How to Get The Best Car Price for the New Year

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Sometimes, the new year demands a new car. When your present car keeps breaking you down and giving you trouble, after a while your patience with the vehicle can understandably wear thing. You need something reliable, something impressive. Consequently, a fresh motor is the perfect way to compliment a fresh start, giving that sense of rejuvenation and reinvention to our lives.

Whether it’s new or used car, good deals are in no short supply if you know where to look. Therefore, here’s how to get the best car price for the new year.

Do Your Research

An informed choice is always the best choice. If you’ve bothered to do your research and get clued in on prices by make and model, you’ll unearth a good deal soon enough. You can do things the old-fashioned way; head out to each dealer in your area and compare all offered car prices. Make a chart of your findings, pinpoint the best offer and go from there.

Additionally, you could also take your search online too. After all, the BBC have predicted that online car sales will accelerate soon enough, changing the landscape for the auto industry like the internet has for most high street retailers. Take note of all the different ways dealers can trade and do some digging; an opportunity for a good bargain is out there.

During the research process, you should also find out if the dealership provides service or warranties. Do they have decent service center hours? Do they provide services aside from oil changes and at what price points? Can they offer multi-point inspections quickly and easily, without causing undue stress on vehicle owners? It’s always a good idea to make finding a reputable company like the Midway Ford Miami Service Center to address your possible vehicle repair needs a part of the overall vehicle purchasing process. Having the peace of mind knowing you’re covered when something unexpected comes up with your vehicle is a great feeling that makes car buying much smoother and easier overall. 

Negotiate Well

Not every price in a windshield is a fixed price. Often, dealers are desperate to sell vehicles that have been plonked idle on their lot for far too long. This can go double for that new year’s euphoria, as some dealers will want an outright new beginning with what they’re selling. Therefore, you can take advantage of this eagerness on their side, and haggle down the car price if you have a cunning way with words.

Don’t be afraid to question the dealer directly. Ask him or her how long the cars you’re interested in have been on the lot, and certainly ask if they’re willing to be flexible with the car price. Don’t mince words here. Take advantage of the high spirits of the new year and their need to shift old stock, and you might just clinch a decent car for a lower price than was originally listed!

Car Finance

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to buy their own cars instantaneously and have the cash in hand from the outset. Of course, not everyone is so lucky. That’s okay too, as car finance deals from the AA break up the process of purchasing a car into affordable monthly payments. With 31 lenders they can help most car buyers, making them a viable solution for many.

Check your eligibility here, as there are certain factors to get the best car price for the new year; how much you’d like to borrow, what period you’d like to borrow for, etc. Still, it’s an extra boost for a large amount of people, and pits favored cars in their newly adjusted spending range. There’s no effect on your credit rating either, so consider using these services as they might just change the game for you.