-rounder and functions really well, but it’s slightly higher price is a bit of an off-putter. Thus, if you ask us, the petrol-automatic version makes for a more exciting car and is the one to consider.

The Verdict

The Skoda Octavia feels extremely solid with its strongly built structure and great interiors. This gives it the feel of a professional luxury sedan. On the inside it is a completely different world altogether; far away from the noise and pollution on the road.

Its seven-speed DSG transmission makes driving in any traffic absolutely effortless and fun, making the weekend drives subtle and relaxing with its flowing delivery of 177bhp. With amazing new features like auto dimming rear view mirrors, rain sensing wipers, adaptive front light system and cruise control makes driving safer and easy at any time of the day during any and all seasons. So the final verdict of the Skoda Octavia is that it is absolutely an amazing car and is totally worth buying.